Jun 27, 2012

wake up, blog

It truly is a wonder how fast time flies. In just a matter of 12 days I have managed to come back to Finland, meet almost all my friends, visit at two summer homes, unpacked (a miracle), arranged my closet (another miracle), and enjoy the summer in Helsinki.
So my apologies, I promise to get better.

Sorry about the crappy quality of the photos. I'm having some difficulties loading them here from Flickr.


all she needs is a little attention
can you give her just a little attention? 

Jun 4, 2012

baby you light up my world

Took pictures with my niece. 

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now i'm climbing the walls
but you don't notice at all
that i'm going out of my mind
all day and all night

Jun 2, 2012

you can't stop us

This is my choir class's project: a music video with solfege. I had a blast filming that, and I think it looks great. 
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