Jul 24, 2012


Met with some friends today, and skyped with my sis from U.S, I miss her so much. And I'm a happy owner of a Justin Bieber's concert ticket! Waiting for April! And listening Beaver 247, daa.

I also noticed that I've got couple new readers - welcome aboard, I love you already!


 there's nothing my heart can do
to fight with time and space
 i'm still stuck in the moment with you

i could use some friends for a change

I've been taking care of two cats lately, so little by little I've turned to this crazy cat woman, and done nothing else except talking about them and spending all my time with them. There was a change when me, Julia& Antti had our typical get-together. 

We planned our future, looked back on the past, and enjoyed the life we have now.

 i'm starting to look like an old cat lady, too...


this is it boys, this is war 
what are we waiting for?
 why don't we break the rules already?

Jul 17, 2012

girls just wanna have fun

... and so we did!

...especially after 12 a.m.


i come home in the morning light my mother says 
when you're gonna live your life right
oh mother dear we're not the fortunate ones
and girls they wanna have fun

Jul 16, 2012

nice, shoppings

The last post about my trip to Nice. Some would say this is the most important part. Take a wild guess what it's about... souvenirs of course. 
Since I just came back from the U.S. with dozen of boxes full of clothes (well not quite), so I'm kind of trying not to buy, well, anything. I made couple of excellent purchase though, things I really need. 

minty bag from Pimkie
this one you've seen here already many times. if i could marry this bag, i think i would.

white skirt from Pimkie
my taylor swift-look-a-like skirt. i'm waiting for the sun come out so i can actually put this on!

body lotions from The Body Shop

this is a happy song, that's why i like it

i never trust a dog to watch my food
and i like to use a word dude as a noun
or an adverb or and adjective
and i, i've never been really into cars
i like really cool guitars and superheros 
and checks with lots of zeros on 'em  

nice, outfits

Some outfits I wore while I was in Nice. I love being out of Finland - where it's actually warm - and I can dress up differently. 


the day we arrived. i was tired, so i wore no make-up and a shirt from Forever21, shorts from H&M and a plain old converse.


skirt Monki, shirt Forever21


beach outfit: shirt Pac Sun, shorts Forever21

shirt Top Shop, jeggings Only, gladiators Forever21 

i decided to try "something crazy" in the evening, which, for me, is a tummy showing shirt with high-wasted jeans. i really liked that outfit, and i was surprised that i didn't feel uncomfortable in it.


dress Pac Sun

shirt Forever21, skirt somewhere, wedges Forever21
my favorite outfit


the idea of this is to show the golden eyeliner that i tried, me gusta!

jacket H&M, shirt Forver21, shorts Forever21, clutch Forever21


 shirt Forever21, jeggings Only, wedges Forever21 
my second favorite outfit. i guess i really like that shirt and the shoes.



'cause you've been hurt before
i can see it in your eyes
you try to smile it away
some things you can't disguise
don't wanna break your heart
maybe i can ease the ache  

Jul 11, 2012


Nameday, and doing nothing. We need these break days. 

the start
the middle
the end

i know it's hard babe to sleep at nights
don't you worry 'cause everything's gonna be alright 

nice, france

I traveled to Nice for the first time last week. I fell in love with it. It's just the type of town for me - un endroit merveilleux! 




i got chills, they're multiplying
and i'm losing control
(cause i love that place!)