Aug 26, 2012


The smell was disgusting - always. 
And I was - drums - a cowgirl! 
photos by Riikka

i love them
we came from tx!!!

 hey i heard you like the wild ones
i like crazy, stupid, foolish, 
party going wild, fist pumping,
 music, i might lose it

Aug 24, 2012

the best thursday

Wow. What a night. 
First some art and hurting feet, and then music and a lot of dancing. 
I do love my friends. Mucho.

and later...

 let's have the time of our lives 
'till the lights burn out 
let's laugh until we cry
life is only what we make it now

Aug 22, 2012

everything's gonna be alright

Right now life is about school, tennis, dancing, school again, and finding me a dance partner for the school dance. The last one has turned out to be extremely difficult, I knew it though. I actually don't care about the dance...I'd like to have the dress though
But hey everything's gonna be alright. Hopefully.

here's a busy week for you guys..


through the sorrow, through the fight
don't you worry
everything's gonna be alright 

Aug 19, 2012


First week of school is behind. It has gone well, I'm glad to be back :-) I haven't had time to take any photos. I had couple nice outfits, but not a single picture of them. Oh well, another time then. 
I found out that Taylor Swift's new CD is coming out on October 22nd. I cannot wait! 
Her new single is out, too, and I've been listening to that the whole week. I also wore red lipstick - October, come faster, please!

i'm trying to learn my favorite swifty song for piano


when you come around again and say 
baby, i miss and i swear i'm gonna change trust me,
remember when that lasted for a day,
i say i hate you, we break up, you call me, i love you

Aug 13, 2012


Of course this would happen. When school starts, it's 20 degrees warmer.
Oh, and sun is shining, obviously. 


take a deep breath and walk to the doors
it's the morning of your very first day
say hi to your friends you ain't seen in a while
try to stay out of everybody's way

Aug 4, 2012

peace and me

A summer cottage. Here I've had so many memories. There I was, and now I'm going there again - this time it's a different one, though.


cause even the stars they burn
some even fall to the earth
we've got a lot to learn
God knows we're worth it 

there's just one life to live

And I want to live it right. 
Pictures from Thursday when two of my friends had their birthday. 

18 years old... :>

skip to 1,25 ;)

so don't stress, don't cry
we don't need no wings to fly
just take my hand
as long as you love me
we could be starving, we could be homeless, we could be broke

Aug 3, 2012

give your heart a break

I went outside yesterday wearing these. I happened to find that shirt from my closet, apparently I'd forgotten it. Now it's one of my faves. 

One thing I had also forgotten was that song. I remember listening to it while walking to school couple years ago. I love how it's optimistic - love is one thing we should never give up.
So repeat, repeat, and once again, repeat.
shorts Forever21, shirt Bik Bok, bag Pimkie


when you love someone 
and they break your heart 
don't give up on love
have faith, restart