Sep 28, 2012


Lovin' my white knit at the moment. It is so warm. 
I bought a cute dress today. I'll probably wear it tonight when I go out. 


i ain't got the time for looking back
gonna let yourself slip through the cracks
and you just keep going down, down, down

Sep 27, 2012


My best friend took my to FUN.'s concert two nights ago as a birthday present. I know I say this every time after a concert, but that really was one of the best gigs I've been to. (Apart from Taylor Swift's, but nothing will ever beat that.) I discovered some great new songs, I sang from the top of my lungs and just had an excellent experience. Thanks Ana!

so if by the time 
the bar closes and you feel like falling down
i'll carry you home tonight

the perfect party bag

I got myself a birthday gift. I'd wanted this bag for a long time 'cause it really is the perfect party bag. I've already used it couple times and it is worth every penny I spent. 

the party bag. gina tricot. 30€.

i was out shopping thinking something i should get you
'cause i've been gone so many weeks
damn i miss you

Sep 24, 2012


I got a chance to play a professional photographer one day when my friends promised to model for me. We had a great time and I think the photos are terrific. Here are the best ones!

mr. photographer
i think i'm ready for my close-up tonight
make sure you catch me from my good side

Sep 23, 2012


My birthday dress from Forever21. I adore it.

the tricky thing as yesterday we were just children
playing soldiers, just pretending
dreaming dreams with happy endings
in backyards, winning battles with our wooden swords 
but now we stepped into a cruel world

Sep 20, 2012

tonight let's enjoy life

Went out yesterday to celebrate my birthday. I had so much fun! 
Life, here I come!

excuse me
but i might drink a little more than i should tonight
give me everything tonight
'cause all we know
we might not get tomorrow

Sep 18, 2012

at the gates of adulthood

Aliisa: This is the last time you'll take your tray as a minor. Next time you do it, you'll be drunk."
About two hours and I'll be 18. An adult. Wow. 
This is feeling is amazing and weird at the same time. Amazingly weird :-D 
Tomorrow's a big day, for me at least. I'll tell more about that later - if I survive! Hehe

a sneak peak of tomorrow's dress
a face of a child, haha. i'm sooooo excited!

This song makes me cry...

to you everything's funny
you got nothing to regret
i'd give all i have honey
if you could stay like that

Sep 16, 2012

two days worth of shorts

Since it's getting colder here in Finland and shorts are still tempting, it's time to add some stockings under them. Two outfits from the past week, here you go. 
The song below is right now one of my faves. I WANT TO DANCE.

it's a mad mad world
gotta make an escape
it's a perfect world when you go all the way
hit the lights, let the music move you
lose yourself tonight

Sep 15, 2012


On Friday we had an "exchange students get-together" with couple of our ex-exchange students from our school. We played team-monopoly for four hours, and we had a blast. Timo and I controlled the game and we ended up winning the whole thing. I'm not saying that victory is the most important part, but it sure tastes sweet! ;-)

theme song for last night. it played at least 7 times.

your stare was holdin' 
ripped jeans, skin was showing
hot night, wind was blowin'
where do you think you're going baby?

Sep 14, 2012

i'm not movin'

Today's outfit.  I wore my denim shirt with stud boots and red jeans.

'cause if one day you wake up 
and find that you're missing me
and your heart starts to wonder
where on earth i could be


I had a pair of beautiful black ankle boots, but sadly I wore them out. I had to toss those and start the mission of finding another perfect pair. On Tuesday my search was finally over when I walked into Dinsko, and got myself awesome stud boots!

every time i close my eyes
i see my name in shining lights
a different city every night
i swear, the world better prepare for when i'm a billionaire