Dec 29, 2012


Last night in the bar. 

me and ana - i love her so much, blueberry shots, me, helsinki at 5a.m

And today....


tonight i'm gonna dance
for all that we've been through
but i don't wanna dance
if i'm not dancing with you 

Dec 27, 2012


Because the year is almost done I thought that it might be a good time to take a step back and actually figure out the high lights of the year 2012. 

my year started when i was still in sunny tx. tennis season began, it was all-in principle. a lot of practice. i started to go out more with friends, and i made mum's for the home coming with Dinah. i took a lot of pictures.
in february my life started to feel like a routine and that was good! time went by so fast. i won my first important tennis match with Michelle, we got second place in doubles. that meant the world to me. i also enjoyed the winter in texas (up, second) and we partied to taylor swift's music with Hailee and Michelle. my hair was longer than ever.
i skyped with Aliisa and Anni for the first time in 8 months. i remember that it felt surreal and i was happy to see their faces again. i also got the chance to visit grand canyon - that was one of the greatest experiences in the whole year. McKenna turned 18 and that was a huge party.
april was an interesting month in every way - and so much fun! i got so much closer with my friends - mainly because of tennis trips and choir. i played singles in district and lost. i took that really emotionally, it was hard for me to lose. one of the high lights was my prom; it was one of the things that i had waited for a long time to happen. the night was good, not great, but still amazing :-) people told me that i looked like cinderella. an important month.
may was fun and also an important month for me because i realized how many great friends i had managed to get during the year. in choir concert we sang "for good" and that song still describes my feeling towards the people in america. i had a t-party and went to state to cheer Kenna. we made a music video for choir and you can watch it here. that was so much fun!! oh my, i miss those times....
june was emotional month for me. my feelings went on a roller coaster ride. i cried and i laughed. i "graduated" from KHS, and saw some people for the last time -ever. i went to dallas and took a picture with a drag queen - a night to remember. i had to say goodbye to my best friends, but luckily i returned to my best friends. in june i realized that nothing last forever.
in july i felt like i was going everywhere all the time, but still nothing happened. just friends, summery helsinki and food. oh wait, i did visit Nice and fell in love with a waiter. ;--)
in august i enjoyed the last summer days at my summer cottage. school started and at first i was excited. then the cold, hard truth hit me in the face and my calendar started to fill up with different kind of happenings and deadlines. we had our sangria night and that was definitely the best night in august. i could say that we were drunk...but i won't. ;--)
i turned 18!!!!!!! that was definitely something. fiesta de mexico happened, ansku bought us tickets to see fun.'s concert and me, antti and julia had a "fall photoshoot". waiting for a "winter photoshoot"...
autumn came and so did the beautiful fallen leaves - a fall photoshoot with Karo. i got rid of a burden that had stuck with me for two years. we went to rome for a week and that was a lot of walking, pictures and eating. ansku suggested me "the fifty shades trilogy" and the rest is history....
i passed my driver's test (a bloody miracle), went to bars and parties, and found a free editing program which has driven me crazy. i started to feel an enormous stress 'cause of school. i stayed up too late and did things on a last minute. i wonder what happened to the excitement in the beginning of the school year.
december was busy, tiring, stressful, but still it included many fun occasions, like a LOTR-night. i got a new phone and other necessary christmas presents. i decided to make my dreams come true and actually do something good to my life. that'll be my new year's  resolution.

and girl, you and i
we're about to make some memories tonight
i wanna live while we're young
we wanna live while we're young...

Dec 26, 2012


The people who know me a bit, know that I'm as an anti-smart phone person as can be. I just don't see the point of paying hundreds of euros of a phone that will break in two years. Also I think it looks idiotic when people just stare at their phones and don't pay any attention to the surroundings.
Anywayyy.... My antique phone's battery died recently, so one of my Christmas presents was.... a smart phone. I've just destroyed everything I believed in. Like I said, don't charge me for the crime. 

i realize i let you down
told you that i'd be around
i'm building up the strength just to say
i'm sorry for breaking all the promises
that i wasn't around to keep  


Some Christmas presents. I got more than I thought I would. Not complaining , though ;--) I'm gonna go read my new books now, ciao!

books that i really wanted
movies, i love them. i'm so excited about downton abbey! i need chocolate and a coach... and time.
fashion is my passion and so on... oh, and taylor swift, too
products that i need. i also got taylor's newest fragrance that isn't sold in finland... so you can imagine how happy that made me :--)
last but not least: a huge teddy bear from my sister! it's enormous!

a great song!

but things just get too crazy
living life gets hard to do
and i would gladly hit the road
get up and go if i knew
that someday it would lead me back to you 

Dec 25, 2012


Wore my new little black dress (thanks Julia!), red lipstick and a Kalevala bracelet. All classics. And just to make it a little bit edgier, I put on my killer heels. Pure perfection. 

something second hand and broken
can still make a pretty sound
even if it doesn't have a place to live

Dec 24, 2012


sorry about the crappy quality

last christmas i gave you my heart
but the very next day you gave it away
this year to save me from tears
i'll give it to someone special 

Dec 23, 2012


I love Christmas lights.

and so i tell myself
that i'll be strong
and dreaming when they're gone
'cause they're calling, calling, calling me home  

Dec 21, 2012


 Three outfits from this past week. Obviously there's a common determination in them: black, black and red lipstick.

I'm getting boring.


never had much faith in love or miracles
never wanna put my heart on the line
but swimming in your world is something spiritual 

Dec 17, 2012


SHIT!!! I noticed that most of my pictures in this blog are gone! I need to download them again, I can't work with this kinda crap.

Like I don't have better things to do.....



so what if it hurts me?
so what if i break down?
so what if this world throws me off the edge
my feet run out of ground?
i gotta find my place
i wanna hear my sound
don't care about other pain in front of me
'cause i'm just tryin' be happy