Feb 28, 2013


I was walking home today with a broad smile on my face. Sun was shining and everything just felt so good. 

i wanna scream and shout
and let it all out
and scream and shout
and let it out

Feb 24, 2013


I didn't have school this week so I had time to do nothing. Which was nice for a change :-)

1. made chocolate meringue 2. stayed up wayyyy too late 3. me and my new hair - couldn't be happier 4. i decided to start listen to swedish music - maybe i'll learn something!
1. third season of o.c. 2. third season of downton abbey! - obviously i have no life :-D 3. i am so madly in love with eddie redmayne right now. gosh, is it legal to be as hot as he is? 4. went to the movies, twice actually.
1. played the piano 2. my room 3. drove when no one was around 4. me
1. sometimes i just love finland :-) 2. played with my cousins 3. best chicas! 4. helsinki at night.

just a small town boy and girl
living in a crazy world
trying to figure out what is and isn't true
and i don't try to hide my tears
my secrets or my deepest fears 
through it all nobody gets me like you do 

Feb 23, 2013


Went to see Les Miserables and now I have a new celebrity crush.

And I'm sick of this white wall. I want summer and preferably as soon as possible.

if you don't wanna take it slow
and you just wanna take me home
baby say yeaaaaaah, yeeaaaaaah
and let me kiss you  

Feb 20, 2013



I tend not to regret anything because lets face it, things that have happened already are pretty damn hard to change. I suppose there are two things in my life that I actually regret, but I've learned to live with them.

Then there are the things that have changed my life in some way - and not always in the good way. Or at the time it didn't feel like I'd learned anything, it just felt that my life was falling apart and I couldn't control it. When looking back I've realized how much I've grown mentally. All the hardships teach us. And sometimes it is important to remember that life isn't always up to me. 

I don't regret what I've done or said even if it could've changed the situation. But sometimes I wonder...what if? 

"i go back to december, turn around and make it alright"

maybe this is wishful thinking
probably mindless dreaming
 but if we loved again, i swear i'd love you right
i'd go back in time and change it, but i can't
so if the chain is on your door, i understand   

Feb 18, 2013


When I was in fifth grade I wrote an essay about me being a princess for a day. I didn't think that my wish would actually become true, but last Thursday I got a chance to wear a gown and put on my finest jewels. I have to admit that it was fun....and magical.

So here it is...introducing the dress. 

and of course i needed some shoes and lets not forget about the jewels...
i got the bracelet and the earrings from my godmother for my 18th birthday. this was a proper occasion to wear them :-)
the shoes were from zara, but i fell in love with them. they were easy to dance with and they had just enough edginess to make my look sassy 'n' sweet. and the plus side is that i can wear them later as well...

and it was like slow motion
standing there in my party dress
in red lipstick
with no one to impress  


Surprisingly fun week and definitely memorable. 

1. my week started with some serious gossip girl marathon 2. getting sick of snow 3. me&roosa 4. i miss the sun.

1. meeeeee 2. abis are gone 3. my party clothes from friday 4. new hair!!!

1. yodo - you only dance once 2. me and my best friend 3. food

1-4. partying. a lot.

1. i love my alibaba. 2. ansku&timo - excellent friday evening! some hard core dancing happened... 3. me!!!

and what do you do when the one that means most to you
is the one who didn't show?
you should've been here.
and i would've been so happy 

Feb 16, 2013


I've danced in a "finnish prom" now. So I am wanha. Here are some pictures of it. I'll make another post about the dress :--)

the best gang :--)

and i don't know why but
with you i'd dance in a storm in my best dress

Feb 13, 2013


My party outfit from last Friday. Tomorrow we have our prom.... I'm not that excited, but I hope that it'll be fun. By the way, my after-party-outfit will look the same as this one. ;--) Obviously I like the skirt that much.

you know i'll be your life
your voice, your reason to be
my love, my heart is beating for this moment in time
i'll find the words to say before you leave me today

Feb 11, 2013


I bought this cute flower skirt from Bershka. Instead the flowers being just prints, they are now "actual" flowers. So....3D flowers.

those crazy years, that was the time
of the flower power 
but  underneath we had a fear of flying
of growing old
a fear of slowly dying