Apr 28, 2013


Bought these shoes for 5€. What a find! And I stole my mom's jacket - which is gorgeous by the way.

for you i'd be whoaa running a thousand miles
just to get to where you are
step to the beat of my heart 
i don't need a whole lot coming from you 
i admit i'd rather give you the world or we can share mine  


I'm lethargic. 

1-4. Justin Bieber's concert!
1-2. helsinki 3. me 4. bicycling
1. turquoise converse 2.i re-took my chemistry test and it went well :) 3. i tried something new 4. after bieber'
1. this girl's birthday! 2. drinks with ida :-) 3. inspirational

i've been fooled by your smile
i was mistaken by the way you loved me
we let it straight for a while
but you deceived me you convinced me, yeah

Apr 27, 2013


4/26/2013 something happened that half of the Finland had waited for several years. Justin Bieber arrived to Hartwall Arena. Obviously it was a must-see so me and my sister went there. The concert fulfilled my expectations and I ended up screaming from the top of my lungs with the other beliebers. I have to admit that the concert was the best I've ever been to - after Taylor Swift's naturally. 
Here are the best pictures of it. For those who weren't able to come. :-)

the best company :-)
he knew how to make an entrance...

in time, ink line, bitches couldn't get on my incline
world tour, it's mine
ten little words and a big sig
justin bieber you know imma hit them with the e-ther
buns out weiner, but i gotta keep an eye out for the selener

Apr 26, 2013


Tried a long vest for the first time ever. I have to admit that I like it! 

i used to think that i was better alone
why did i ever wanna let you go?
under the moonlight as we stare at the sea 
the words you whispered i will always believe  

Apr 22, 2013


Relatively new leggings combined with a denim shirt and converse. Works for me. 

monki, 20€

used to have a piggy pank, but now i got that bigger bank
who who cares what the haters say
they hate on me 'cause we doing what they can't

Apr 21, 2013


Weird week. I actually wore something else than just yoga pants. Six more weeks in school. I'm stressed out, but the thought about six more Mondays keeps me going. 

1. me 2. my dad's cousin's 50th birthday party 3. the humberts woopwoop
1. dropped off miika to the airport 2. my nails (a lousy picture) 3. mirror pose 4. it's been one of these weeks....
1. i love driving 2. my morning class had been cancelled and it  hadn't been informed. f*ck 3. met up with vade after a long time! love that dude

and there's just no turning back
when your hearts under attack
gonna give everything i have
'cause it's my destiny

Apr 20, 2013


Sonja had an 80s party last night. We had a blast. :--)

cuz this is thriller, thriller night
 and no one's gonna save you from the beast about to strike
you know it's thriller, thriller night
you're fighting for your life inside a killer thriller tonight 

Apr 19, 2013


I'm digging the black 'n' white style.

i don't even know her
but i feel a responsibility to do what's upstanding and right
it's kinda like a code, yeah
and you've been getting closer and closer and crossing so many lines 
and it would be a fine proposition if i was a stupid girl
but honey i am no one's exception 
this i have previously learned
don't look at me you've got a girl at home and everybody knows that   

Apr 18, 2013


 glitter nails
 me and a camera
 again with the army leggings
you ever loved somebody so much you can barely breathe when you're with them
and neither one of you you even know what hit 'em
got thtat warm fuzzy feeling
yeah them chills used to get 'em
now you're getting fucking sick of looking at 'em  

Apr 14, 2013


Week 15, here you go.

1. ootd 2. snow wtf 3. wtf part 2
1. that was a good day :) 2. my army leggings 3. grey's anatomy's old episodes are so good 4. bright converse :)
1. all white 2.  me in yellow 3. melodifestivalen with cousins and grandparents :)
1. my dad's old army jacket - it's mine now ;) 2. we're going to london !!!! 3. chocolate....

melodifestivalen's winner

i know that if the sky would fall
i'd survive it all because of you


Parts of my weekend.

we're going to london hell yeaaaaaaaah!!!!
pirates of the caribbean marathon - pure awesomeness

bieber's concert in 2 weeks!

all around the world people want to be loved
all around the world they're no different than us 
all around the world