May 30, 2013


My blog is kinda dead right now. I don't have any I started wondering what really inspires me. I made a list and decided to share it with you.

pictures from


My number one influence. I've noticed that if I have a bad day, people who have dressed well make me happier. And I just love clothes and shoes. Simple as that. My number one goal is to own a pair of Manolos or Jimmy Choo's. (okay maybe not my number one goal, but still it's pretty close to my heart)


I love love. Romantic books and movies are my thing. I want the fairytale.


Not that I have had many, but my friends have had. Plus I listen to a lot Taylor Swift music and all the songs are pretty much about bad boys breaking up with her :p I find them kind of inspiring because something big and meaningful ends that time. That you probably didn't think would ever end, but it did.


I like cute boys who have their own style. And who look cute. ;--)


Fame is inspiring. Or not the fame, but the fact that you've left a mark in the history I don't want to leave the Earth without doing something great and memorable.


Life. Every little thing about it is interesting and inspiring. It's about the little things. :-)

maybe i'm addicted for life, no lie
i'm not too shy to show i love you 
i got no regrets

May 23, 2013


Pictures from another day when it was still sunny and warm. I actually like the weather right now 'cause it doesn't make me want to go outside. Which is crucial because the last test week started. Not that I'm studying at the moment....I'm watching Grey's anatomy :-D

the way you move is like a full-on rainstorm
and i'm a house of cards
you're the kind of reckless that should send me running
but i kinda know that i won't get far

May 21, 2013


This photo shoot was inspired by that song below. I'm very pleased with the pictures, hope that you are as well. 

she's getting to the point where it's too much for her
gonna throw us all away 'cause it's too much for her
she can't hide away 'cause the world knows who we are
she don't like the lights

May 19, 2013

WEEKS 19&20

Due to the internet connection problems and business I wasn't able to post last week's weekly update. Instead I post it with this week's. So here you go!


1. sick and feeling blue 2. at night 3. i make through my school days with coke or pepsi. 4. meeeeeeeee
1. after practice 2. sunny day :) 3. beautiful
1. i came to school at 8 and it started at 10. buu. 2. feeling gothic 3. watching hockey 4. YAY!
1. party outfit 2. tivoli with this pretty girl! 3. helsinki at night


1. not my finest moment 2. i'm still in love with my sunglasses 3. after tennis with milla
1. i love summer and bicycling 2. downton abbey last episode woop!! 3. lack of inspiration
1. dance show! run the world, GIRLS 2. green green green! 3. visited both my grandparents. the result 4. i did go jogging though

so the eurovision song concert was again... and it made me angry, as always. anyway, here's an actual esc song that i like :-)

lured into the danger
it's a risky business 
trip me up and spin me round again 

May 12, 2013


Mommy's day cake made by me. I swear I could eat it all.


and i love you for giving me your eyes
staying back and watching me shine
i didn't know if you knew
so i'm taking this chance to say
that i had the best day with you today 

May 10, 2013


Today Aliisa and I started our "get fit 'till London". I hope that these photos will help me not to eat chocolate, but to pick up my running shoes and get out of the house.

all photos

you can get it if you really want 
but you must try


I don't know if it's the sun or the almost-ended-school year, but I'm finally getting excited about the latest trends. A cap, military leggings and a low ponytail. Me likes! 

introducing the cap

this song describes me perfectly

i wanna fly, i wanna drive, i wanna go
i wanna be a part of something i don't know
and if you try to hold me back i might explode
baby by now you should know i can't be tamed 

May 8, 2013


Outfit of today. A cap. A phone case. I looked liked a tourist :-)

i absolutely adore this song

who's gonna make you fall in love?
i know you got your wall wrapped all the way around your heart
don't have to be scared at all, oh my love
but you can't fly unless you let ya
you can't fly unless you let yourself fall

May 5, 2013


During this week I've been sick (still am), seen some beautiful and inspiring dance performance and watched a lot of Grey's Anatomy. We're almost done with the seasons - already watching the sixth! 
xoxo no life (?)

1. drinks with emmi 2. emmi and i 3. first of may and a balloon
1. beautiful 2. sick and drinking hot chocolate 3. rock the ballet was really good 4. my room and sun

you're beautiful it's true
i saw your face in a crowded place
and i don't know what to do
'cause i'll never be with you 

May 2, 2013


1st of May. Unnecessary, I think. 

tomorrow when you wake up and realize life ain't fair
throw it back and make the whole world disappear
you never miss what you had 'till it's gone
when it's right something will always go wrong