Jun 30, 2013


A girl can't be as tired as I am. What a great week filled with friends and laughter - and sickness. I just finished watching SATC third season and I'm considering going to bed. It's only 9 pm. Last night it was 4.30 am when I crashed. Some progress there!

1. messy room, but i cleaned it 2. new b&j with julia 3. lunch with ansku 4. milkshake
1. cousin time: movie, ice cream and "champagne" 2. view 3. me
1. happy girl with her ice cream 2. sunday morning with aliisa. fresh 3. still love this song and how it describes me

you make me, make move
i see you, you know i see you
i break through to get to you
it's so true, it's so true
i see you

Jun 27, 2013


Here are the modeling pictures I promised you. I wore my baggy-pyjama-hippie-pants for the first time and I find them adorable!
I did a few changes in the blog's layout, any thoughts?
ready or not, here i come, here i come
you're like a breath of fresh air in my lungs
you and i dance from the night to the dawn
ready or not, here i come, boy it's on

Jun 26, 2013


We held a little  and spontaneous summer photo shoot with Julia couple days ago. She has improved as a model I think! Once again I'm happy with the result, and we actually took some model pictures of me as well. Those will appear here later ;-)

we'll be running down the street
yelling kiss my ass
and like yeah, whatever, we're still living like that
when the sun's going down we'll be raising our cups
singing here's to never going up

Jun 25, 2013


An "OOTD" post after a while. I wore this beautiful stripe dress with ankle boots. I liked the outfit. When it got colder I put on a white loose knit. Worked for me :-)
I've been watching SATC, and Carrie always carries around flowers. I got inspired about it and decided to accessorize my outfit with some orange roses.

new to town with a made up name
in the angel city chasing fortune and fame
and the camera flashed make it look like a dream

Jun 23, 2013


Just a few pics.

1. outfit from someday 2. oops 3. driving to summer cottage
1. one day's lunch 2. night 3. sunbathing

such a disturbing music video, but i like the song

to my homegirls here with the big butts
shaking it like we at the strip club
remember only god can judge us 
forget the haters, 'cause somebody loves ya


What a weekend filled with family and relaxation. I absolutely enjoyed not doing anything. I slept. I read a book. I studied (yay!). I wrote a song called "midsummer night's dream". I ate. I swam. I watched SATC. I wanted to improve my style. I practiced photographing. I loved doing nothing. 

so good
haven't edited this at all!
i love colorful maxis with a print :-)

hands ;--)

i've heard this song about hundred times from the radio. i decided to post it here.

carving our names in a tree
just you and me 
the rain can't wash that away
new way home
i dream a little dream of ya
to be with ya

Jun 20, 2013


Because the previous post was so much fun to do, I decided to do one from my fave tv-shows as well. I hardly watch any tv anymore, but I love watching my favorite ones all over again. That's why I've bought almost every season to DVD. What can I say, I'm obsessed :-)

(17) f.r.i.e.n.d.s | Tumblr
F.r.i.e.n.d.s. make me happy. I know every episode by heart and still they manage to make me laugh. I love Chandler's awkwardness and the 90s fashion. The jokes and other lines are genius and well, damn funny.

37 Reasons Seth Cohen Is The Perfect Boyfriend
The best drama show ever. I remember how O.C. replaced Friends when it ended, and I decided to watch it just to see how it was. Well, obviously it won my heart over because it is one of my favorite tv-shows still. Seth Cohen is a God. He makes the show 42 times better.

26 Relationship Truths, As Told By "Sex And The City"
I love fashion so I guess it's natural for me to love this show :-D The ladies are extremely fashionable and they keep inspiring me still. Of course the men advice is also highly respected. I actually have an urge to start a marathon with this one....now that I've finally finished watching Grey's anatomy.

Cellar Door
The latest series that I've started following like a lunatic. 20s fashion, great British actors, drama, great story telling, British accent.....do I need to explain more? This show has made me cry so many times. Why do they kill the best characters? :'(

Gossip Girl's Basic | via Tumblr
The first three seasons are absolutely the best, but I think it got worse towards the end. I haven't seen the last season yet so I still don't know who the real Gossip girl is! In this one I also love the fashion and endless drama.

Tequilí | via Tumblr
Damn funny. Daemn funny.

muumit | Tumblr
Okay this needs a bit more explaining. I don't watch Moomies anymore :-D But this was a huge part of my childhood, and I still love all the Moomin crap. I did see a couple of episodes maybe a year ago, and mostly they made me laugh :-D But Moomies are the best, I'll love them forever!

if you wanna know, here it goes
gonna tell you this
the part of me that shows if you're close
 gonna let you see everything
but remember that you asked for it

Jun 19, 2013


I'm a movie freak. I could (and have) watch my favorite films all over again.  Mostly I like romantic movies (shocking), but some good old fantasy is pretty awesome as well. Here are my favorite films :-)

Fuck Yeah, Leonardo DiCaprio, Yeah! | via Tumblr
A classic. I just adore this movie. Leonardo DiCaprio is the best and Kate Winslet couldn't be prettier. Every time I hear the song "My heart will go on" I start tearing up.

mamma mia! | Tumblr
Musicals are my weakness. If a movie has a great music and some dance numbers, I've probably seen it. The things that make this movie so damn perfect are talented actors and Abba's music. Go Sweden! My absolute favorite scene is the one with Sky and Sophie on the beach singing to each other. 

I think I've introduced this film couple of times in this blog already..... :-D Well, I'll do it again! First, Jane Austen is a God. Second, Keira Knightley is the prettiest woman on Earth. Third, everything in this film is right: music, actors, landscapes, lines, gestures, wardrobe, the story itself.....just perfect.

Can I Have This Dance? | via Tumblr
Oh yes, you can judge me and laugh at me if you want, but I'll always love this movie! This is the first movie that I became "obsessive"with (meaning that I know all the lines by heart and so on...). Zac Efron is the cutest and the songs are cheesy, but I don't care - I love it! Mainly the reason why I still watch it is because it brings back memories from junior high.

Aladdin | via Tumblr
My favorite Disney movie. I have watched this with my cousin so many times. We literally know all the lines and songs (with different languages as well!).

(1) love | Tumblr
This is the movie that I've seen with Ansku hundreds of times. The story is adorable and with all the great British actors...well, it couldn't be bad, could it? My favorite scene is pictured here above. Oh I wish it was Christmas and someone would do that to me....

This is my mom's favorite movie so naturally I've seen this couple hundred times. It was a few years back when I realized that I find this movie lovely as well. It enraptured me with its characters, multiple different relations, music and imaginativeness.

24 Reasons The World Simply NEEDS More Harry Potter Books
What can I say...I belong to a Harry Potter generation. Books are great and so are the movies. I cried when I saw the last movie...I still can't believe that there will be no more new Harry Potter films! I'm going to miss Dumbledore, Hermione, Hedwig and Neville. :'(

^^ | via Tumblr
I have a little geek inside me. I admit it. I love the elves, especially Orlando Bloom being one. The story is genius, even though Frodo ruins it. This trilogy brings back memories when Sonja, Rihuna, Tuulia and I watched all of the three movies in just one night. You can imagine the jokes during that time... hahaha.
(look at their faces!!! :--D)

Another animation that I like. This one is so damn funny. It makes me laugh every time I watch this.

and made el dorado
the magnificient, and golden
one thousand years ago
el dorado, el dorado, el dorado!