Sep 30, 2013


Yesterday I took pictures of Milla. She is so pretty, I love these! Here are the best ones :--)

here we go back, this is our moment
tonight is the night
we'll fight 'till it's over 
so we put our hands up like the ceiling can't old us
like the ceiling can't hold us

Sep 29, 2013


I'm back! My finals (part 1) are over! I'm so relieved and all the stress is gone. Finally I can chill and relax without feeling bad. I actually feel stronger emotionally because I studied a lot and worked hard to get good grades. I also discovered what I want to do with my life. I'm better than I was 'cause I'm smarter. Unfortunately I'm also bigger - studying is difficult without eating chocolate. But that will change - tomorrow I'll start working out again.

I have to say that it feels damn good to be back. 

don't you ever say i just walked away
i will always want you 
i can't live a lie running for my life
i will always want you

Sep 4, 2013


Here's some deep stuff:

I love love. I read good-mood books and watch chick flicks because I love romance. Taylor Swift is my idol. I can start crying if I hear a sad song - or a really romantic one like the song below. 
I've also been the girl who rarely has a boyfriend. Usually I complain and whine about it - sometimes more and sometimes less. But last Sunday night I came to realization that that makes no good. It certainly won't make it any better; honestly, it just takes energy and time. So I've decided to stop doing that.

Actually that is not the only reason why I'm stopping that. While listening that song I realized that I want just like it says in the song. I want someone to think about me like that - I want the movie love. I want the moment where our eyes meet and something just changes inside me. I don't know if that will ever be mine to have, but I'm willing to wait. I won't settle for less. I need to believe that something like that exists. 

To these thoughts I will leave my blog for a while. I need to get my studying in order so I can get out of high school and start living. I'll come back in a month or so. S'laters!

when your soul finds the soul it was waiting for
when someone walks into your heart through an open door
when your hand finds the hand it was meant to hold
don't let go

someone comes into your world
suddenly your world has changed forever 

no there's no one else's eyes that can see into me
no one else's arms can lift, lift me up so high
your love lifts me out of time
and you know my heart by heart

when you're one with the one you were meant to find
everything falls in place, all the stars align
when you're touch by the cloud that has touched your soul
don't let go

someone comes into your life
it's like they've been in your life forever

no there's no one else's eyes that can see into me
no one else's arms can lift, lift me up so high
your love lifts me out of time
and you know my heart by heart

so now we've found our way to find each other 
so now i've found my way to you

no there's no one else's eyes that can see into me...

Sep 3, 2013


Last weekend I started thinking who I find beautiful. Not pretty, but truly beautiful. Here are some celebrities who I think are just gorgeous.

all photos from


Considering that it is me we're talking about, it's not a surprise that T-Swift is on my list. She's like a girl next door even though I think she becomes more and more beautiful each year.


My new celebrity icon. Or not an icon, but whom I admire highly. I honestly think she is stunning. I'm not sure about her acting talents, but she is definitely one of the most beautiful women I know.


From a new celebrity icon to my first one. I love every movie she's starring mainly because she is so talented. I adore her cheek bones and her smile. Whoa, I sound like a creepy stalker. No, but for rizzles, she is gorgeous.


I don't think anyone thought she was a beauty until after Harry Potters. Now she is definitely a fashion icon for many people, me for example. She has a killer sense of style and something in her that is just captivating.


That smile. Do I need to say anything else?


She is not a typical Hollywood beauty and that is why I love her. Besides her incredible acting skills, she is beyond beautiful.


Even though she still has a kind of a baby face, but I have to admit that I think she is freaking beautiful. Don't like her music, don't care about her relationship with JB, but I can't deny that.


She is this gothic fabulous. Those eyes are incredible.

we are beautiful no matter what they say
yes, words won't bring us down
we are beautiful in every single way
yes, words can't bring us down
so don't you bring me down today

Sep 1, 2013


I haven't posted an OOTD in a long time, so here you go. And this one is not actually from today, it's from Friday when I went to see The City of Bones. I have to admit that even though I love the books, the movie wasn't impressive. If they make the second one, I hope they make it a lot better. 

maybe it's the way she walked straight in my heart and stole it
through the doors and passed the guards
just like she already owned it
i said can you give it back to me?
she said never in your wildest dreams