Nov 29, 2013


I try not to throw anything away because usually I'll regret it later. That knit and boots have been in my closet for four years now and I've worn them like twice. I've thought a couple of times if I should get rid of them, but I'm glad that I have stuck in my policy because now I love them! I like the turtle neck, and even though boots aren't really my thing I quite fancy these ones.
Well that's it, I'm off to Sonja's prexmas and then to Tallinn with Ansku. 

this is the last time i'm asking you 
why you break my heart in a blink of an eye?

Nov 28, 2013


Normally I am eyebrow-less. My eyebrows are really light and that's the way it's always been. So now that these huge, bushy, dark eyebrows have been a hit since Cara Delevigne stepped into the fashion world, I decided to try them (mainly because I was avoiding studying Swedish). I think they look so weird!!! Tell me what you think :--)

love the live version!

although i am broken my heart is untamed still
and i'll be gone, gone tonight
the fire beneath my feet is burning bright
the way that i've been holding on too tight with nothing in between

Nov 27, 2013


My new beanie which I love. I have a weird obsession to the word 'trouble'. My two favorite songs are named Trouble and that beanie obviously is awesome. 

i told you never to get used to me 
i stay awake when you fall asleep
i'm a whole lot of trouble
we're in a whole lot of trouble

Nov 24, 2013


Went to see the Hunger Games with my blondies. The movie was really good: it followed the book and I liked the actors. I was very pleased. Now I'll start reading the third book - that shall be interesting.

I do lovelovelovelovelovelove my friends. There's nothing better than hanging out with them. :-)

go ahead and say goodbye, i'll be alright
go ahead and make me cry, i'll be alright
and when you need a place to run to
for better or worse, i got you


One of my projects for this winter time was to find a perfect pair of leather boots. In addition, they needed not to have a high heel, and I wanted them to go with everything. Since finding a decent winter coat has turned out to be an impossible task, I figured this one would be as well. About three weeks ago I was shopping with Julia and guess what I found? My true match! Honestly, it was love at first sight. I just knew they were the one. I'm expecting us to have a long and happy life together. See, this is what I want from love as well. Just the feeling that 'hey this is it'. Too much to ask for? Well, while I'm waiting at least I have cool shoes.

i remember what you wore on the first day
you came in to my life and i thought 'hey now this could be something'
'cause everything you do and words you say
you know that it all takes my breath away

Nov 20, 2013


Finally here are the pictures from my trip to Paris about a month ago. I went with my family and we stayed there six days. Unfortunately I got a terrible fever and a stomach flu around the day five so after that I couldn't leave the hotel room.

I really like Paris. It has enough sights, but it's also a modern city. It seemed pretty safe and I found that people actually could speak English! The city is beautiful and I loved the fact that people carried huge baguettes with them. Probably the main reason why I enjoyed Paris was because everyone dressed up. I knew that the city was fashionable, but I guess I had to experience it myself. I felt like I fit in in my high heels and fluffy furry vests. :-) 

ladies and gentlemen, the mona lisa
the best one :-D
on top of paris

my favorite was the Versaille castle because i loved the golden details and its history

 so come on spin me around
i don't wanna go home
'cause when you hold me like this you know my heart skips, skips a beat

Nov 19, 2013


I didn't remember how depressing a Finnish winter can be. Or at least November is. Seriously, is it impossible for the sun to come out just for a second? Or that it would stop raining for a day? Or that I wouldn't be so tired? This weather isn't making me jump for joy and go out to take pictures. It makes me want to stay under the blankets and read a good book. Right now I'm reading the second part of Hunger games. I need to finish it before I go see the movie!

i miss you and nothing hurts like no you
no one understands what we went through
it was short, it was sweet, we tried