Dec 28, 2013


Here are most of my Christmas presents. I was positively surprised about how many presents I got this year. The new laptop was definitely a surprise. Yay!
 new laptop
 my favorite books, my favorite magazine and notes for piano
 make-up and a beautiful Guess wallet
 miley's new cd and a hair straightner
 tickets to see miley cyrus and one direction in june!!!!
you've got everything you need, but you want accessories
got to hold it in your hand
if i changed the world for you, i bet you wouldn't have a clue
don't you know i hate when girls say
i want, i want, i want

Dec 26, 2013

YEAR 2013

This is almost like a tradition for me to do this year-in-photos-post. Usually it's fun, but this year it's kinda sad. :-D My life has concentrated on school and I don't even know...doing nothing. I wonder what next year will bring.....

¤ I remember January being very emotional month for me. It was a shock to start a year like that, but I managed to heal myself. ¤ My interest in fashion grew even stronger because I went to see Northern women in Chanel exhibition. ¤ We also took modeling pictures with Julia. She was freezing, but the pictures were worth it. ¤ My family went to Stockholm.

¤ February was the month of change in every part of my life. My high school friends left school and I was there almost alone. Luckily I found my lovely blondies who I love so much! ¤ We had our prom and it was nice to dance in a princess dress. ¤ After that I cut my hair. It was something that I'd wanted to do for a long time. ¤ I went to a weekend trip to Milan and came back with a terrible flu. I stayed in bed for a week.
¤ Winter and snow just wouldn't leave, no matter what we did. ¤ I went ice skating though. I hadn't done that in couple years. ¤ We went cruising with my girls and other abis. It was okay, I enjoyed the shopping part the most :D ¤ I bought those sunglasses from Urban Outfitters and they were like my signature for this whole summer. I absolutely love them. ¤ I had eight courses and a lot of school stuff. I don't think I've ever been that busy.
¤ School kept me busy and I kept feeling even more comfortable in my yoga pants. ¤ Every now and then I did try some new styles, but rarely. ¤ Justin Bieber was in Finland! A very good concert. ¤ We had a Pirates of a Caribbean marathon with my chicas. ¤ When I didn't do school stuff I watched Grey's anatomy. A lot.
¤ Finally I started being happy again. Sun started shining and the snow was gone. ¤ I tried new trends. ¤ School was less time-consuming. ¤ I had couple job interviews, but none of them paid off. ¤ I watched the Eurovision song contest at my grandma's. ¤ Pink was in Finland and it was another excellent concert.
¤ In June first almost all my friends graduated. I was drunk that night, or so I've been told haha. ¤ I went to a tennis camp and it was so hot! It reminded me of Texas. ¤ I partied way too much. I stayed up until 5 am and had long walks at night with Aliisa. Those were so fun. ¤ I started to work as a telemarketer. It was hard, but I got some money which was necessary.
¤ Probably the best month of this year. I quit my job and felt an enormous relief. ¤ I hanged out at our summer cottage and started studying for my finals. ¤ I partied a lot, mostly with Aliisa. ¤ And with Aliisa I went to London. Such an amazing trip. (heart) ¤ Right after that I left to Texas to visit my lovely Texan family. The trip there was exhausting and rather scary, but luckily I was able to get there in one piece :-) I had the best two weeks with my sisters and friends. I love and miss them so much.
¤ I came back from Texas on August the 6th and right after that I started studying for my finals. I locked myself into the library and stayed there. I gained like five kilos because I ate so much chocolate:D ¤ School started again and it was grueling. ¤ I lost my social life. ¤ Every free time I had I went to our cabin and read. And was bored (second picture, up) ¤ Aliisa left to Toronto and it was sad. ¤ I started reading the Mortal Instruments books and got freaking addicted. ¤ I went to see the City of Bones movie and was unbelievably disappointed.
¤ September was such a hilarious month. I turned 19 and I hold a kiddie party. ¤ My obsession to One Direction began. And I got Sonja excited as well! Mwuhaha. ¤ Finally we took the finals and the wait was just ludicrous. I was so nervous, but at the end I did very well! ¤ I was free. ¤ I realized some things that would change my life forever.
¤ October was a month of traveling, sickness and fashion. I went to Paris with my family and fell in love with the city. ¤ Unfortunately I came back with a stomach flu and a high temperature. ¤ I took many pictures and actually put on make-up and nice clothes. ¤ In the beginning of October we went to Estonia to relax with Sonja. ¤ Even though I didn't have many courses I still had couple assignments.
¤ Such a boring month. I went out couple times, but mostly I just sat at home and read. ¤ I lived with my cousin for a week. ¤ I think I put on make-up like twice :-D ¤ I had a concert where I sang "Last Kiss" by Taylor Swift. ¤ Went to Estonia with Ansku. ¤ I watched eight hours of One Direction's foolishness from my phone in the middle of the night. ¤ Joined to a book reading course in our school. ¤ I fell in love with my Calvin Klein bag.
¤ Bought a super awesome skirt from Tallinn when I was there with Ansku. ¤ Had way too much fun with gingerbreads, Hercule Poirot and my knitting. ¤ I wasn't excited about winter at all and felt kinda tired. The snow-free land didn't make it easier. ¤ Got a new computer for Christmas. ¤ Fell in love with 1D's new CD. ¤ Fell in love with books. Irrevocably. ¤ I am waiting for the year 2014. A lot.

so i'll read a book, or maybe two or three
i'll add new paintings to my gallery
i'll play guitar and knit and cook and basically
just wonder when will my life begin


Yesterday's outfit when I went to visit grandma and cousins. A little black dress is always a good choice. When in doubt, choose LBD.

little black dress just walked into the room
makin' heads turn, can't stop looking at you
it's alright, it's alright, it's alright you know 

Dec 24, 2013


and i don't care if i don't get anything
all i need is you here right now
and i'm sorry if i hurt you
but i know that all i want for this christmas, this christmas, this christmas is you

Dec 21, 2013


Last night I finished reading the last book of Hunger Games. I was happy with the outcome even though the ending was shocking. I have gotten so emotional - I cry way often than before. Like today when I woke up I thought about the book and couple tears just appeared out of nowhere. 
I truly apologize for neglecting my blog. But all the extra time that I have I'm using for reading. For many years I lost the joy of reading a book since I never had time for that. Now that I've discovered it again I don't ever want to let go. Everything is better in the books. What can I say, I hate reality. 

I also found the Tumblr page ( that I like and had lost. Here are some pictures that reflect my current feelings.

baby when they look up at the sky
we'll be shootin' stars just passing by
you'll be coming home with me tonight
we'll be burning up like neon lights

Dec 15, 2013


As you have noticed I've been quiet. It's not that I don't have inspiration, it's just that I'm lazy and enjoy watching Hercule Poirot's mysteries far more than taking pictures in the cold air.

I might tell you though something that have happened lately. For instance, I went to see the Hobbit in the midnight show and for that reason I have linked that song below (and because it's a great one as well. It's such a powerful song.). Sonja, Rihuna and I also watched all the Lord of the Rings extended versions in one sitting! That was awesome. What nerds are we! Then I slept one hour and went to pick up my parents from the airport. Last night I slept 13 hours.

Now I'm off to live with my cousin. So no reason for you guys to wait for a post.... 'cause you probably won't get one. I promise to get better during Christmas!

 i miss Paris.

now i see fire inside the mountain
i see fire burning the trees
and i see fire hollowing souls
i see fire blood in the breeze
and i hope that you'll remember me

Dec 6, 2013


Today is Finland's Independence day. It is one of my favorite holidays because everything is so quiet and peaceful then. Because I have seen world quite much and lived in a another country for a year, I truly know that Finland is my home and one of the best places in the world. No matter where life takes me I will think of Finland with warm heart - it's home and you'll always find your way back home.

too patriotic?
today's movie collection
a tradition i will never let go
a finn and proud of it :)

when the sun dies and the stars fade from view
our love will remain real and true
through the distance and cold depths of space
the radio sings our song
it's a love real and true

Dec 3, 2013


Some similar pictures from last week with a lot of editing. Also the song below is my new fave. 

i'm terrified of what you do
my stomach screams just when i look at you
run far away so i can breathe
even though you're far from suffocating me

Dec 2, 2013


I bought that edgy grunge styled skirt from Pull&Bear in Tallinn. I kind of wanted to create a Miley Cyrus look, but less bold. That's why I also got myself that gold chain and I think it will save many outfits this winter. 
Today was an okay day. I talked to my student counselor about my future and she was very supportive. I'd like to believe that everything will be okay :-)

drinking out the bottle, i got no respect
looking like a model who just got a check
i back it up 'cause i don't give a fuck
if you're lame that's a shame you can't hang with us