Jan 26, 2014


....but this baby is.

I've never had an urge to cover myself with tattoos. I think an inking or two is okay if they mean something and weren't just "hey, I was drunk, look what I got"-situations. Still, I don't think I'll ever get one.

But last night I found my SUPER old fake tattoos that I had when I was a kid. I never wore those 'cause I thought they were too fancy and beautiful. But now I think it was time for them to be worn. The best part is that they aren't permanent and I can try on a different one in a couple of days!
 a song that is like written for me
i'm a lightweight, better be careful what you say
with every word i'm blown away
you're in control of my heart
i'm a lightweight
easy to fall, easy to break
with every move my whole world shakes
keep me from falling apart

Jan 24, 2014


I just came back from a dinner with Emmi. It was so nice to see her and catch up. :-) For tomorrow I have school and rest of the weekend is going to go with my Spanish homework. Gotta love life at the moment.
 one of my favorite spring trends is combining pastel colors with silver and gold. here's how my outfit looked today.
i feel something so right doing the wrong thing
and i feel something so wrong doing the right thing
i could lie, could lie, could lie
everything that kills me makes me feel alive

Jan 22, 2014


Good morning! - or more likely good afternoon. I have spent the morning in bed watching the last episodes of New girl. I do love my day offs on Wednedays! For today I have planned to look for a summer job, go running, go to my dance class and then...who knows. Probably sleeping.
next one in line!
 waiting for may...
i've been laying in this bed all night long
don't you think it's time to get it on
but we gotta get it right, we can't get it wrong
don't you wanna feel this fire before it's gone

Jan 18, 2014


I had two choices for a title: the one above or "Story of my life". I have always thought that fashion is a way to express oneself and let the people know how you feel - even if it doesn't show. During the fall I've been collecting some uplifting shirts that one way or another express my current situation or emotion.

All these clothes below are definite clues about my life, or at least what I want my life to be. At this point my life is in an intersection. I can either go to the left or to the right. Or maybe I should go straight? I don't know. I'm dreaming about carefree life and a killer profession (not an assassin, though, hahaha). I'm waiting for that Mr. Right, even though sometimes it feels hard. I wish that my life would meet these requirement at some point.That's why I didn't pick the other title...because I'm not there quite yet.
probably my favorite shirt at the moment. it tells the world the absolute truth about me: i love fashion.
 my mom got me this shirt after i'd declared that there must be that one special prince for me. never give up on love - it will wait and turn up when the time is right!
 when i saw this dress in Forever21 i knew i had to get it. pizza, love, boys, music, parties, dancing - all the things i love! the "whatever" part i'm still working on. i know that i take things too seriously sometimes, i need to losen up. but then, nobody's perfect.
 i'm borrowing this shirt from aliisa. when she showed me this i kinda felt excitement inside me. like i said, i'm in a turning point in my life. the world is in my command. i make the decisions. i work for my dreams. this is my life.
"hey, it's alright, does it make you feel alive?
don't look back, live your life, even if it's only for tonight"
i said "hey, it's alright if it makes you feel alive"

Jan 17, 2014


One of the most exciting spring trends for me is the "same color palette"-trend. That means to combine same colors, but different shades. Today I chose to wear burgundy and lila (for some reasons my clothes look rather black...) - some dark colors since it's not spring quite yet. Also I'm intrducing my winter coat from ZARA that I bought almost two months ago. It is everything that I was looking for. I especially like the pockets that are higher than usually.
I'm going to make a post about the spring trends that I'm most looking forward so so stay tuned!
 you told me you were coming back, right back
promised me it was real and i believed that
but if i fall for it again, i will be a fool

Jan 11, 2014


Such a cliche title, but this time it is really true. Never in a million years (well, at least still a year ago) did I think I'd be wearing anything else but skinny jeans when it comes to bottoms. Couple months ago, however, I came across to these beautiful pair of burgundy pants in Forever21 and...well, that was that. Something inside me told me to go for it. And I did. I really like these pants! They are so different from what I usually wear. I combined them with a metallic black top.

Also a year ago I never even wanted to try platform shoes. Somehow during last summer I felt this urge to try them out. That was love also.

This year's motto could be "Go for it." Whatever comes to mind that sounds or looks even a bit exciting, new and spontaneous I'm gonna go for it!
 we thouch down the east coast, dinner in the skyline
winter is the best time to walk in the city lights, you and i

Jan 9, 2014


I got this leather jumpsuit for Christmas from Julia. Last time when she was at our place, we briefly thought with what I could combine it with. My cool new ethnic print shirt was hanging on my closet's door and we laughed: "Not with that one!"
However, when she was gone I decided to try the combination....and I liked it. It was peculiar, but kinda cool at the same time.
I've been living healthier for a week now (woopwoop) and I've been doing a lot of excercise. It's funny how my body already feels lighter.
 i'm in that passinger seat flying high in the air
and we're driving fast 'til we're plum out of gas
let's go

Jan 2, 2014


Here are some things that make me, supposedly, beautiful. What really makes me beautiful are my friends with their kind words. They know how to cheer me up even if I'm feeling self-doubt and panic.
 some new beauty products. i've started to put lotion on after every shower. and that shampoo was just so cute - it has real glitter in it! it's supposed to make my hair shinier.
 my number one inspiration: fashion magazines. beauty in couple hundred pages. just perfect.
 some sale shopping. i found these super cute prints: floral (spring basics) and ethnic (don't have many of those). oh spring, do come faster!

 and a beautiful song ;--)
if only you saw what i can see
you'd understand why i want you so desperately
right now i'm looking at you and i can't believe you don't know
you don't know you're beautiful
that's what makes you beautiful 

Jan 1, 2014


Love + money= party ?
Love > money > party ?
Love = money + party ?

Red for the love, gold for the money, black for the party.
 money ain't nothing but money
when you get to the money, it ain't nothing but money
love ain't nothing but love
when you learn to love, it ain't nothing but love
party ain't nothing a party
when you party everyday, it ain't nothing but a party


Last night.

i'm feeling like right now i wish you were here with me
'cause right now everything is new to me
you know i can't fight the feeling and every night i feel it
right now i wish you were here with me