May 27, 2014


I am officially free because Oscar, my diploma, has finally been completed. Freedom feels good. I pampered myself and went to see a movie today, alone. It was quite nice actually.
New winds are blowing. They are changing my world quite upside down as a matter of fact. So I decided that my blog needed to change, too. This feels fresh. Fresh, new and more free.
you think the only people who are people
are the people who look and think like you
but if you walk the footsteps of a stranger
you'll learn things you never knew you never

May 26, 2014


The flower theme continues. On Sunday my mom taught me to make a garland because I hadn't known how to make one. Way to learn a new skill at the age of 19! Very useful one, too, I imagine. ;-)
if i was a sculptur
but then again no
or a girl that makes potions in a travelling show
i know it's not much but it's the best i can do
my gift is my song and this one's for you

May 25, 2014


I had a free weekend and I finally had a chance to go to our summer cottage. My sister and I took some photos because the apple trees were blooming. Spring (or I guess it's almost summer) is so attractive. Every year I have a new crush to it.
 Right now I'm watching Finland vs. Russia. I don't think I can handle.

it's funny how some distance makes everything seem small
and the fears that once controlled can't get to me at all
up here in the cold thin air i finally can breathe
i know i left a life behind but i'm too relieved to grieve

May 23, 2014


Some black and white photos from last Saturday.
Last Saturday was interesting and an eye opening occasion. I went to see some old high school friends and I realized how over I am with those people. This sounds harsh, but I had absolutely nothing wise to say to them. I felt like I was 10 years older than them. My life is so clear at the moment and so many people are still lost. Nothing combined us anymore. In a way it was great to aknowledge, but sad in a way. We are all choosing our own paths, and while that is inspiring and necessary, it also makes me melancholic. People that I thought I'd be keeping contact with several years have already disappeared, and I kind of don't even care. Nothing in this life is permanent - except maybe true friendship.
so much for taking this too far
you can't blame me for who i am
it's too late for us to try to be in love right now
you might think i'm crazy
that i'm lost and foolish leaving you behind
maybe you're right

May 22, 2014


If these photos were in Facebok, the caption could be "like when you see it". hehehahahihi
So I'm currently soooooooooooo excited about life. Oscar is almost done (the diploma), September and new things are getting closer and closer and I'm enjoying meeting new people and making new friends. One thing I'm not happy about is my body. I can't believe a person can be so weak for temptations, but I am. My ass is starting to look like Kim Kardashians' firm one - minus the firm. So in these photos I'm not trying to show off my body, but instead the beautiful necklace Aliisa lent me, loose long shorts I borrowed from my dad, and the denim top that will save many occasions, I hope.
 love my vogue-purse that julia gave me. i'm amazed how well my friends know me
why don't you stand?
stand by me, oh my darlin' stand by me
because we gonna make a movie
and it's gonna be in 3D, 3D

May 18, 2014


 I borrowed this dress from Aliisa two days ago. The peekaboo part is supposed to be in the back, but I found it more interesting when it was in the front. I wore it yesterday for my friend's birthday party. Dresses with a small twist are the best.
I have something that I need to open up about. I usually don't tell these kind of things about my life in my blog, but I've decided to make an exception. See, on Friday I met this guy who was kind of (really) cute, funny, nice and, you know, a potential guy :-D We were talking and I kind of got interested about him. It was a very welcoming feeling since I haven't had that since...approximately 18 months ago. Well, the evening passed and somehow we didn't talk anymore. And here's my problem: I am too afraid to make the first move (talking about like asking a phone number). I just can't do it. I know excately why that is, but I can't change it. It's about being too insecure about myself. So I left the club feeling pissed at myself that I once again had been too shy. When I'm not interested then I can act all normal and shameless, but when I have even a slightest feeling then I freeze. I wouldn't want to be pushy, but I'd like to have a bit more courage with the opposite sex. My mind is twisted like that.
just when it's getting good i slowly start to freeze
just when it's getting real i put my heart to sleep
it's the memory that i can see, then the fear comes over me
understand that i don't mean to push you away from me 
 why am i so afraid to crash down and lose my heart again
i don't know, i can't see what's come over me
why am i so afraid to break down and lose my mind again
i don't know, i can't see what's come over me
 you got a way of easing me out of myself
i can't stay, but i can't leave
i am my worst enemy
please understand that it's not you, it's what i do
just when i'm about to run i realize what i've become
 why am i so afraid to crash down and lose my heart again
i don't know, i can't see what's come over me
why am i so afraid to break down and lose my mind again
i don't know, i can't see what's come over me
 now i wonder what you think of me
don't know why i break so easily
all my fears are armed surrounding me
i can't get no sleep
i keep running in circles around you
are you the trap i wanna fall into?

May 16, 2014


A close-up of yesterdady's outfit.
I wore my baggy pyjama bottom pants and a Miley Cyrus top (don't know why it remainds me of her) and this summer's sunglasses (don't get too bored to them because you will be seeing them frequently).
I am very very very addicted to loose pants at the moment. Looser the better. Wide trouser legs are going to be hot stuff in the fall and I can't wait to try them on!

she looks like a model except she's got a little more ass
don't even bother unless you got the thing she likes
i hope she's going home with me tonight 

May 15, 2014


Hi I'm Nora and I have been a terrible blogger (at least according to Emmi who said she has been visiting my blog daily only to discover that I haven't posted anything new...). But here you are, my lovely friends, some pictures of what I did today.
My days are pretty much the same. I either go to work or sleep late and avoid reading books for my literature diploma - or in today's case, both. I like working at the moment. I work at Linnanmäki and I have made some great acquintances already and I'm getting paid, which is a huge plus. I should catch up on my fashion magazines and tv-series, but not before I finish my diploma. Oh my diploma, it is as dear to me as a child, but also an enormous pain in the ass. I'm gonna hit the bed now, though, so Oscar (=diploma) will have to wait until tomorrow.
ps. Why is it that I have started listening to Justin Timberlake more now when he just visited Finland???? Obviously I didn't go there. I always do this!

pps. I promise to start post more often!
 woke up at 11:30 a.m. today. apparently i was tired
 so i started writing my essay about pride and prejudice, but then emmi texted me and asked me for lunch....and i went
 i had an asparagus soup that was delicious
 emmi was kind enough to take a picture of my outfit
 then i went to work. work was okay
 walking home at 10 p.m.
 salmon salad omnomnomnomnomonomo
 watching finland beat belarus in hockey

now, good night!

 i can see us holding hands
walking on the beach our toes in the sand
i can see us in the countryside, sitting on the grass laying side by side
you can be my baby
when i look at my lady, girl you amaze me

May 2, 2014


It rained today so I...
 ...went to h&m (big mistake) and found that top. it was only 2.95 so i couldn't resist (i bought two...)
 ...dreamed about summer and my graduation
 ...did DIY stuff (i will show them eventually) (i wish that i could actually sew)
 ...pampered myself
 ...switched to jammies at 4:30 p.m. (little miss bossy hihi)

fortunately after the rain comes the sun
 ...but i still have to clean. prior to i need to eat.
i finally learned to say whatever will be will be
and i have learned to take the god, the bad and breathe
'cause although we like to know what life's got planned
no one knows if shooting stars will land