Aug 30, 2014


On Thursday I finally had a surgery for my knee. It had been bothering me for the last eight years and now it should work like a normal one. Or at least it will when the pain stops. The surgery was grueling. It took three hours and the recovery will take over three months. Hopefully my knee will be even stronger than it ever was.
Wednesday night I, once again, had my heart broken. It had been beating for someone for three months without getting anything in return. I don't know when the pain will stop. The breaking seemed to happen too easily. It took couple of minutes and the recovery will take a long time because it always does. Hopefully my heart will be even stronger than it ever was... but I am doubtful.

he walks by me, can he tell that i can't breathe?
and there he goes so perfectly, the kind of flawless, i wish i could be
she better hold him tight, give him all her love
look into those beautiful eyes and know she's lucky 'cause he's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar

Aug 26, 2014


This post is my 400th one. I started this particular blog approximately four years ago and I had blogged about a year before this one. I can't believe how time has flown by. Blogging has become a routine to me, something I try to do at least once a week (sometimes I fail miserably, I know). This has also become a channel how I connect with my friends who I don't see weekly. It is important to me because that way I know that they know how I'm doing. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing this for them, but really it is for me. I love perusing my old posts and sort of go back to the time. I have always been terrible at diaries, but I have realized that this is my diary. So thank you for reading my diary :-) To celebrate this, I am going to listen Taylor's new song and SHAKE.
So to celebrate my 400th post, here are the days 4&5 of Kos. On day four we hanged out at the beach, ate well in the evening and after that we went dancing. On day five we travelled to Bodrum, Turkey to spend the day there and do some shopping. It was fun - and hot!!
a kitty on top of the car
 i don't know why
 love, peace and friendship :-)
 oh yeah, i got that one :-)
 and Aliisa got that one :-)
 after the day we were exhausted. zzzzz

but i keep moving
can't stop, won't stop proving
it's like i got this music in my mind saying it's gonna be alright

Aug 21, 2014


Here are the photos of the first two days we spent with Aliisa in Kos. I didn't take that many pictures last year in London, but I definitely compensated that this year. Our main idea was to lay on the beach and drink mojitos, and I think we managed quite well ;-) I'll upload more photos when I have the time.
I only have excately a month left here in Finland. After that I will move to London... I wouldn't say I'm nervous just yet, but I'm getting there. Tonight I'll buy my flight ticket and pay the first payment of the rent. It's all becoming nearer and nearer.... I know I sound lame, but I am going to miss my friends - old and new ones - so much. This summer has been nothing like I expected; it's been full of joy and laughter. I've been working hard, but luckily I've had (almost) the best summer job ever. I've made some friends who I know will stay with me after the summer. I couldn't be luckier.
But enough the emotional stuff, now lets fly to Kos.

the harbour was pretty damn magnificent, especially by night. unfortunateyl the pictures don't make it justice.

all the sudden there were dozens of air mattresses


not for vegetarists

because most of the pictures were like this

our song

straight out the plane to a new hotel
just touched down, you could never tell
a big house party with the crowded kitchen
people talk shit, but we don't listen
tell me that i'm wrong, but i do what i please