Sep 30, 2014


Last night was dreadful. I decided to go to bed before 10 p.m. because I wanted my body to get a chance to fight against these intruders (aka bacteria). That was impossible, however, because some of the students were playing loud techno music. I can tell you that it didn't help the pounding in my head at all. Fortunately they went to bed rather early (around midnight), but after that I couldn't anymore. I stayed awake until 3 a.m. How fun!
Naturally I've been feeling worse today. I have literally lied on my bed the whole day. I only got up to make me some breakfast and get some chocolate. I've almost run out of candy and orange juice and I don't know what to do. Should I go to the store looking like a hobo or just suck it up?
Every time I get sick I turn into a four year old. I whine and I want my mama to take care of me. :-( I guess I really have to grow up now....
ps. I want more orange juice damn it!
 i turn my cheek, music up, and i'm puffing my chest
i'm getting ready to face you, can call me obsessed
it's not your fault that they hover, i mean no disrespect
it's my right to be hellish, i still get jealous

Sep 29, 2014


I woke up tired this morning after a solid 10 hours of blackoutness. On my visit to Oxford Street I realized why: I have a flu. I'm not surprised though. I had managed to avoid that sucker for, umm, like a year (perhaps? almost?) and now when I was dropped into a city of millions of people with their different bacterial strain it's not a suprise really. This is great though because it gives me an excuse to wear sweats, buy orange juice and drink it from my brand new baby pink IKEA cup, and watch New Girl's episodes in my bed without feeling bad. Well, bad emotionally. Physically I think it's rather impossible. *sniff*
ps. Status update: I just dropped my carrot on the floor. Greeeeat.

 there's a maniac out in front of me
got an Angel on my shoulder and mestopholes
but mama raised me good, mama raised me right
mama said "do what you want, say prayers at night"

Sep 28, 2014


Sorry for the quietness, but my dad arrived here on Wednesday and since he was my only social contact I didn't want to disturb that. :-D We shopped all the necesseties for me, like that notorious pillow and food. Now he has left back to Finland and I have time to blog. My school doesn't start until next Friday and not on Monday like I have assumed, so now I have one more week to hang out. I am anxious for the school to start. I have seen my timetable and I only have school three times a week. I really hope that I get friends or otherwise I will get bored :p

Like the title says, this is a beginning of a new era. Not just for me, but for Absolutely Enchanted as well. I consider my blog to have lived through three different periods. First was the one when I started - and first of all wrote in Finnish - and was just getting the hang of these things. Second was my time in the U.S. that included a lot of "here's what I bought" posts and not very much information due to the fact that I had another blog dedicated to that. Third was when I returned to Finland and got very concious about how many of my friends were reading this. I got sort of careful and didn't want to put things bluntly, so I wrote more mysteriously - never actually leaving you without information. It was there, but visible only for those who knew what was really going on. But now I am entering to the fourth period that is the London era. My blog is like my diary, my best friend and a reminder of home in Helsinki, so I think it's just fair that I now write things the way they are - the joy, the sorrow, the hardships. I can't promise that I start posting more often, but I promise not to leave things in the dark. I'm all about the honesty from now on.

 To start this new era, I will post pictures of my home area.
 i live in east london, quite close to Oxford street, near brick lane
 there are a lot of eastern vibe in my area, due to the fact that one of the mosques of London is located in Whitechapel. brick lane is known for its delicious curry, i've been told.
 the street art and graffities are absolutely incredible in here. so inspiring.
 brick lane is home for many vintage shops - i may have visited couple of them already.....
 while i was playing a tourist, i got hungry and found a super cute café where i bought that one. for some reason i was stupid and didn't eat my lunch there, but decided to eat it while i walk. this was stupid because my feet were hurting, i really needed to use the bathroom, and it was so windy so i had to hold on to my hat, take pictures, eat and carry my bags all at the same time. not so pleasant.
 this is what i love about London: it has so much variety. just a couple blocks away from the eastern, curry filled, bohemian brick lane there is a totally new scenery. liverpool street has many good looking pubs, glass buildings and trafic. it's good to have both of these near my house.
 i don't know why
 and next to the boring looking white/brown/black/dark green houses there is a bright orange one!
 can't wait for my sister to get here so she can take couple OOTD pics!

 god, give us the reason youth is wasted on the young
it's hunting season
and this lamb is on the run searching for meaning
but are we all lost stars trying to light up the dark?

Sep 24, 2014


Couple photos from the day I met with my lovely tennis ladies. :-)
My dad comes to London tonight, yay! Before that I will go check Brick Lane and Spitalfields and just walk around.
know i've done wrong, left your heart torn
is that what devils do?
took you so long, where only fools go
i shook the angel in you
now i'm rising from the ground, rising up towards you

Sep 23, 2014


Hey hey hey from London!
I arrived here yesterday morning, and those who don't know yet the reason is that I will be studying fashion journalism in London College of Fashion starting next week. The flight went very well and it was half an hour early as a matter of fact. It took over an hour by the tube to arrive here in Whitechapel. Let me tell you something, being forced to carry a 23 kg suitcase and eight kilos of fashion magazines in a backpack and a handbag up the stairs in the crowded tube station with a bad leg is no picnic. Actually it was one of the most frustrating things I have ever have to do. All was good until it was time to actually find my flat. Naturally I started to walk in the wrong direction for about 20 minutes. Once I noticed this, I walked back feeling very annoyed and hot (I was wearing a leather coat and a huge knit and it was approximately 20 degrees). Eventually I found the right street, but not the right number. My address is 82, so once I found the number 80 I was feeling hopeful...until I noticed that the next number was 86. So I started walking back and fort just to come to a conclusion that I have absolutely no fucking idea where the place is. I was starting to feel extremely frustrated and tired at this point because my arms and back were hurting like no other (they still do, ouch). Thankfully I saw a girl and asked her the directions. She told me that I needed to go past the 86 and turn right. Now, how the hell am I supposed to know that?! Logically 82 comes after 80 and before 86, you know.
Okay, so now I'm at the reception (I live in student halls) and I get my keys and all is good...until it's time for me to find my flat. The nice British man tells me where my room is: "Turn right, take the double doors, go up to the first floor, walk across the court yard, go to the second floor...." At this point I am just bewildered, but I nod and smile and hope to find the right place. Well, I didn't find it. After spending another 20 minutes trying to find it I finally asked someone and she told me the way. I find the right doors, but I'm still not sure if I'm actually going to the right direction I stand there a while until a bit worn out boy comes in. So I ask him again where the hell I am and he tells me that I am in the right direction and that I just need to take the elevator up. Well, the elevator doesn't work, isn't that funny. I need to walk another set of stairs with my luggage, but luckily the boy offers to carry it (even though I wasn't sure if he would manage to get it all the way up since he was quite skinny :D). Once I made it upstairs I did see the court yard and after that it was like walk in a park. I arrived to my room and threw everything on the floor and jumped to the bed. I was finally home.
I will show pictures of my room later once it's been fully decorated. Now I don't have a pillow or a blanket, but I do have a sheet and knits that make me not to freeze during the night. My dad comes here tomorrow so I guess we will go shopping for the necesseties then. UAL had given me a welcome present, though: an energy drink and a packet of noodles. It was a fine dinner for me. Student life, here I come!
ps. My room is towards the court yard, and last night there was a huge party that went down until 1 am. I, of course, was lying on my bed trying to sleep since I had woken up at 5 am. That lead to the fact that I've been exhausted today as well, haha. I guess I'll go eat my rice and avocado now and watch Poirot and be boring tonight. :-) S'laters!

pps. But I am really happy! While I was walking on the streets yesterday I kept thinking that this is my home now!

i'm alone on my own and that's all i know
i'll be strong, i'll be wrong
oh, but life goes on
oh, i'm just a girl trying to find a place in this world 

Sep 21, 2014


Last Sunday I watched The Little Mermaid for the first time in ten years. While I was reminiscing my childhood memories, it also occurred to me how differently I saw the film today than a decade ago. With this in mind, I spent the little time I had this week to watch some of my favourite Disney movies, but this time paying more attention to their relationships. These are some of the points I made.

In The Little Mermaid there is a gorgeous, yet a bit naïve girl who falls in love with a man. He is a mystery to her since he is a human and she is a mermaid. So to marry him she needs to turn herself into a human to make the relationship work. This is so typical, isn’t it? Women need to make changes and sacrifices just to be with the guy we love. Whether it’s moving to the city he lives in or wearing the clothes he likes, we do the changes. Maybe it’s the fact that we desire love more than men and are truly willing to make the sacrifices to achieve that. Another funny fact is that I got pretty upset when Prince Eric wasn’t sure if he loved Ariel because she had a little flaw (okay, no voice can be an issue, I admit). I mean c’moon Eric, the girl is perfect in every other way! Loosen up with the criteria. Oh, and one last thing. The fact that the little sea creatures pressure the first kiss to happen is just mortifying and irritating. If it happens, it happens. No need to force it.

My ultimate favourite has always been The Sleeping Beauty because the prince is so ridiculously handsome and Aurora is just absolutely stunning. A new thing that I noticed is that she is incredibly dumb as well.  She meets a guy in a forest – creepy as hell, first of all – and after talking to him (or actually singing to him) five sentences she is ready to run away with him. She creates this fantasy about the guy she just spoke to for the first time and is now ready to leave her life behind and marry him. I know that my parents dating for 10 years before marrying is a bit long time to wait “just to be sure”, but for the love of God, wait at least A YEAR, preferably two, before making a huge life decision. What if Prince Philip doesn’t want kids, or to take out the garbage? What if he really, really wants to move in the city, but you want to stay in your home village? What if he is just plain annoying? The same thing happens in Snow White. So romantic or stupid? I go with the latter.

Cinderella has never been my favourite and this week I realized why. She is such a gold digger. I mean I understand her life is pain in the butt with her stepmom, but immediately she hears that there is a ball arranged by the prince, she forgets everything else. And I am quite sure that she only agrees to marry the prince because he is royalty. Their connection is even lamer than Sleeping Beauty’s. I mean, they didn’t even talk to each other, they just danced.

Lastly, thumbs up for Belle for accepting the guy the way he is and not falling for the obviously a prick, I-know-I’m-good-looking type. So many other women couldn’t have resisted Gaston’s cocky attitude and sexy muscles.

Sep 15, 2014


The fall has officially started for me and here's why:
 i got a new calendar (a definite sign) and vogue's september issue
my make-up has turned darker again. it's like i have a biological clock that says "yo girl, you've worn bright colors for four months already, time to switch." 
 ps. got some cool top coat from my cousin. that's called diamonds on the snow or something like that.
 this is the reason why i don't throw anything ever away: two weeks ago i got an urge to wear a huge, pink turtle neck knit sweater (honestly i did!) and cursed that i had thrown away the one my grandma had made for me like seven years ago. and look what i found in the back of my closet!!!!!!!!!! can't wait to wear it.
 there you see her, sitting there across the way
she don't got a lot to say, but there's something about her
and you don't know why, but you're dying to try you wanna kiss the girl

Sep 14, 2014


What is the first impression that comes to your mind when you hear the word single? Probably someone who runs from a party to another party and has wild, no strings attached sex with a mysterious guy she met at the bar. Someone who meets new people all the time, everywhere, and just has fun with her life. This is the impression at least I have gotten from Sex and the City where the fabulous ladies are gorgeous, successful and full of life.
This impression, however, is wrong. I have to admit that even I was shocked once I entered the age of dating, relationships and possible boyfriends. The reality – and I’m sure all you single ladies can accompany me – sucks.  My weekdays are spent at school and after that home doing whatever homework and assignments I have for the next day. My weekends aren’t more glamorous. If I’m too tired or fed up to go to a club, I spend my Friday nights on a couch watching no other than Sex and the City, or occasionally Suits if I want to dream about my future husband. Unfortunately, the older I get, the more comfortable and appealing the couch is. And here is the saddest part: I am only twenty.
However, being twenty and single gives me some liberty. While people expect me to date, they don’t necessarily pressure me to do so. I can’t imagine what it feels like to be over 30 and single. Some of my relatives are so nosy and direct that they would, without a shame, confront me whether I was a workaholic or just otherwise an impossible person to live with. Wasn’t I concerned about the, oh so terrifying biological clock? What was wrong with me? I would be an everyday concern to my grandma who would go on a on with her friends about my “situation”. I may exaggerate a bit, but I assume this is what it would – or will? – be like in ten years.
That hardly seems fair, doesn’t it? As women, we need to be worried and reminded about our time running out, while men who are over 30 and single may be workaholics and impossible, but nobody really cares. If they have the money and the looks, no grandma is worried whether they’ll find someone. Or they can be, but they don’t give them the “Oh, poor you”-looks. So why is it that it seems to be more of a crime if you are a single woman than a single man?
The problem lies in today’s society that makes us feel like we need to have a boyfriend. Without it we aren’t a) complete b) whole c) whatever crap the media tries to feed us. Think about Twilight, for example. When Bella’s super awesome boyfriend leaves her, she falls into a coma for six months, which is beyond pathetic. When I was reading the books at age 14, I remember screaming in my head: “Oh my God, has some self-respect, woman! Show that man that you don’t need him!” When Edward returns everything is blooming, the universe is in balance and the world has obtained peace again. All this because Bella could once again say she was dating.
Sadly, this is not a trend that is happening in books and movies. While I was living in the U.S. a couple years ago, I took a mental note how many girls were desperate to have a boyfriend. They started a relationship so that they could change their status from “single” to “in a relationship”. I never gave them more than two months and usually I guessed correctly. I could always tell the couples had broken up when all the look-at-us-we-are-dating photos disappeared from Facebook and a heartbroken status updates were made. I never understood why they needed to waste time and energy to a relationship that was never going anywhere. I guess they were terrified of being alone or they needed to prove that they could have someone.
It’s hard for me to understand why people constantly feel inadequate without a boyfriend. Don’t get me wrong, I do have my lonely moments and I do wish to have that The One. Most of the time, though, I enjoy my boring single life. I don’t want to stress myself with endless dating (so no Tinder for me) and whine about my loneliness (occasionally, however, guilty as charged). One thing that I won’t ever do is settle for less. I consider that as a crime against everything I believe in. I’d rather be alone with my ice cream and Suits re-runs than date so I could say I’m seeing someone.
And the point of this all? Being single can be frustrating and, at times, sad, no matter what Sex and the City insinuates us. But ladies please, don’t be a victim of the society and date because you feel like you need to. Date because it’s fun to meet new people and hear their stories. And after the date, don’t be mortified if you rather choose the couch over the sweaty club. That’s what most singles do anyway.

Sep 13, 2014


I slept terribly, don't know why. Today's my last day at work, but unfortunately it is a 10 hour shift, so a good night sleep would have been appropriate.
I spent the morning watching Poirot and listening to One Direction's new single. Last night I decided to start photographing more.

'cause nobody knows you baby the way i do
and nobody loves you baby the way i do
it's been so long, it's been so long
maybe we're fireproof
'cause nobody saves me baby the way you do

Sep 10, 2014


Couple last photos of our trip to Kos. We spent the last two days on the beach drinking mojitos. I was reading a very good book so naturally it was very hard for me to not to read it. I'm sorry Aliisa for reading and crying for three hours in a row!
 soooo good
 we spent the last two days in the same place since it had the best and cheapest mojitos
 me crying
 my ghetto look
 thank you for the amazing trip <3
 the departure day. or morning. i was so tired.

if you're taking me home
tell me if i'm back on my own
giving back the heart that's on loan
just tell me if you wanna go home