Jan 30, 2015


I got my final grades from last term. I decided to do a little school post and share two of my hand in works here, in case anyone is interested. :-)

Like I mentioned earlier, we had two units last term. The first one was


This unit's point was basically to introduce us to what it means to be a journalist and what are some of the key elements of it. On Friday's we also had lectures with Tony Glenville who pretty much has had the most incredible career ever. He has worked in some many different magazines, he knows basically everyone, and he has an opinion to everything - whether it's similar to mine, doesn't matter because I love hearing about his life. I wouldn't say those lectures were the most informative ones, but I would say they were the most enjoyable ones.

Over the course we had to write two news pieces (250 words), five fashion writing pieces that were a shop review (700 words), brand report (250 words), catwalk report (350 words), fashion profile (400 words), and a range review (250 words) and a news feature (800 words). We also had to write a broadcast script and do a one minute vox pop that was basically interviewing people on the streets and learning how to edit it.

Then we had teeline shorthand (pikakirjoitus in Finnish). Oh, this is tricky. I can see why teeline would be benefitial and very important for a journalist to manage, but it is like learning a whole other language (as it is). Quite a few were very keen on it in the beginning, some abhorred it from the very first day, and I stayed in the middle. I know I have to study and do well in it so I'll pass the tests (24-25/25 all of them *proudface*), but I am doubtful I'll ever master it the way I should be. Truth is that I'm just too lazy. When learning a new language, one should practice daily and thus improve one's skills. Well, I don't really do it because I just don't feel like it. However, I know I have to start practicing more if I'm ever going to pass the final exam in term three.

I guess many of you remember a couple months back when I had my hand in? I certainly do. It was a terrible time. That's a minor exaggeration, but I honestly was panicking. Coming up with text and stories isn't difficult for me, but turns out journalism is a lot more than just writing. We need to interview and talk to people all the time and find out about something to report about. It can get very stressful, especially when you don't have any contacts in a new city. Somehow I did manage to get all my quotes and survived the last term. Now I'll be a bit more wiser and start gathering the quotes a lot earlier.

So for our hand in we needed to complete the news feature, one news story, two fashion writing (I did catwalk and brand (and didn't actually bother to write the others, oops)), the broadcast script and the vox. I got B as the final grade and I am completely satisfied with it. I had no idea how they were going to mark the texts, but luckily now I had some kind of an idea for this term.
I've attached here my best work (got the best feedback) which is the catwalk report. Read it if you wish!

Catwalk Report for Chloé S/S15

Clare Waight Keller continues to elate us. Her newest spring/summer collection for Chloé was primed to be a success from the opening look – a gorgeous white, highly detailed mini dress promised to give us a magical, brisk and artful show. And it did.
Differentiating from her previous spring/summer collections, this time Waight Keller used colours that imply purity and lightness, so the colour palette varied from white to powder pink and baby blue with an occasional bold splash of navy blue and mustard yellow. Waight Keller also experimented more with fabrics this year when denim overalls and suede jackets and shorts strutted along the catwalk. The most interesting piece, however, was a denim look-a-like sweater poncho and trousers. Who said fashion couldn’t be comfortable?
Chloé’s strength is to make quintessentially feminine clothes and this collection was no exception. Sheer, barely there dresses took over the catwalk along with flowing shirts with baggy pirate-like sleeves. Furthermore, 60s vibe dresses were presented to give a more sophisticated but still a feminine look.
Simplicity has been Chloé’s go-to for the past three years. However, what is lacking in prints is compensated for impressive detailing. Metal circles in dresses that create a fishnet-like pattern, buttons in skirts going all the way down to the hemline, cleavage shaped like a horseshoe, and frisky cut offs are among the most intriguing details for the next season.   
At Chloé little quirks and imperfections are more than acceptable according to the make-up that was as natural as can be. This nonchalant look was also demonstrated in the models’ hair that was sleek but still carefree. Chloe shows that femininity really is all about character and natural beauty.
The message that the designers, including Waight Keller, have been telling us is finally loud and clear. The liberation of the female body is happening and it’s happening now – both physically and mentally. There will be no more 6-inch heels and skinny jeans, especially not during the summer. The season is all about celebration, freedom and being in ease – and truthfully that would be almost impossible to achieve in a figure-hugging pencil skirt.

 the second unit was


= ISHE. Ishe, my worst enemy. Well, my problem with ishe was that I didn't really know what I was supposed to do, or what the whole course was even about. No one knew either so I felt a bit lost all the way until the hand in day - no lie. Ishe was basically a unit that taught us how to study in a university; it showed the academic side to us. We had lectures about plagiarism and how to refrence, which was very useful to brush up again.

Our major project was a 1250 word essay analyzing a magazine cover. This was all very clear until it was time to actually start doing it. We were supposed to use a lot of refrences to back up our ideas, so that meant we were supposed to be reading a lot of books. No one were, really. I managed to write a beautiful essay until the day before hand in I found out the whole essay was supposed to be based on a quote that was in our student handbook. I had heard about the quote, but I had no idea we were supposed to add it in the essay and actually refrence it. This led to the fact that I had to do some changes to my essay the night before that was obviously fun. In the end I was satisfied with my essay and ended up getting a B as well. However, I feel like we weren't instructed well enough.

We also had to write a 500 word piece about our own progress during the term and held  a group presentation about a problem in fashion media. Our group chose self-censorship as our problem. The whole group presentation was a fiasco. I don't think any of us knew what our topic really was until the day before the presentation and it all seemed very hasty. I ended up getting a C+ of it, meaning that my ishe grade was B-.

All in all I didn't enjoy ishe that much, at least not in the beginning. My opinion about it changed, however, close to the end because I realized searching (and, hopefully, finding) the information can be very rewarding and to be honest, this is what I came here for. To add the academic part to this. No one said it would be the easiest part - I'm sure many would say it's the most difficult one. But this course and the one we have right now, Cultural and Historical Studies, are the ones that are supposed to develope us as thinkers and make us more knowledgeable.  

I attached here my final essay. It is quite long, but hopefully some of you care to read it.

Gender and Feminism in Fashion Media
Figure 1 & Figure 2 (both from google)

This is an academic essay that explores a fashion magazine cover of Elle UK (issue 11/2014, published 2nd of October, 2014, London) and analyses how ideas of gender and femininity are presented in it. The analysis is based on a quote by Stuart Hall: “There is no single or “correct” answer to the question, “What does an image mean?” [...] Since there is no law which can guarantee that things will have “one, true meaning”, or that the meaning won’t change over time, work in this area is a debate between, not who is “right” and who is “wrong”, but between equally plausible, though sometimes competing and contested, meanings and interpretations.’
The cover is a photograph by Kai Z Feng and it is a portrait of an American actress Anne Hathaway (Figure 1). She is a woman in her thirties and sitting on, what appears to be, a red armchair or a couch. She is leaning back on the chair and her knees are bent, allowing her other arm rest against them. The hand is balancing her forehead and the fingers are on the temple. Her other arm is placed on the armrest and the hand is on her waist. She is looking at the camera with an intense look. She is wearing a black Armani jumpsuit that gives an impression of an actual suit. The zipper is open to the navel and reveals her black lace bra. Her makeup is natural, apart from her lipstick that is the shade of a plum. The colours of the cover create a contrast. The paleness of the model is emphasized with the darkness of the suit and makeup. The chair is also dark red and the back of it is grey with a light illumination on top of the picture. All the text in the picture is white with an exception of the words “thigh-high”, “statement”, “sexy” and the cover girl’s name, which are written in red.
Anne Hathaway has appeared on the cover of Elle UK twice during her career. The first time was in December 2010 (Figure 2) and the setting then was quite the opposite. In that cover she is wearing a golden sequin dress, giving the impression of a desirable goddess, whilst in her latest she is dressed in a plain, polished jumpsuit. In both of the pictures the cleavage is, however, cut very deep. The position of the model is also different where in the Figure 1 she is sitting and in Figure 2 standing one hand on her waist and the other one on her thigh. The attitude in the covers differentiates. In Figure 1 the model is looking straight at the camera and her eyes are on the same level. This gives an impression of equality with the viewer and makes her more approachable. In Figure 2 the model’s face is upright and she is looking down at the viewer. Instead of giving an equivalent feeling, the model considers herself superior and unreachable towards the viewer. However, the attempt of seduction is notable because of the intensity of the gaze is visible in both of the images. In conclusion, in Figure 2 the pose, longer hair and low cut dress give an impression of femininity whereas in Figure 1 the intent gaze, short hair and suit are signs of masculinity, parity, and feministic ideas.
The whole idea of the cover is the black jumpsuit that resembles a men’s suit. During the 19th century some women, mostly middle-class, started wearing pieces of men’s clothing. Diana Crane (2000, p.101) calls this the “alternative style” that describes women wearing “ties, men’s hats, suit jackets, waistcoats, and men’s shirts” on a daily basis. However, these were always combined “with fashionable female clothing” and didn’t give too much of an impression of masculinity. Claire Moses (1984, quoted by Crane (2000, p. 101)) says, however, that the use of trousers wasn’t acceptable because it would have come across as a too rebellious act and women weren’t ready to challenge the “system” yet. A suit, worn by a woman, was finally accepted in the 1960s because fashion designers, such as Yves Saint Laurent ((no date) http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/articles/y/yves-saint-laurent/) and André Courrèges ((no date) http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/articles/a/andre-courreges/), first presented it as a fashion piece.
According to Crane (2000, p. 174) a suit is commonly worn by men who have authority and who are in a certain profession, “such as law, finance and management.” John Molloy’s (1977, quoted in Steele (1989) p. 87) pretense “suits are associated with… power” backs this statement. Also Antongiavanni (2006, p. 64) concurs and gives an example how a work promotion is most likely to be given to the best dressed one. He also argues that men wearing well-fitting suits have the most luck with the opposite sex. Indeed, it seems like a suit, if worn correctly, is a key to success in every part of life. In addition, a suit gives a certain sense of unity and thus insinuates equality (Crane, 2000, p. 174). Unity, however, can also be interpreted as a “suppresser of individuality” (Joseph, 1986, quoted in Crane, 2000, p. 174), and this is what Hall’s (1997) quote is referring to. The interpretation of the suit depends on the wearer.
Aspiration for independence and parity was the root that led women to include menswear in their closets (Crane, 2000, p. 102). John Berger (2008, p. 39-40) argues that woman’s appearance and behavior are the most important nominators when it comes to men’s approval. That is why it is necessary for a woman to adopt the manners and personality traits that are innate to men, so that she wouldn’t need to feel inferior. According to Berger, the most dominant characteristic trait for a man is “the promise of power” that can be “moral, physical, temperamental, economic, social [or] sexual” and the bigger the promise, the more influence the man has. Steele’s (1989, p.64-66) analysis of a woman’s characteristics supports Berger’s argument as she alleges that women are “kind, love children, vain, neat [and] follow the instructions meticulously”, thus they are less likely to succeed in the business world. This reflects to Hall’s statement that each image is creating multiple meanings for various readers. Some women choose to come across as more masculine, hence powerful, when communicating with men, but behave differently when associating with the same sex.
The desire for women to become equal with men is evident in the chosen Elle cover. Like earlier mentioned, Hathaway is dressed and styled as a man, but it is her attitude that convinces the viewer about her feministic spirit. She has an intimidating, almost threatening stare at the viewer, giving the impression that she is not willing to be walked over. There are also empowering words surrounding her, such as “power” and “confident” which endorse the unsaid message. Typography is highly relevant in fashion photography, since the titles are based on the image (Jobling, 1999, p. 91).
In conclusion, women have not reached a perfect equality yet. According to American Association of University Women (18.09.2014, http://www.aauw.org/files/2014/09/The-Simple-Truth_Fall.pdf), women were paid approximately 78 cents when men in the same position earned a dollar in the United States in 2013. In addition, in some professions women are expected to wear a suit and present them as masculine, but they still need to feminize their appearance with, e.g., accessorizes and makeup. “The totally mannish look for women is still a taboo”, Steele says (1989, p.86). This is also evident in the cover photo because Hathaway’s look is sexualized with the help of the apparent lace bra. Berger (2008) claims that “the ideal spectator is always assumed to be male and the image of the woman is designed to flatter him”, thus a woman is still considered to be socially submissive under man’s power.
However, there is evidence that the world is changing. Elle UK’s December 2014 issue was dedicated to feminism, and its cover girl was an actress and a feminist Emma Watson who held a speech HeForShe (United Nations, 2014) concerning about the importance of feminism. In the speech she, however, discussed about how feministic ideas don’t just concern women, but men as well. Like Hall said, things don’t just have “one, true meaning” (1997).

All in all I have been content with the course so far and can't wait what the future will bring with it :-)

and i'm a classy girl, imma hold it up
you're full of something but it ain't love

Jan 29, 2015


I know this is my second post of today (shocking), but I really needed to share this with you guys. I have just experienced a food revolution and I need everyone to know about it! I found a recipe of a banana pancakes from a blog and I decided to try them. The recipe was as simple as can be, but most importantly they tasted divine. They reminds me of  regular pancakes except it doesn't include any sugar or flour. I added a banana, berries, some cashews, and a tiny bit of honey on top of them, and I have to say I was stuffed after I finished eating. I can't believe something that easy, simple and healthy can be that good. This recipe will definitely be my go-to whenever I feel like eating something sweet - even if they really aren't!.
2 eggs
1 banana
less than 1 dl oats
+ berries, fruit, and a tiny bit of honey if you want
Mix everything together for about a minute and then cook them on a pan. They cook quickly so don't leave the room!
Now you can try them. I sincerely recommend them. I have spoken.

 the smile on your face let's me know that you need me
there's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me
the touch of your hand says you'll catch me whenever i fall


A quick update from the past two days. I did indeed get a fever and spent the Tue-Wed night in agony. Thank God for Whatsapp and that my mother knows how to use it. :-D
Now I'm better, but not entirely well yet. I'll spend today inside and hopefully be able to go to class tomorrow.
But this is how the past two days have looked like: a lot of veggies and fruits, Netflix (thank you, Aliisa), pyjamas, and more Netflix.
this came yesterday!

 screaming, crying, perfect storms
i can make all the tables turn
rose gardens filld with thorns
keep you second guessing like oh my god
who is she?
i get drunk on jealousy

Jan 27, 2015


Aliisa said earlier that the bond between my family is so strong that they managed to get me sick all the way from Finland. At the moment it seems quite accurate because last week my sister was fighting against a terrible influenza, then she managed to pass it to my dad, and today I woke up with a terrible headache and a sore throat. I wouldn't mind if the bond was a bit weaker, haha.
However, I defied the destiny and forced myself to go to UNI and fought through the pain. At five o'clock I fled from the class and basically ran to the tube so it could take me home and back to the comfortness of my beloved bed. Naturally, it wasn't that easy. First the tube stood forever (at least 10 minutes) at Baker Street because the doors apparently weren't closed. Then we finally kept going to the next stop and there we were thrown out because the doors really didn't work. Then I had to wait for the next tube, feeling incerdibly sick and frustrated because the transition to the next one took ages. What made it worse was that I took the next tube because I didn't want to wait for the next Hammersmith&City line (because God only knows how long that would've taken) so I had to walk extra. Not very pleasant.
Anyway, that was my miserable voyage from school to home. Hope your day wasn't as bad. And to be honest, I had fun at school today. We took a little field trip to a nearby showroom and had our very first "press conference" where we could ask some questions about the A/W15 trends. I didn't ask any because my brain wasn't really working today. After that we had to write a news story about it and I got very good feedback of mine - and funny thing is that I only scribbled it quickly. I must be quite good at writing news then if I can do it without any brain function, haha.
I also got a pleasant e-mail telling me that I have gotten an interview for an internship in a magazine where I would really want to work. Hopefully something good will come out of it. I have sent other applications, both in England and Finland, and so far this has been the only one where I've gotten some positive news. Anyway, hoping for the best :-)
These pictures were taking about a week ago when I was walking past Tower Bridge. Then I decided to play with photoscape a bit and this is the result. Now I think it's time for me to retire. I just spent  couple hours watching the last episodes of Gossip Girl's fourth season. Always as thrilling. However, time to sleep my flu away, wouldn't you agree? Night night.

my lover's got humor, she's the giggle at a funeral
knows everybody's disapproval
i should've worshipped her sooner

Jan 22, 2015


One of my favorite elements in my current room is my inspiration wall. It started with my "Happy" poster that I made and took with me from Finland. It basically is a piece of cardboard that has my favorite lyrics and quotes, pictures of my friends and family, and in general just things that make me happy. Next to it I have started to pin some other inspirational pieces that I've collected here in London. Those include cards I got from my friends and family before my move here,  pictures that came with T Swift's new CD (that have her song lyrics), and other things I find inspirational this moment (like mystification and the beginning of the 20th century).
Yesterday evening didn't go as planned. While I was taking a break from reading a fashion magazine (hehe), I started to watch a show called Whitechapel that told about a serial killer who imitated Jack the Ripper. I usually hate those kind of shows because I get scared quite easily. I was intrigued though because since I am a current resident of Whitechapel area, I thought it could be educational. (?) The moment I finished the three part series the electricity disappeared from the whole campus. Naturally I was convinced that Jack the Ripper had something to do with it. My plan was to start reading for my essay after the series, but since the power was gone for over an hour, I decided to leave it for today. I realized that life without electricity would be incredibly difficult. We shouldn't take it for granted.
So, when the power came back, I started to watch this musical-movie called Walking On Sunshine. It was quite a terrible version of Mamma Mia!, but enjoyable still. It took place in a beach area in Italy and naturally it catalyzed my desire to travel somewhere warm and sunny to meet my true love - or to be honest, just to chill and drink fruit cocktails. So what did I do? I stayed up unitl 2:30 a.m. to check possible flights and  hotels. If I made the reservation now, I could still get it in a reasonable price... However, I must admit that waking up today and having come back from the clouds to the real world, I don't really have extra money to spare. Then again, I'm young and don't want to be too careful with my money. I need to live as well. Decisions, decisions....
the "happy" paper. the top part is still unfinished.

open your arms and pray
to the truth than you're denying
give in to the game
to the sense that you've been hiding

Jan 21, 2015


In this term I have Wednesdays and Thurdays free that are meant for working. Today I'm going to stay in bed and read all these. Magazines and The Fashion Book are for fun, but also educational and Manufacturing Consent is to what I have to base my essay. And because it's cold and rainy outside, it's a good excuse to spend the entire day inside ;-)
Last night us girls gathered to Diana's and hanged out. Some of them drank a bit, but I didn't touch alcohol. I was quite proud of myself. This makes me sound like an alcoholic, but I really decided to quit drinking. It gives me no benefit and it was proven again yesterday that I can have fun without it. I don't say that I will become a total teetotaller (love that word) for good, but let's just say that unnecessary drinking will be gone.
Also, I have to brag a bit. I haven't eaten that much sugary stuff in over a week. On Monday I did eat some cheesecake (so goooooood), but other than that I haven't eaten anything. Having been addicted to sugar and having eaten it almost everyday, I'd say this is quite an improvement.
ps. totally addicted to Olly Murs right now.

pps. i love my new pillowcase!

oh, you gotta hold on, hold on to what you're feeling
that feeling is the best thing, the best thing alright
i'm gonna place my bet on us
i know this love is heading in the same direction that's up 

Jan 17, 2015


I finally got some outfit photos yesterday when Aiste kindly took some pictures of me in our school's backyard. I was wearing my my floral morning coat and the necklace Julia gave me for my 18th birthday. A very suitable outfit for the coming spring.
Yesterday I was once again reminded why I am here studying what I'm studying. Our school arranged a talk with Anja Cronberg, the editor in chief of Vestoj magazine. I had never heard of the magazine, but after the talk I'm sure I'll start reading it regularly. The magazine's idea is to write about fashion in a critical manner, question, and not to advertise. It's fashion, but it includes the academic part. I think the magazine is exactly what fashion is missing, and that is something I would like to do in the future as well: To make people think and educate them about fashion without the aim of selling them the newest clothes.
Today my agenda is to find my way to Portobello Road market to walk around, take pictures and buy vegetables (New Year's resolution: buy more local food). After that I'll quickly visit Fashion and Textiles Museum to see the Knitwear, Chanel to Westwood exhibition (another New Year's resolution: educate myself in fashion-wise). Then I'll come home and start working and working out (more New Year's resolutions: drive myself to success and be healthy). And later, if I'm up to it, which I doubt, I'll travel more than an hour to a house party. However, I fear that a good book and my bed will take over, but never say never.

i don't ever wanna give up
all this spell you got me under
i see fireworks when we touch now
there's something about you

Jan 15, 2015


Again it's been a while since I last logged into Blogger. Quite a lot has happened since my last post. First of all, I'm in London again. I flew here five days ago and am happy to be back. The flight wasn't fun though. It was delayed by almost two hours and after that I had to carry a 24 kg suitcase up the stairs in the  London underground. Not the most enjoyably task, I can assure you. Once I arrived home I was relieved and ended up eating a frozen pizza and watch an episode of Gossip Girl. I was home again :-)
On Monday I started UNI again. Term two seems quite promising with two new units that seem rather interesting. The first one is Cultural and Historical Studies and we are going to see how culture influences fashion and study fashion's history. This course is one of the reasons why I wanted to study in this school because learning about this stuff fascinates me. For that course we only have to write a 2000 word essay which won't be too hard - I hope. The second unit is called Fashion Journalism in Context and it is going to be hard. Well, not hard, but very time-consuming. We have to write three news stories, 500 word feature about how to wear a particular piece of clothing, and two 1200 word essays - one academic one and one feature about upcoming trends. On top of that, we have to film two broadcast pieces. So I guess I'll be quite busy for the next eight weeks. This time, however, I will start working a lot earlier and I actually visited the library today to borrow some books. Now I only need to find a way to tear myself from 50SOG... Bring it on, UNI!
I was afraid that I would feel blue when I returned to London, but I haven't at all. It feels good to eat my own food and live by my own schedule. It's a lot easier to have self-control (over food e.g.) when I don't have it everywhere. Even if school already sort of stresses me out, I'm excited to start educating and challenging myself. One thing that made me sad earlier this week was to hear about One Direction cancelling their second show in Helsinki. I'm not sure if I'll ever get over that (I will, don't worry).
A couple of things have made me incredibly happy in the past few days. The first one is that my best friend went on a date and it went well (woohoo). The second is that yesterday I went to see The Theory of Everything where the, oh so charming, Eddie Redmayne performed a tremendously good performance. He, without a doubt, deserves an Oscar! The third one is that I also received a letter from my host-sister yesterday and I smiled through the whole letter while reading it. I bet the people in the tube thought it was a love letter.... And the final thing that has made me incredibly happy is that Nat and I have decided to move in together when the first year finishes! It feels good to have the secure that I have a possible flatmate. Now we only need to find a flat... That will be a long and a torturing experience, I bet.
I guess this is all I have to say for now. These photos are from my last days in Finland. Sorry again for being a terrible blogger for the past two months. I promise to get better.
you don't even have to worry
about me, about how the cards fall
i'm all that you need tonight
i would never turn your heart into broken parts
you don't have to think twice looking in my eyes

Jan 4, 2015


I have been a terrible blogger, I admit. Four posts in three weeks, shamefull. However, today Finland reminded me why it is so difficult to take pictures outside (or anywhere, really): it's so dark! Or not even dark, but gray. These photos have been taken in front of a church after Emmi and I had brunched together.
 Today most of the clothes I was wearing I didn't actually own. The coat and stockings were my mum's, socks were my dad's, and the scarf belongs to my sister. It's quite hard to dress when almost all my nice clothes are in London. I guess this is what my future life in Finland will be like - borrowing everything from everyone.

 why you do me wrong, why you do me wrong
when you wear that dress
oh my heart can't take this anymore

Jan 3, 2015


Having lived a couple months alone, I've stared to have dreams how my real flat could eventually look like. It's kind of sad that I can't really start decorating and put all my money to interior stuff, but someday I will.
I've sort of decided already what kind of elements I want my future home to have. First and foremost, it can't be white. To be honest, I hate the homes that are all white everything. I want color! Pinks, blues, orange, browns, greys.... everything except all white, really. Second of all, I need my house to look like there are people living there. I can't understand those homes that don't have magazines, pens, photographs and well, stuff lying around. It's not due to the fact that I don't really like cleaning, but not everything can be hidden in boxes or - worst - disposed. My house will have memories, such as pictures, paintings and souveniers on the walls etc.
However, the main instrument will be a massive, dark wood bookshelf. This is probably quite obvious for those who know me and my book addiction. I want the bookshelf to be the eye catcher and the key element to my home. :-)
Well, that's all for tonight. Now I'm off to bed, night babes.

all photos weheartit.com


 you don't know what it is you do to me
yeah you stole my heart
and all i have is a whole where it used to beat
and now my heart is flawed

Jan 1, 2015


It feels like yesterday when I finished last year's throwback  post. But no, believe it or not, another year has gone by. Year 2014 was a life changening one for me. So many good and unbelievable things happened and I took so many steps towards my future. I graduated high school and moved to London, I started studying my dream field and met some incredible people during the summer and at my new school. I saw all my favorite artists in their concerts and I could basically die as a content woman. I learnt new things about life, myself, fashion and writing. I also traveled a lot (London, Helsinki, Kos, Berlin, Stockholm) and made new, brilliant memories. I went through a tough time when I had the knee operation and realized that the recovery is going to be a permanent part in my life. I took risks and became more and more the person I want to be.

So thank you 2014 for being exeptional. I will never forget you.


2014 started the same way it had ended. I studied for my finals and bought fashion magazines in the hope that someday it would pay off. I had fun with new trends before jogging pants took over = library look. I found a new series, "New Girl", that I still keep coming back to.
 February started with Finnish finals where I traveled straight to Berlin with my cousin to see Taylor Swift's Red tour. It was incredible - she is such a talented woman. Ed Sheeran was also there and they performed "I See Fire" as a duet. There I also got the first e-mail that would shape my future. I remember shaking and calling to Sonja in the middle of the night. We also left high school for good and had penkkarit. My sister had her prom and I was the non-paid photographer there.
 March was such a memorable month. I studied and studied for my finals because on the 24th (I still remember) they ended, the Spanish test completing a twelwe-year process. The moment when I handed in the test, I felt an enormous baggage that was lifted away from my shoulders. I had done it and now I could do whatever life gave me! It was funny also because before that final test I already knew that I had gotten into LCF. I remember it being an ordinary Wednesday when we had a get together at Jenni's and I got an e-mail that stated that I had been accepted. I was shaking - again - and told my friends. That was the beginning of the rest of my life. I went to see Henrik Vibskov's exhibition in Helsinki and after that ate in a Spanish restaurant. I put on stripes in my hair for the first time ever.

 April was full of DIY projects and Keeping Up With Kardashian episodes. I spent the days relaxing because God knows I had earned them. However, I did do a lot of stuff. I needed to complete the IELTS test for LCF and start figuring out how my life was going to be in London. Because at the end of April I started working at Lintsi, I had to take part to trainings that took most of my weekends. Aliisa came back from Canada and my life had purpose again, haha. I had an ear infection and I hadn't had that since I was like six years old.

May's most important occasion was my graduation. I wore my new Louboutines and strutted along the platform to get my diploma and an acknowledgment for my excellent studies in biology and geography haha. My graduation party was a lot of fun, but I was beaten after that day. It was very stressful to entertain everyone, plus my feet were killing me. Those Louboutines weren't as comfortable as I had hoped. There I also announced to my relatives what my future was going to be like and thankfully they were all very supportive. Work started properly and it was fun from the first day. I had my last dance show and I was kind of sad because of it. It was good to end my dancing career to that show though because it was definitely the best one we'd ever made. I changed the look of my blog. Oh, I also completed my literature diploma because for some reason I wanted to torture myself :-D Just kidding, I enjoyed doing it and it reassured me that writing is something I really want to keep doing.
June was a very busy month. I was working a lot, but remember it being so much fun. Making new friends and having a laugh was the best. I hanged out with my friends and drove in the middle of the night. I got myself a gym memberhip and a personal trainer made me a routine. The first day of June Miley Cyrus had her Bangerz tour in Helsinki and naturally my sister, cousin and I went to see her. She had been my childhood idol so there was no way I was going to miss that. Her concert was so much fun and she really has some talent. However, I think the highlight of June (and one of the highlights of the year, too) was traveling to Stockholm to see One Direction. I still smile for the memory of it. Luckily next year I'll see them twice in Helsinki! :-) 
 July was full of social encounterings. Jaakko and I had our ginger party that was bound to be a success the moment we first talked about it. I took a lot of photographs and got two new caps. I worked a lot and grew closer with my work mates. Twice I drove alone for five hours to spend couple days at our summer house. I spent quite a lot of time at the gym and met with my friends. A good month.
 August was the time I was enjoying summer, my friends and being young and free. In the beginning of the month Aliisa and I took a week's break and flew to Kos, Greece to drink mojitos and to work on our tan. Having worked the whole summer, we really needed the relaxation. I finished a such a good book (First Last Kiss) and cried for four hours. The day we got back, I went straight to work - I guess I really enjoyed Lintsi, haha. I sort of got my heart broken the night before my notorious knee operation and didn't sleep at all the following night - leading to that I slept the whole operation through. I guess it was good :-D I remember having breakdowns feeling frustrated because my leg didn't work the way it used to.
 And then came September, the month I had longed and feared. The first days of Septmeber I spent on the couch trying to recover from the surgery. I couldn't been kept away from work that long though, because I was back behind the counter in no time. Halfway that month I quitted and had my going a way party for all my friends. That was the best night - I loved seeing all the people I love in the same room. I spent time meeting my friends for the last time in a while and started packing my life in three suitcases. The move to London came so quickly and in a blink of an eye I was at the HKI-Vantaa airport saying goodbyes to my family. Luckily my dad came there and we got my life sort of in an order before school started. I learned to live by myself and survive on my own.
 October was a month for something new. New surroundings, new routine, new school, new friends, new language, new flat... Basically everything was new. My sister visited me and we had a good time hanging out in London. I made friends with Aiste, a sweet Lithuanian girl, who we share a lot in common. I also made friends with people who didn't turn out to be the best people for my life after all. I wore blue lipstick on Halloween. Taylor Swift's new CD came out and it still is peeeerrrrfect! I saw Ed Sheeran's X tour in London and he is basically a God. I learned that everyone in London uses drugs. I was mesmerized how London varies - and how big it really is! I didn't really have that much social life because I was still adapting to everything and well, everything is so expensive. However, I was never unhappy. Even if it was raining cats and dogs, my feet were soaking wet and people were bumping to me, I would still find myself smiling just because I was living my dream. Cliché, but so very true.
 I remember being stressed out in November. Deadlines were getting closer and closer and I was really freaking out. Eventually I did manage to do everything well - I think. I hurt my knee when I fell and that put my out from gym for a while. Aliisa visited, twice actually, and with her I explored London even more. I figured out Portobello Road market and decided that I want to live in Notting Hill. I did my first video interview with Aiste. It was truly an experience with all the editing and so on. London was starting to look Christmassy when Oxford Street got its Christmas lights and countless Christmas markets emergenced out of nowhere.
 December was such a weird month. When deadlines were over in the end of November and Aliisa had left, I sort of fell into a choma. I spent days laying in my bed watching Netflix and occasionally going to the gym. I guess I really needed to zone out for a while. I watched some excellent documentaries that really changed how I feel about food and food processing. Then Sonja came and we had our little "grown up" holiday. I spent way too much money, but it was fun to pretend I had it for once :-D We went to see the last Hobbit and now our project is over. Sort of sad... Then I returned to Finland and was amazed how good it felt. Nothing had really changed and I felt good. However, now I only have a week left here and I must say I'm getting excited going back to London again. Christmas was the same as usual and New Year's was so much fun with my favorite people. I fell in love with v-necks, men's fashion, snow, bread, detective stories, One Direction (all over again) and Nick Jonas' new CD. I read a book in a day and took some time to zone out in Finland as well. I learnt what a blessing a dishwasher really is.
 my theme song for 2014

when we first dropped our bags on our apartment floors
took our broken hearts, out them in a drawer
everybody here was someone else before
and you can want who you want
boys and boys and girls and girls
welcome to london - it's been waiting for you!