Mar 31, 2015


The reason for my absence is that I took a deliberate break from blogging. I returned to Helsinki about a week ago and haven't opened my computer or pretty much used any social media until now. The biggest reason has been my insane schedule that has included meeting up with friends, exercising and trying to do some creative stuff (unfortunately not writing). I must say, however, that  being away from the internet has been quite liberating. The best kinds of friends are the ones when you don't even want to check your phone when you are in their company, and I'm glad this week has proven so.
Shall we, however, take a quick walk on the memory lane? Let's start from the time still in London. My sister indeed stayed with me for almost a week and during that time we visited the London Zoo (the best day ever) and the countless markets in London. My friend Emma also did both of our nails (pictures later) so we flew back to Finland feelind pretty and unable to open the back of our phones. On Wednesday before my departure, Natalia, Melanie and I visited the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition in V&A museum and there really isn't much to say except that that man was a genious and an artist. I think we all left the exhibition feeling very empowered and confident that we had chosen the right career.
My time in Helsinki has flown by. Like I said, my calendar has been full of get togethers with my dear friends. I've celebrated Riikka's birthday with some of our friends, Ansku and I went partying (on the courtesy of Emmi), I had a sleepover at Aliisa's, I visited Julia's new house and became friends with her dog (finally!), had  a wonderful coffee moment with Jenni and Birta, talked and got some clothes from Sara and saw both of my cousins briefly. Karo and I have also started this new excercise program and I also went to play tennis today after one year break, so needless to say that I've been aching everywhere. It's been busy as hell, but I've enjoyed every moment.
There would be more to write about, like my uncertain summer plans, stress, upcoming Barcelona trip and other cool happenings, but I want to go and read my book. Let's not ruin my almost internet-free holiday just yet.
ps. These photos have been taken like two weeks ago when it was sunny and warm in London. Why is Helsinki so cold and grey?

now i'm four five seconds from wildin'
and we got three more days 'till friday
i'm just tryna make it back home by monday morning
i swear, i wish someone would tell me - that's all i want

Mar 22, 2015


Time to go back to Paris for a little while!

Our second day started (way too soon) at 8:30, if I recall correctly, when we had breakfast at the hotel. I personally love a) breakfast b) a hotel breakfast, so there was no way I wasn't going to stuff myself with croissants etc. in the early morning. The breakfast was a typical French start of the day: croissants, pan au chocolates, baguettes and so on. I was very full after it and ready for our day.

We weren't supposed to meet the tutors until approximately noon, so my friends and I made our way to Arc de Triomph to take some tourist-y pictures. It sure is beautiful! Some of us went on top of it to see Paris, while the others (Emma and I) stayed down. We took some hilarious I'm-young-and-free-so-I-will-dance-at-Arc-de-Triomph-if-I-want-to pictures and had a laugh.

Then we walked all the way to Musee Galliera where our tutors were waiting to give us our tickets to Jeanne Lanvin exhibition. Once again, I had a very little knowledge of the particular fashion designer (for once, I thought she was a he - oops) so I was very intrigued. First, however, we had to wait a little while at this beautiful courtyard that was surrounded by the Eiffel Tower, gorgeous French buildings and bushes.

When we got in, I was surprised how big the whole exhibition was. It was very encompassing; it had so many Lanvin's designs from different decades and so much trivia that it took me about an hour to go through all the three rooms. I really wanted to improve my knowledge about her (about fashion in general) so I really took my time in there. I fell in love with her 1920s dresses - all that embroidery! That reassured me that 20s undoubetly is the best fashion era.

I think I was the last one to leave the exhibition because the minute I got out, Emma texted me saying they were waiting in front of the gate. They said they had been waiting for a good twenty minutes. Well, what can I say, I enjoyed it too much to rush it. Then we made our way to have lunch at this Turkish (or lebanese?) restaurant and I ate a bowl of hummus all by myself. It was delicious, though. After the exhibition we were free to do whatever we wanted so we decided to go see the newly built Foundation Louis Vuitton. We all agreed that it was something every fashion student shoudl visit, so we travelled across Paris to do just that.

The Foundation Louis Vuitton was situated in a beautiful place that was obviously a "posh" area. We all said that we wouldn't mind having a house all looked so glamorous! However, the Foundation itself wasn't what we had expected at all... It turned out to be a museum for modern art and my brain unfortunately is incapable of understanding it. Although I am happy we went there, I probably won't go again. To everyone who is a friend of modern art, I recommend that place!

Even if we were getting tired, we still had one thing planned for us. Emma had previously visited this café called Angelina by the Louvre that suposedly had the best pastry ever. Naturally, the rest of us had to found out if that statement was valid so we got a table and ordered ones. Mine was this hazelnut cake-thing and I must admit, it was delicious. We all could have eaten five more if it hadn't been so expensive. The pastries were closed to ten euros and Emma paid seven euros of her coke! Insane - but insanely good as well.

After that we returned back to the hotel exhausted. We had a short nap and after a bit of drama, Emmas, Wendy and I had dinner at Sacré-Coeur. We wanted to see whole Paris lit up during the night and the view was impeccable. All the five thousand trillion stairs, however, killed my mood a bit since I was wearing heels. Thank you, Wendy, for holding onto me! After the satisfying meal, we came back to the hotel, drank some wine and got ready to go out. The going out was a disaster, I spend like thirty euros on taxis and we ended up not properly going anywhere. However, it was fun to walk in Paris at night. It really has its charm.

you can see my cool blue eyeliner
while this was happening...
... this was also happening :D
getting my moves right at arc de triomph
a foot
there's a moment when you finally realize there's no way you can change the rolling tide
but i know, yes i know that i'll be fine
this time i'm ready to run, escape the city and follow the sun
'cause i wanna be yours, don't you wanna be mine?
i don't wanna get lost in the dark of the night

Mar 21, 2015


Hearing and seeing that someone is in love is such an uplifting feeling. And the point where they can't really explain how they feel, but instead start smiling - then you know it's real. Listen to Taylor Swift's (sorry for preaching) You Are In Love and you know what I'm talking about. I'm so happy for my friends who are now smiling.

That's all.


 and so it goes, you two are dancing in the snowglobe round and round
and he keeps a picture of you in his office downtown
and you understand now why they lost their minds and fought the wars
and why i've spent my whole life trying to put it in the words

Mar 19, 2015


Bonjour, monsiours and madames! (or how ever you write those) I am back from Paris and I must say that that trip was a success. It was very nice to get to know Paris, the city of love and croissants, and my fashion journalism friends a bit better. To be honest, I was shocked how well we got on the whole time! I left there in a group of four girls (Emma, Emma, Wendy and Diana) and we spent most of the time together. I don't think we had a single argument or got frustrated with each other. We all had a similar goal that we wanted to achieve and that was to eat a lot and see the city. Shopping wasn't on our list since neither of us had any money to spare other than to food. Some of our course mates did go to Valentino and Givenchy, though, and all I could do was to stare at them and be envious.
Anyway, I decided to make a little travel diary because I managed to take over 500 pictures, so I might as well not post all of them at the same time. I hope you'll enjoy this :-)


Our day started at seven when we were supposed to meet at King's Cross train station to catch the Eurostar (= the train that travels daily between Paris and London). My journey to King's Cross wasn't the smoothest one because H&C line, once again, let me down. I waited for twenty minutes on the platform, but the tube was a no-show. Eventually I ended up taking two different tubes to get there because otherwise I would have missed the train. It wasn't the most pleasent way to start the stress-free vacation, but luckily I made it in time.

I have never really traveled by train because when traveling in Finland my family uses the car, and it is almost always necessary to take a plane or a ferry to get out of Finland. So because of that, I was very excited about the train journey. The Eurostar was very comfortable - comfortable enough that Emma and I fell asleep halfway to Paris. The journey took two hours and when we arrived in sunny and beautiful Paris, we were all very hungry. We took our luggage to the hotel, got our metro tickets and head to lunch. At firste we chose a restaurant that ended up being too boring and expensive, so some of us decided to have a baguette instead. And it was a good choice because Frenchmen surely know how to bake their breads!

After that it was time for walking around. We managed to find our way to La Fayette and killed some time we made our way to Yves Saint Laurent's Foundation - a tour that was held just for us. When we arrived there, we realized how close we were to the Eiffel Tower, so naturally we had to stop and take some pictures.

The tour at YSL was incredible. I didn't personally know that much about him so the tour guide did a very good job explaining to us about Saint Laurent's history and how his work had influenced the world. First we saw the library that had all his sketches and pictures about his catwalk shows and after that we saw his study and some of his original clothes. The guide also showed us 'a making of a dress' video that was very fun to see. The tour wore most of the people out because some of the people were falling asleep there :-D I was, however, too interested to not be kept awake.

When the tour was over, we headed back to our hotel and unpacked. We took a power-nap, got ourselves ready and once again took the metro (or three of the...) to see the Eiffel Tower, only this time it would be lit and gorgeous. We ate at a proper French restaurant (I had a goat cheese salad - and fries) and when we were done eating, we walked to this sight seeing place where there were a dozen of other tourists taking pictures of the magically beautiful Eiffel Tower. Once we had taken like a hundred pictures, everyone agreed that we should return to the hotel and sleep. And that was exactly what we did.


our little hearts are quiet now
i feel the silence coming down
i hope you got what you came for