Apr 29, 2015


I've been fighting against the flu I have for a week now and I'm getting sick of it (see what I did there?). I've always found it fascinating how such small creatures can take a whole body down and really make you feel worn out. Like today, for example. I slept a solid ten hours last night, but I had to take a two hour nap because I just couldn't keep my eyes open. I want to get rid of this so I'll actually have energy to start writing. Also, my excercise project was going so well, but now it's obviously casted aside until I'm better. I'm a firm believer that no one should excercise if sick.

Today Radi and I visited Dalston because that is our group project's subject. For this term we only have one big group project that includes creating a magazine, a web page and five minutes worth of broadcast based on an area in London. Each person has to write three features and two news stories at least. Radi and I are also in charge of the broadcast pieces so we have to film them and I have to do the editing. I also have a couple other writing pieces going on so this term is going to be anything but too easy.

Nati is coming to my place tonight so we can properly catch up. I'm making tortillas because it's quick. I'm so hungry, but I still have to wait about a half an hour before she comes. I don't know if I will survive.



sä olit oikeessa, vielä juurillensa palaa vahvinkin
me istutettiin yhdessä puu, sen oksille linnut laskeutuu
mun juuret ne ovat täällä maassa syvällä
ja siitä taimesta kasvoi puu, se maailman tuulissa vahvistuu
mun juuret ne ovat täällä maassa syvällä

Apr 27, 2015


For the first time in a long time I have too much material to show you - at least picture-wise. I feel overwhelmed and I don't know what I should post first and in what order. Also, it takes a lot of time to edit pictures and then download them here so I'm a bit worried how I will find the time now that the uni starts tomorrow.... Struggels, struggles.

I took these pictures of Julia's niece when she turned one in April. She is the cutest, but unfortunately she wasn't that willing to work with me. However, I think we got a couple of decent shots so those can be framed :-)

I don't know if I've shared this before, but I have a baby fever (?) right now. Or I've actually had it for two years now so taking these photos wasn't very helpful for my condition. I most definitely wouldn't want to have a baby right now because I do want to get my degree first, earn some money, and well, find someone to have it with :p But I wouldn't mind if some of my friends had one right now so I could spoil him/her. I literally can't go to Zara's baby department without wanting to buy one of those little dresses or tiny little suits.... Can someone please reproduce now??????? IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK!?

Sorry for the breakdown.


 your little hands wrapped around my finger and it's so quiet in the world tonight
your little eyelids flutter 'cause your dreaming so i tuck you in, turn on your favorite night light
to you everything is funny, you got nothing to regret
i'd give all i have honey, if you could stay like that

Apr 26, 2015


Needless to say that the blog has been discarded from my mind for a while. Of course there were the obstacles, such as the Barcelona trip, but all in all it was good for me to zone out from the internet for a while. I think I posted only six photos in instagram while I was away from London - and that is only six photos in a whole month we're talking about. Some people post six photos a day.

I have now returned back to London. The journey wasn't fun, however, since I catched a cold a couple days before my departure and suffered with it the whole plane ride. The tube journey felt like it lasted ages, but somehow I managed to find my way to my little flat. I'm glad to be home! Somehow, though, London and the halls seems so quiet. I don't know if it has something to do with my ears being full of nasty stuff, but I feel like something has changed...  Anyway, I couldn't be happier to be back in London for the spring. I've heard that London is gorgeous during this time so I'm looking forward to experiencing it myself. I'm even starting to get excited about our group work (more about that later) and get back to studying. We are finishing with shorthand (=pikakirjoitus) this year and I didn't practice it at all during the break. I'm practically screwd.

I didn't get a feeling that I was on a holiday since everyday was packed with some kinds of social encounterings. Even Barcelona wasn't really relaxing because I had trouble sleeping and there was the typical stress to manage to see everything. Uni starts on Tuesday and I luckily have two more days to do absolutely nothing. And that is exactly what I have done today. I picked up the 70s show where I left it and enjoyed every moment.

There was an upside to this break though, because I managed to take a lot of pictures, for example in Barcelona. Also, Emmi took these ones of me a couple days ago. They aren't the best to present my new hair, my new "pure love" shirt from Zara and my new FLARES (I am absolutely in love with them and will probably do another post about them later) because it was so damn windy during our photoshoot. However, these are the best pictures to show off my perfect 70s style outfit. I think the appropriate thing for me to do now is to continue my That's 70s Show marathon. "Hanging out down the street, the same old thing we did last week......"

 and just to cheer you up....

an ode to London

ooh, i miss you, ooh, i need you
and i love you more than i did before
and if today i don't see your face
nothing's changed, no one can take your place
it gets harder everyday
say you love me more than you did before
and i'm sorry that it's this way
but i'm coming home, i'll be coming home
and if you ask me, i will stay

Apr 10, 2015


It's been an interesting week and kind of a bitter-sweet. Once again, I have trusted Swift's incredible talent to put my feelings into words and I'd like to share a quote with you (check below the song). It's been a journey for me to feel that way and I have to give myself a pat in the back, hat lift and a round of applause. I think I'm finally clean.

Here are some pictures of the already-passed Easter and some others among them. Now I'm going to do some hardcore excercise. Later, we have a cousin-night-out and we're going to see Insurgent. Fun times :-)

a picture of us in which we both look good! a miracle of sorts. the power duo :-)
new shoes that i bought from Kaapeli's fleamarket and a new vogue
easter candy
 a book that made me angry
lunch with tuomas
home made lunch with the tennis babes
 my new short hair that i love love love!

ten months sober, i must admit
just because you're clean don't mean you don't miss it
ten months older, i won't give in
now that i'm clean i'm never gonna risk it
the drought was the very worst
when the flowers that we'd grown together died of thirst
the rain came pouring down
when i was drowning that's when i could finally breathe
and by morning gone was any trace of you
i think i'm finally clean 

Apr 9, 2015


Again, apologies for my absence. Apparently I'm taking this holiday a way too seriously. Well, I'm not actually since I haven't really been relaxing at all. All the days have been filled with some kind of activity, whether it's meeting with friends or going to see Rock the Ballet with my relatives (it was good, I recommend). Needless to say, it's been a blast.

However, a tiny recap might be in order. Easter came and went and it was fun. I spent it mostly with my family. Mum was great and didn't get us too many chocolate eggs so I didn't feel like I gained fifty stones :-D We watched The Sound of Music and it really is one of my favourite movies. On Saturday my friends and I went to Jenni's open house and I loved catching up with our Hellu group. On Sunday I catched up with the Lintsi crew when we all gathered around at my place and played Monopoli (and drank sangria, nams). On Tuesday I met with Tuomas, Sonja and Linda (all individually) and Wednesday was dedicated to ballet and a lunch date with Ida and Hertta. I've also skyped to Texas and London and spent some quality time with my host-sisters via internet. It's been busy.

Today is actually my first day off. I was meant to have a sleepover with my second cousins, but since they have some sort of a tummy flu, I decided to stay away. I think I'm just going to exercise and chill for today. It feels like a privilege to be able just to hang out the whole day in my pyjamas. :-D
For the rest of the week I'm going to stay with my cousin. We are going to see the new Divergent movie and then just chill. On Saturday I have a date with Jenni and Birta - my Lintsi babes - and I guess I have to visit our summer house to put the dock in its normal place. Then on Tuesday it's time for my family and I to head to Barcelona. Luckily the weather is warm so I get to bring my summer clothing. That means - and I promise, this time for real - more pictures.

I have to say I'm very annoyed at this point. Some idiots started drilling and hammering at 8:30 today. LET PEOPLE SLEEP. I'm getting a headache, damn it. Well, I guess there was a bright side for this one as well - I finally did some blogging.

waking up beside you, i'm a loaded gun
i can't contain this anymore
i'm all yours, i've got no control, no control
powerless and i don't care it's obvious
i just can't get enough of you
the battle's now, my eyes are closed, no control