Jun 19, 2015


Again another week has passed and it's been busy and stressful. Emmi came and at least I had a nice time hanging out with here and pretending to be a tourist :-D While she was shopping and making me jealous, Nati and I were house hunting.  The following paragraph is going to be ranting so feel free to skip it.

Like some of you know, my plan is to move out of halls and my lease ends next Friday. The original plan was to find a house for us for the whole summer, but now that I'm coming to Finland for July and August at least so we have decided that the new lease could start at the end of August that would give us more options in finding a suitable house. Our budget has been raised already because it is impossible to find proper places here in London with an extremely low budget.

Okay the rant starts now. On Thursday we had two viewings in Archway that is a bit to North and in zone 2. Long story short, the first property we saw was simply perfect. It had two nice sized and looking rooms, a large kitchen and a garden - and it was in our budget! Also the location was very ideal and all in all, I fell in love with it. We considered making an offer for about ten minutes and after that realized that we are not going to be finding anything better and we really need a house. So we made an offer and everything was fine until we got to the signign the contract. We were aware that we would have to pay a three months worth of rent and a three months deposit which would be a lot of money, but still duable. Apparently it is quite common to pay six months rent, especially if you are an international student. Anyway, when we were signing, the agent says that actually the land lord wants a year's rent in advance because we don't have an UK guarantor who needs to own a house. Obviously we needed to think about it before signing because they were asking us over 15 000 pounds (=22 000 euros) and that is a huge amount of money.

So Nati and I found  a cafe and started phoning. I called my parents to ask their opinion (absolutely not) and Nati called our university's accommodation advisers and UCL's department as well (again, no way in a million years do they advice it). Basically, again cutting the long and boring story short, we had a few options. One would have been to pay to get an UK guarantor. However, my dad, as a lawyer he is, said no way in hell because it is most likely a scam and they just take our money. So that was off the table. Our second option was to contact my dad's cousin who lives here in London, but who I still haven't had a chance to meet. I was feeling rather awkward about asking her to be my guarentor because, like I said, I had never even spoken to her. I ended up calling her anyway and she turned out to be the nicest lady ever. She said immediately that she would be the guarentor and we agreed to meet after summer. Everything was perfect...

... except it wasn't. Like I said, the guarentor needs to own a house in the UK and she and her husband are renting as well. So that was that. Now in present, we had called the agency and asked if it would be possible to negotiate with the land lord to do six months and after that six months again because what he is asking is just not reasonable. We are waiting to hear from our agent, but we have also scheduled new viewings. I hate letting the place go because it just felt like the right place for us, but... I don't know, I guess we need to be realistic that it's most likely not going to happen. Let me tell you something though, HOUSE HUNTING SUCKS WHEN YOU ARE POOR.

Otherwise things are good. Less than a week for Taylor Swift's concert and exactly a week to One Direction's. I'm completely in love with Hunter Hayes' music. Mari comes here tomorrow evening and we are going to go buy the new Grey book (lol). I passed teeline 80 words a minute (did I already tell this?), but ended up not trying 90 because I just didn't have time to practice enough. I have made new contacts with PR people for clubs in Mayfair, which is great. This week I will have partied four nights in a row. I have to (start and) finish a 1500 words article for Sunday. I'm hungry and tired and my room is a mess.

Now I need to start get ready to go out dancing (again). Have a great midsummer!

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i still miss you so much
IMG_5871 IMG_5456 IMG_5903 IMG_5857

i can't give you any answer that you need
but i wanna hear everything you wanna tell me
you're not alone, i'll listen to your tears give out
you're safe and sound, i swear that i won't let you down
what's hurting you, i feel it too
i mean it when i say when you cry, i cry with you

Jun 14, 2015


Last night I got a bit carried away when I found myself perusing YouTube. Soon I noticed I was buying cds in iTunes. :-D I ended up buying Hunter Hayes's first cd. Now that Taylor Swift isn't officially considered country anymore (I actally didn't think like that after the second album, but whatever) I needed to fill my country music void and I did it with Mr. Hayes. I've been listening to the album the whole day and I'm loving it. Other purchases were Giver movie's soundtrack, music from Tori Kelly and, for some reason, Meghan Trainor's cd. I'm all about the base, apparently.
The weekend has been rather great. I started excercising and eating (sort of) healthy again. It's funny how my body loves it. It feels a lot better when I'm not eating crappy food. Somehow it forgets it during hand in week though.

Tomorrow Emmi will come hangout with me for a couple of days. :-) I still have to attend couple teeline lectures and finish one project (more about that later, hehe) and by next Sunday I should be completely free.

Now I'm going to practice a bit more teeline and then hit the bed while listening to HH. Good night!

went from ^ to this...

but i don't want good and i don't good enough
i want "can't sleep, can't breathe without you" kind of love
front porch and one more kiss
it doesn't make sense to anybody else

Jun 13, 2015


...freedom, that is!

Yesterday was my final day of year one in London College of Fashion. I just cannot begin to understand that the first year is already over. I mean, where the hell did the time go?? I'm so glad that my first year was as succesful as it was. I met some incredible people that I'm lucky to call my friends now, learnt a lot about journalism, fashion and life in general, and crossed all the obstacles - and all this in a compeltely new city (and country as a matter of fact). I'm quite proud of myself.

To say that the past week was grueling would be an understatement. I don't think a word that would describe my stress level even exists. I stayed up until 4am three nights in a row trying to finish first the magazine and second my essay. I'm not complaining though because now the magazine looks the way I wanted it to look and, like my tutors kept on telling me, now I have so much more knowledge and skills in working in a magazine. They've been telling me that I someday I will be grateful that I had...not the best group to put it nicely. And I guess I will...I guess I already am. However, yesterday I went through the magazine after we had already handed it in and I noticed a couple of mistakes we made, like typos and stuff. Well, two of our sub editors didn't notice them so maybe the tutors won't either haha.

I was supposed to go to my friend's party last night, but I was completely uncapable to do anything. After hand in Melanie, Nati, Wendy and I went to have brunch. After that Diana, Nati and I had a viewing and after that I went to work for three hours in our school's graduate fashion exhibition. I wrote two short articles for our new web page (click here to read one of them) and spent the rest of the time chatting with my tutors. When I got home, I was literally so exhausted that I didn't get out of bed before 11 a.m. next morning. :-D

In today's agenda is to do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Tomorrow I will get my life back in track, but I need to chill one more day. That includes watching movies and I don't know, don't care about anything. For the past hour I have been listening Tori Kelly's music. She is a new found of mine and I'm completely hooked!

These pictures are my sister's graduation ones (shocker). I thought that now that I survived first year of uni, these are to celebrate her survival from high school. I'm proud of her.


no more black and white
this life's too colourful, too beautiful
don't know what lies ahead but i'm ready now, it's time
gotta go, gotta get out of this town
leave my fear behind

Jun 7, 2015


I don't remember when I last wrote here, so it must be a while. Needless to say that May and the beginning of June (!!!!) have been either extremely busy or boring :-D I would say both.

The exciting things have been travelling - once again - back to Finland to celebrate my little sister's graduation, reading a very good book trilogy from start to finish (and two after that haha), experiencing a rather odd weekend in Finland, almost managing to fit into 26 jeans (woohoo!), creating Tinder and deleting it five days after, having spontaneous frozen yogort with Nati, enjoying London's sunny and warm weather (even though I've been inside most of the time, but still), celebrating Diana's and Emma's birthdays, passing teeline at 60 words per minute without practicing at all (didn't go that well with 70), and listening to Avril Lavingne's music (very nostalgic).
Not so thrilling things have been countless days either in the library or home editing all the broadcast for the group project, stressing out of my essay because - once again - I can't seem to be able to understand the subject, having meltdowns regarding finding a suitable flat where to move in three weeks (!!!!), and also still having the uncertainty whether or not I will stay the summer here in London or not.

These pictures were taken on my sister's graduation day. I was feeling quite good about myself because I haven't had the guts to wear that dress before (and I've owned it for like three years). And when I say "quite" good, I mean that I was still wearing slimming underwear haha. Not ashamed to say it though, because I need all the help I can get haha.

Well anyway. Right now I'm procrastinating because I don't want to get back to reading boring stuff. I think I'm going to head to the park, excercise, come back and then, hopefully, get back to business. After hand in is over on Friday, I promise to start posting regularly again. Bye babes!


 where are you now that i need ya?
couldn't find you anywhere
when you broke down and i didn't leave ya
i was by your side so where are you now that i need ya?