Jul 29, 2015


I have like 5000 pictures and happenings I could share with you, so I'm going to start with one of the highlights of my summer in Finland: a quite spontanious cabin trip with Jenni and Birta.

On a Wednesday couple weeks ago we drove to our summer house to relax and enjoy the tastes of summer. Food was our honourable guest and we weren't scarce with it. Mushrooms were covered in bacon and our sweet tooths were satisfied later in the evening. It makes me hungry even to think about it. And since we are Finns, the sauna was heated around ten o'clock. The lake was freezing, but I did take a dip (and managed to get those two blondes with me once) twice. Luckily the sweet and sour drinks we had made kept us warm - sort of, at least. I had absolutely the best time so thank you girls!

I need to say a word about these girls. In a very short amount of time they have become one of the closests friends I have. We met around a year ago at Lintsi and connected almost instantly. It wasn't, however, until last fall when we started hanging out more - just before my departure to London. I did thought about how our friendship was going to last while I was away - after all, it had been alive only a couple of months. But here we are, closer than ever and I would practically do anything for these girls. It just proves that friendship isn't measurable in time - a similar kind of brain and timing are the ones that matter. Long live blondes.

ps. Have you ever eaten tuna at work, then left the box you had it in for a week in your purse and then discovered it? No? Well, I don't recommend it. The smell is horrendous.


life ain't long enough
so let's celebrate and get drunk on good love
and remember what it's like to dance all night
we'll dance all night
that's the way that we're doing it, doing it
we go big or we go back home
people looking at us like we're losing it, losing it
but baby we ain't doing nothing wrong
gonna be up all night chasing the sunrise

Jul 13, 2015


Quick practicing with Photoshop before lunch with Emmi and work. These pictures are from last week when I went out with Jenni and Birta - twice.

1 2 4 5

 somebody told me fame is a disease
you start singing the blues when you start seeing the green
but i think it's all about what you choose
the way you live your life depends on you

Jul 12, 2015


The weather is so weird in Finland right now. I was freezing today at work even and I was wearing a jacket, but now I'm uncomfortably hot in my room even when the window is open. Maybe I have my menopause 30 years too early?

Today after work (that was horrible, by the way) my family and I celebrated my nameday (woopwoop) and watched Wimbledon finals and Citizen Kane later in the evening. I wanted to see that movie because it is a classic and it has something to do with my future profession. It brought up very well what kind of a massive influence media has in controlling us and inculcating - sometimes - false images to our heads.

Yesterday we met with my high school friends and it was so nice to see them. I think it was almost a year since I'd seen some of them. I was happily tipsy and dancing wildly. Jenni and I started talking about Photoshop and how I have no idea how to use it properly and she promised to lend me a book about the basics. I started exploring the program today and managed to do something - you can see the ready images below.

Lately I've spent money on music like I'm the richest person in the world - which, clearly, I am not. Just a couple of seconds ago I bought two singles from Selena Gomez (I lost all my admiration for her like two years ago because her last album was really bad, but these new singles have been surprisingly good), Bad Blood version with Kendrick Lamar, couple songs from Kasmir (thinking about Aliisa's and my trip to Hanko haha) and brand new cds from Cody Simpson (love that acoustic stuff) and Years&Years. Now I only have Tori Kelly's new cd and Hunter Hayes's second one on my list and then I won't buy new music until next year - probably.

Here are some new things that I've gotten in the past weeks. Aliisa's dress that she didn't like, a new floral headband from Topshop sales, and Downton Abbey book and board game from my family. Oh, and of course there's a plus one: my face.


i just wanna look good for you, good for you
let me show you how proud i am to be yours
leave this dress a mess on the floor and still look good for you 

Jul 10, 2015


The busiest week of my life culminated to One Direction's On The Road Again concert here in Helsinki. It was about time for the boys to arrive here so we got to show them how damn awesome Finnish people actually are, haha.

We were extremly lucky weather-wise. It was pouring rain in the morning, but somehow it cleared closer we came to the show. It was actually hot when we were waiting; sun was shining and I burnt my cleavage a bit. Of course it had to be the time when I hadn't put on sun lotion...

Anyways, the boys came half an hour late and they were beyond perfect. They sang all my favourite songs and I think the concert surprises (flower sea during Night Changes and "I've loved you since I was..." signs during 18) worked out quite nicely. I think we were somewhere in the tenth row and we saw them quite close. It was such a different experience because in Stockholm we were miles away - or at least it felt like it. It is such a weird and tingling feeling to see them so close. I mean, I watch interviews and see them in their videos, but to see them that close... It's almost surreal.

The concert was everything I hoped for, but if I had to critisize, I would say that the set list and especially the effects were too similar to the previous tour. Obviously they had such a short time to prepare for this tour, having basically just finished the previous one before starting the new one, but I think some changes could have been done. It didn't really bother me, except when the encores were the exact same ones as last tour... I think they should have a year off touring and develop their music and come up with a completely new setting for their stage etc.

However, the atmosphere was completely different than it was in Stockholm. Naturally the seats had something to do with it, but the boys' behaviour was more free, funnier, and sillier than it was last time. They were goofing around more and actually communicating with the crowd. I can't say if they did that in Stockholm as well, but this time I felt it more strongly. As some of you may know, Zayn left 1D earlier this year. I was quite anxious to see how they would perform without him. After all, he had the best voice in the group and somehow he did complete the group. To be honest though, the mood was lighter than it was with him and to that I am glad. The boys proved that they are more powerful than ever and still so thankful for what the fans have done for them. I'm sure Zayn will always have a special place in our hearts, but we will survive without him. Like the title says, all is forgiven and my love is still so very strong.

 pics: my cousins, Sonja and Iida. Taken on a phone so the quality is what it is.

IMG_20150627_235518-tile IMG-20150608-WA0005-tile

oh i would carry you over fire and water for your love
and i will hold you closer, hope your heart is strong enough
when the night is coming down on you
we will find our way through the dark

Jul 7, 2015


The whole point of Mari and I going to Manchester was to see Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour because the London one was on the same day as the One Direction one and we had already bought the tickets for that. It worked out well though and now we can add another city to our list where we’ve seen her. So far I have Dallas, Berlin and Manchester on mine!

Anyway, as you might expect me to say, the concert was phenomenal. She started on time and played for two hours and 15 minutes – quite a long time for artists these days. There was never a dull moment (not surprising though) and she really gave us an energetic show. We didn’t have camera with us so we mainly enjoyed the concert wholeheartedly, but managed to take a few photos on our phones. I have put the set list here and given a description of each track so anti-Taylor fans might want to stop reading now.

Welcome To New York – I knew that the concert would start with this one because moving to New York has been such a big step for her. It’s never been my favourite track, but then again I can relate to it having moved to a new city myself as well. It was an energetic start.
“It’s a new soundtrack, I could dance to this beat forevermore, The lights are so bright, But they never blind me.”
New Romantics – I’ve never really gotten how good the lyrics are before this. This is absolutely a track that everyone should listen for its message. Another good performance that really made people dance.
“Heartbreak is the national anthem, We sing it proudly, We are too busy dancing, To get knocked off our feet, Baby we're the new romantics,The best people in life are free.
Blank Space – If the atmosphere wasn’t A+ already, this is what made the crowd explode. The performance was the similar she had at the Brits so playing with shadows and cool dancing. Before the “Boys only want love if it’s torture” part she told us that she only has one thing to teach us and then she repeated that sentence like ten times. It was very effective and I think we all know now that boys only want love if it’s torture. :-D
“Oh my God, Who is she?, I get drunk on jealousy, But you’ll come back each time you leave, ‘Cause darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream.”
I Knew You Were Trouble – One of the few old songs she sang. And boy, it was one of the best performances of the whole night. She started it by sitting on the stage and singing the chorus really deep and slow. It was honestly mesmerizing. When the song started properly, all the bass and all that dubstep kind of style was taken off and changed to more rock’n’roll. I was screaming TROUBLE from the top of my lungs and well, like I said, it was one of the best performances of the whole night.
“I guess you didn’t care, And I guess I liked that, And when I fell hard, You took a step back without me, without me, without me.”
I Wish You Would – Her intro for this one was how she is such a boring person and watches a lot of romantic movies, such as Breakfast at Tiffanies. I could really relate to that one. She explained how in every movie there comes the moment when everything falls apart and you feel like there is no way the couple can end up together. And then she decided to write a song about it.
“I wish you would come back, Wish I’d never hung up the phone like I did, I wish you knew that I’ll never forget as long as I live, And I wish you were right here right now.”
How You Get The Girl – This song is my ring tone so when I heard the first chords, I started looking for my phone :-D Anyway, this performance was so funny. For the effects she had rain and umbrellas because in the song rain is an important part. Somehow the whole setting reminded me of a movie “Singing in the Rain”. I don’t know if that was her inspiration. She was wearing a cute, sort of Oscar De La Renta styled dress that was lit up when the song finished and the lights were shut. It looked cool when we could just see the outlines of her dress.
“You stand there like a ghost shaking from the rain, She’ll open up the door and say ‘Are you insane?’, Say it’s been a long six months, But you were too afraid to tell her what you want.”

I Know Places – A funny performance where the dancers pretended to be faceless monsters. It is kind of a haunting melody, but then the chorus really makes you scream with… I don’t know… passion? Whatever it was, I loved it. 
“You stand with your hand on my waistline, It’s a scene that we’re out here in plain sight, We can hear them whisper as we pass by, It’s a bad sign.”
All You Had To Do Was Stay – Before this song Taylor held a speech about how she stalks her fans on social media and how she listens to our problems and wishes that no one would have to go through a heartbreak. Another great one for dancing.
“People like you always want back the love they pushed aside, But people like me are gone forever when you say goodbye.”
You Are In Love – Funnily enough, this was the best performance of the whole show. She sang at the end of the stage that was lifted up. We all had gotten a bracelet before the show and during that song they all were lit light blue. It was breath-taking and I am not exaggerating at all. She made us sing along with the chorus, but otherwise we just listened to her singing. I guess the reason why it was my favourite song was that in the part “And why I’ve spent my whole life trying to put it [love] into words” the crowd cried for five minutes straight. Every time she tried to continue, we just kept on screaming. It was a magical moment. All of us swifties were joined together and we showed our respect to her and thanked her for really trying to put love into words and giving us songs that are so relatable and honest. This sounds like I’ve been brainwashed by some cult and that Taylor is my God, but then again, I guess that’s somehow true.
“For once you let go of your fears and your ghosts, One step, Not much, But it said enough.”
Clean – I was hoping she would sing this as it is my favourite song from the newest album and a very important one to me. Her intro speech for Clean was such a good one and once again it made me respect her even more. She talked about self-esteem and how none of us is perfect, but we need to be the best we can be. Making mistakes and learning from them is what makes us who we are and we shouldn’t be afraid if we get a bit lost or haven’t found our way yet.  The speech was very stopping and it made me feel stronger. I might have teared up a bit during that song as well…
“The rain came pouring down, When I was drowning that’s when I could finally breathe, And by morning gone was any trace of you, I think I am finally clean.”
Love Story – Love Story is one of Taylor’s oldest songs and the first one that made her recognised with other radio stations than country. I guess you could call this song a classic. With her new style, she had already made changes for this performance. She was playing an electronic piano and had backup singers singing this haunting “o-oh” sound. It was quite impeccable. The message was still clear though – love stories exist.
“Romeo save me, They’re trying to tell me how to feel, This love is difficult, But it’s real, Don’t be afraid we’ll make it out of this mess.”
Style – Style is my second favourite song of the album so naturally I was stoked when she started playing it. The rest of the crowd was as well, just saying. However, since this is one of her singles, I was expecting the performance be… bigger might be the right word. I felt it could have had more effects – like fireworks! Those would have been cool. But then again, she never goes out of style and I guess that would have been tacky.
“I said ‘I heard that you’ve been out and about with some other girl, some other girl’, He said ‘What you’ve heard is true, but I can’t stop thinking about you and I’, I say ‘I’ve been there too a few times’.”

This Love – For this song she had four women from a choir in Manchester joined in. Almost every time she has at least one of her celebrity friends making an appearance, but for this one she had these ladies and no one else. I was a bit disappointed because I was expecting to see someone super famous, haha. I don’t think it was fair in a way that the same Saturday in London she had Cara Delavingne, Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss and like five other people come up to the stage. I know, whine whine blaa blaa. The choir was really good though and it gave the song a bit gospel feeling.
“This love left a permanent mark, This love is glowing in the dark, These hands had to let it go free, And this love came back to me.”
Bad Blood – Bad Blood has never been my favourite track, but I do understand what the attraction to it is. To be honest, I got a bit annoyed with it when the video came out because the promo took literally forever. I almost protested and didn’t watch it the first day – but then I obviously did. I predicted that it would be a great song for the tour and I was right. She was on fire and putting all her anger to the song and that’s what I ended up doing as well. I was fist pumping, screaming and cursing all the wannabe friends from my past. She was so cute as well because she couldn’t hold her laughter at one point when one of the dancers did something ridiculous. She is so genuine!
“Did you have to do this, I was thinking that you could be trusted, Did you have ruin what was shining, Now it’s all rusted.”
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Every artist that wants to stay on top of the game has to evolve and change her style every now and then. This is exactly what Taylor did and she included the change to her old songs as well (as mentioned earlier). This song had had to face the new as well. The pop version was cast away and the rock’n’roll guitars were thrown in. It definitely wasn’t bad, but I’m not sure if it worked out as well as in Trouble for example.
“We called it off again last night but uuuuh, This time I’m telling you, I’m telling you, We are never ever ever getting back together.”
Wildest Dreams – Taylor, Taylor, Taylor…. You never seize to amaze me. For each tour she has one song that she sings while playing the piano and wearing a long gorgeous dress. For the Red tour it was All Too Well that just happens to be my favourite Swift song ever and for 1989 it was Wildest Dreams. It would have been nice performance as it was, but she managed to make it unforgettable – for me at least. She had added parts from her song Enchanted to it and that happens to be one of my top 5 Swift songs. Interestingly, I had thought about that song just a couple of days earlier and then she managed to utterly shock me with that combination. It’s like she can read my mind :-D I was speechless for a couple of seconds… but then I found my voice and sang like I had never sung before.
“I said no one has to know what we do, His hands are in my hair, His clothes are in my room, And his voice is a familiar sound – nothing lasts forever.”
Out Of The Woods – I was quite surprised that this song was chosen to be the last song before the encore. I mean, it is an energetic and kind of haunting song, but still I didn’t expect it to be the chosen one. She was wearing this glitter jumpsuit and reminded me a bit of what Britney was wearing in her Toxic music video. I did love the song and she sang my favourite part twice, which was great.
“Remember when we couldn’t take the heat, I walked out and said ‘I’m setting you free’, The monsters turned out to be just trees, When the sun came out you were looking at me.”
Shake It Off – It was evident that this was going to be the last song she performed. And it was good. We all shook off as much as we could and I was jumping and screaming and dancing a bit more. Even if the song is maybe a bit too pop for my taste (or my taste in her music), I do like the message it has – just forget all the shit and focus on yourself. Remember to SHAKE IT OFF. When she left the stage, her backup singers stayed and sang the chorus a couple more times. I guess we hadn’t shaken off enough, haha.
“I’m lightning on my feet, But that’s what they don’t see, I’m dancing on my own, I make the moves up as I go, But that’s what they don’t know.”
So my favourite performances ended up being You Are In Love and I Knew You Were Trouble (these were not surprising) in addition to Wildest Dreams and Bad Blood (these were surprising). The concert was beyond perfect and I am so grateful and glad that I was able to go. Once again, thank you, Taylor.

ps. Buy 1989 so you know what I'm talking about.

Jul 6, 2015


I guess at one o'clock it is okay to start blogging even if I have work tomorrow at 11... Well, that's life, isn't it?

In the previous post I talked about living. Lately I've tried not to take even the smallest things for granted and enjoy the little things. Here is a 'tiny' list about what has me made me feel alive recently:

sunsets, silence, falling asleep immediately, walking alone at 3 pm from a club and looking at sunrise, finding a gorgeous red suede jacket from my mother's closet, silky legs and shorts, sand between my toes, listening to music and sunbathing, long talks with Julia, finally finding the Elle magazine where T Swift is on the cover, walking around in flip-flops, reading One Direction's autobiography, planning ginger parties and cottage breaks with my friends, working hard and knowing that the pay check will look great, eating a ton of strawberries, spending time with both of my grandparents, talking - not so fluent - Spanish with Nati, and knowing that I'm safe and that life is perfect right now.

Also, surprisingly, blogging.

p.s. These are pictures of my quick get-away trip to my, oh so dear, summer cottage.


we can change the outcome if we join in, reach out a hand
all it takes is someone stepping forward and making a stand
you and i is where it starts
you and i can be a part
feed a soul, fill a heart

Jul 3, 2015


Huhuu? Is anyone there anymore? I wouldn't be surprised if I was talking to walls here right now. I don't know what it tells us that every post nowadays starts with a sentence "I'm sorry I haven't blogged, but it's because *excuse here*."

The truth is, I love my blog. It has been a huge part of my life for the past five years and this is actually the 500th post so far. Half millennium! I can't believe it. I love how I can write freely about my feelings and share how I'm doing where ever I happen to be. I love that I have an excuse to try wild and not-so-wild styles in account of this blog and do occasional amateur modelling (I've come to a conclusion that if I was 20cm taller and 20kgs skinnier I would be a model, haha).

However, as you all have noticed, my dear blog hasn't been my constant companion in the last few months - or even in the past year. I guess I've been too busy living. I've grown from the "I brought my camera, let's take lots of pictures" age and now when I spend time with my friends I want to enjoy myself. There are a lot of days when I think my outfit would be worth sharing, but I've left my camera home or I'm too busy or just having fun that soon I notice that the sun has gone down and the pictures would turn out bad.

I guess a big/small/medium part has to do with the impact of social media. And I'm not talking about that you should follow my instagram or anything so you could stay with my 247. I don't even want that. Instagram is for the random snapchats of my life, Twitter is for my fangirl-self and I guess Absolutely Enchanted falls somewhere between. I want to keep them all separate. Also, I think that these days people post too many photos and status updates when they are hanging out with their friends. I try to avoid doing that because I see it as very rude behaviour. In addition, I don't want to add another pressure of taking professional-ish photos for my blog. I just want to enjoy the moment.

But how am I doing then? To be honest, life is pretty damn great right now. Nati and I managed to move to our dream place in London (more about that later), I saw Taylor Swift in Manchester and One Direction in Helsinki (more about those later as well) and all in a timeline of one week, I got fantastic grades for the last term and I got a one month internship for Drapers magazine starting 31st of August. Now I'm spending two months in Finland and enjoying the summer and my best friends' company - and working at Lintsi, but I won't let that ruin my mood. Just kidding, Lintsi is the best. Anyway, life is fabolous at the moment and I hope that it stays like this. I wouldn't mind that at all.


 take me down until your paradise
don't be scared 'cause i'm your body type
just something that we wanna try
'cause you and i, we're cool for the summer