Oct 30, 2015


The other day I did some shopping... It was an accident I swear! Well not really, I had been wanting these products for so long so I think it was the right time to get myself something nice for a change. I realised I hadn't bought anything for myself in a long time (according to my standards) so, inspired by my new hobby, I bought makeup.

I walked to Kiko Milano because Emmi had suggested that brand when she was visiting. I put my faith - and money - there and so far it looks like I did the right choice. Anyway, I ended up buying a black and an electric blue liquid eyeliner, a classic red nail polish, and a primer and an eye makeup base. I know you're thinking 'AN ELECTRIC BLUE EYELINER?? WHEN ARE YOU EVER GOING TO USE THAT?!?' but I can assure you that all these purchases are well-thought. That nail polish and the black eyeliner are necessities and I had run out of both of them. Also, since I am practicing making the perfect base, the primer is a corner stone for that. In addition, the eye makeup base is something I had wanted since I was like 15, but never had the balls to buy it until now. And what comes to the electric blue eyeliner... Ever since February it has been on my lust list because I saw a girl wearing it and thought she looked absolutely fabulous. I've already worn it and I think it really brightens up my everyday makeup.

So yeah, this is my confession. Am I forgiven now?


say you'll remember me standing in a nice dress
staring at the sunset babe
red lips and rosy cheeks
say you'll see me again even if it's just in your wildest dreams

Oct 25, 2015


Sometimes you’ve got to zone out and let yourself breathe.

Today it meant sleeping an hour longer than I should have, taking an afternoon stroll under the burning trees, and watching a show on a cold kitchen floor while eating peanut butter straight from the jar.

Some call it lame, I call it life.


I don't have words for today.

black and white, hotel, and one direction image
all photos weheartit.com

take a piece of my heart and make it all your own
so when we are apart you'll never be alone

Oct 20, 2015


I've always considered myself quite capable when it comes to makeup. To be fair, my first attempts putting on mascara were already when I was 11 years old so one would imagine everything would come naturally by now. I've also been rather fearless when it comes to makeup, meaning that I'm not afraid putting on blue eyeliner or bright red lipstick when some people panic just the thought of it.

However, I've noticed recently that I'm still a rookie when it comes to some areas in makeup. Like I said in the last post, creating the base is one of my weaknesses. It stems from traumas I've got from the early stages of my makeup experiences. I started using foundation right in the beginning even though there was no need. I think I was 14 when I quit doing that and moved to powder thinking it was better for the skin. I guess by the time I was 18, I had quit doing that as well and decided bare, natural skin was the best look. I guess I'd seen too many people who just can't apply foundation and look extremely stupid with their all-done face. I can tell it's fake and so can the rest of the people.

I have to admit though that my interest in primer and foundation etc has sparked again when Jenni did my makeup for our night out. It was amazing how she could change the complete look with just a few simple products (to be honest though, there were at least five products being used on my face and, in my opinion, that is a lot). That made me really consider buying a good bronzer and this weird illuminator thing she used on my cheeks. I have some products that I've gotten when I was like 15, but somehow I doubt they work anymore. I feel like it may be a time for me to pop into a makeup store...

Anyway, I got a bit side tracked with the foundation part. I was meaning to talk about eye shadow. Like I said, I've never been afraid of it and I use it almost daily. However, I opt for neutral tones, with a hint of shimmer, to bring some life into my eyes. I've always wanted to know though how to do those perfect smoky eyes, but haven't really had the time or energy to practice. I remember buying a smoky eye pen from umm.. Loreal (?) and thought I'd become ace at using it. I didn't though, because I had no idea how to even begin. Now I've gotten new motivation to start practicing because the other thing I got from InStyle when I finished was an Urban Decay's Naked eye shadow palette that literally includes all the right colours for smoky eyes. So a couple nights ago I was listening to music at midnight and started playing with it. Below you can see the result. Obviously I still need to practice, but I was quite happy how they turned out.

Makeup is supposed to be fun so don't be afraid to use it. An edgy shade on your lips can save your whole outfit and electric blue eyeliner can be a conversation starter. Go and be adventurous.


look at me now, i'm falling
look at me now, still stuttering
this cloud amor keeps shaking, oh, oh, oh, now
all i wanna be yeah all i wanna be yeah is somebody to you

Oct 19, 2015


I've mentioned now a couple of time how Jenni and Birta, my friends whom I met at Lintsi a year ago, visited me in London from last Thursday to Tuesday. It was so funny because we kind of joked that they should come here and all the sudden they were standing in front of me at the tube station. It just proves how so many dreams can be made into reality if one actually makes them happen. Note to self.

Before things get too deep, I'm going to do a quick run through what we did. For the first two days I was at school and finishing my internship at InStyle so the girls mainly shopped. We ate at Chinatown and posh Bayswater area. On Saturday though we had a 'Perfect London Tour' accompanied by Nora the Tour Guy. First we stopped at Big Ben and such to take the necessary selfies with Ben. Then we headed to Portobello Road market because in my opinion it is still the best, and unfortunately most crowded, market in London. We enjoyed lunch there and just walked around. For dessert we had Belgian waffles and those were delicious. Then we headed back to my place to get ready for our evening because...

... we had gotten to the guest list of Cirque le Soir club in Mayfair. I had wanted to get in there for so long and now we did. Of course the club had crazy requirements how we needed to look, so we all put on our little black dresses and a ton of red lipstick. Jenni pretended to be a makeup artist and she performed magic tricks and gave me cheekbones! I have to say that we all looked so good. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures on my camera, but luckily I took a few of the morning after - or the food, to be precise :p

The club itself was really cool even though it was really expensive. We danced a lot because the music was quite good. There were all sorts of things - like a real snake! - at the club that we would never see in Finland. At 1 am the 'performance' started. It was basically women dancing and eating fire and doing other circus stuff. Again, it was something I had never seen and we were partying like no other. I had a great night and I'm so glad we were able to experience that.

However, the next morning wasn't as pleasant. We were all very tired, but decided to take a long walk to Hampstead Heath and Hampstead in general. I'm so glad we did that though because the weather was perfect and we ended up having huge pieces of carrot cake at our destination. Then we targeted Brick Lane and its food and had a proper hangover meal there. Once we had walked around Shoreditch for a few hours, we headed home and had a great movie night with candy and all that jazz. We ended up listening to boy bands, Finnish music and the golden oldies until 1 am. All in all, it was perfect.

Next morning it was time for me to go to school again and the girls headed to Madame Tussauds. I only stayed for a half day because I wanted to have afternoon tea at Sketch with the girls. We had a posh moment there and for the evening we once again put on our high heels and headed to Soho this time to eat tapas and drink peanut coladas (so piña coladas, but with peanut butter!). That was an excellent way to finish their little trip.

I think I've mentioned this before, but it really is quite funny how in such a short time we have become so close. I can tell everything to them and I hope they can do the same to me. We didn't have any drama and everything run so smoothly. We started planning our next trip (to Iceland and Nice!) and I seriously can't wait to travel with these two beautiful ladies again. Thanks for entertaining me, you are the best!


i used to hold my freak back, now i'm letting go
i make my own choice, yeah i run this show
so leave the lights on
no, you can't make me behave

Oct 18, 2015


This week I'm going to tackle trends, and to be more specific, next season's - so spring/summer16 - trends.

I've gone through almost every single catwalk from the just ended fashion weeks and gathered here my favourite looks. Let me just say that my ass is paralysed and my eyes can't see straight anymore because it took so many hours to finish this. I hope it fulfils its purpose, which is to enlighten you, my dear reader, what to start wearing next February.
barely there indesign
Christopher Kane, Kristian Aadnevik, Saint Laurent, Valentino, Topshop Unique, Simone Rocha, Calvin Klein, Saint Laurent

My favourite trend for next season is without a doubt the barely there dresses, especially combined with huge jackets, like Hedi Slimane did at Saint Laurent. There is just something incredibly sexy and feminine in these tiny dresses and when they are completed with a giant fur and wellies, the look suddenly becomes more badass than anything. The daring ones can wear Simone Rocha's navy see-through dress, but there are also options for those who don't want to risk a nip slip, like suggested at Topshop Unique.
ruffles indesign

Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Roberto Cavalli, Roberto Cavalli, Salvatore Ferragamo, Proenza Schouler

A new trend for the season is ruffles in bottoms, tops, and everywhere you can add them. Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen created a ruffle dream dress whereas Peter Dundan at Roberto Cavalli interestingly combined a basic t-shirt with a glorious ruffle skirt. For a summer night at the town try leather trousers and a ruffled crop top or try mixing white trousers with a same coloured skirt - ruffed, of course.
all white indesign

Céline, Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Chanel, Elie Saab, Alexander McQueen

White is definitely the colour for next season. A lot of the designers included all white combinations to their collections, Balenciaga actually having a completely white show. The secret to make this look interesting is to add layers (Dior), add different textures (Elie Saab) or spice it up with cool accessories (Alexander McQueen). White is anything but boring because it will keep you on your toes. You'll never have a dull dinner again when you watch out for those organic pesto stains.

all those colours indesign

Dolce&Gabbana, Chloé, Vetement, Kenzo, Naeem Khan

Even if white is the main colour for next season, many designers opted for colour as well. Italian duo Dolce and Gabbana and Indian-American Naeem Khan delighted with their colourful prints that reflected their heritage. Chloé's and Kenzo's flowier than flowy dresses are perfect for a stroll on the beach boulevard. Vetement offered an option for those who need some colour but don't want buckets of it: a bright orange shirt with muted coloured trousers. Sometimes simple does it better.
others indesign
Michael Kors, Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Christopher Kane, Balmain

These are the looks that I couldn't really place, but felt like they needed some acknowledgement as well. Valentino duo Piccioli and Chiuri really killed it with their African inspired dress. The hair collar is genious. Also, suede is still going strong in Balmain, which I, personally, am delighted. Strings were added to Christopher Kain's dresses and florals with a twist were main focus on some of Michael Kors' and Alexander McQueen's looks.

I hope this sheds a light for what to expect in a six month's time. I will start hunting for a barely there dress and a ruffle skirt, preferably in white. Although, maybe I should enjoy the fall first, since it appears to finally have arrived... Luckily I can save those wellies of mine to spring as well!

Oct 17, 2015


Apologies for a slight disappearing again, but the days have been quite hectic lately. Like I said, Jenni and Birta visited me almost a week ago now and we had a lovely five days together. I will do a separate post about that so I won't reveal too much now.

Other than that, I've tried to get my head around school work and internship applications, but that hasn't really worked. I've come up with a subject for my investigative piece - I'm going to talk about spanx again, haha - but I haven't managed to send any emails regarding that just yet. Also sending the internship applications is such a time-consuming struggle and I don't want to go through it. I've succeeded to send two to Finland and make all my example texts look pretty so I guess I'm heading somewhere. Baby steps, right?

The second year of uni hasn't started excellently, I could say. I don't know what's wrong, but I don't have any motivation. Or no, I won't even say that, it's more like I don't understand how I managed to do everything last year because now sending emails feels insurmountable. To be fair, our tutors said that the second year is the hardest and not necessarily because the tasks are harder but because many students lack that golden motivation. Apparently I'm in the majority now. I know I have to get over this so I'm trying to tell myself that I only have this term and after that we are 'just interning'.

Talking about internships, I still haven't told you how my last day at InStyle went. To sum it up, it went great :-D I was busy from the second I sat down - it was like all the work was left for the last day. I had to help the features desk as well because practically all of them were under a flu or something. What made me laugh the most was that during my six weeks of interning, I hadn't had to bring any coffee - until the last day of course. They had a blogger coming in and they asked me to run to Starbucks to get them coffee. Obviously I didn't mind at all and it made me laugh more than anything. In addition, 15 minutes before my departure, my boss let me choose something from the beauty cupboard as a thank you present! It was literally like I was a kid in a candy store! Which brings me to the title, I chose a face mask from Chanel (and something else as well, pictures later). Even though it's not necessarily the exact Chanel product I aspire to have, but hey, we all got to start somewhere.

All in all I'm so glad I got to experience two completely different magazines and learn how they work. I feel more confident now and hope that they pay off as I start properly hunt for an internship for the second term.

Other than that, I have been busy chilling. I've listened to some music, watched movies and read magazines. I also attended Photoshop core skill lessons so now I should know how to use it like a pro (I don't, but I did learn something). I've also tried to get tickets to see Years&Years because I have absolutely fallen in love with that band. Yesterday Tori Kelly performed in Camden, but even though I tried hard, I couldn't get a ticket to see her. I was bummed so if God or whoever is merciful, he will let me go to see Years&Years, am I right?

For this Saturday I still have a few blogging projects I need to do and after that I'm going to hit the bed and watch music videos. Night babes!


if i didn't have you there would be nothing left
the shell of a man who couldn't be his best
if i didn't have you i'd never see the sun
you taught me how to be someone

Oct 6, 2015


School started yesterday and I can already say this first term is going to be extremely busy and challenging. We have two academic essays and three to four features to write and one video to shoot. It doesn't sound like much, but I know that the tutors are going to expect a lot more from us. I would also like to challenge myself and step away from my comfort zone. We'll see how that turns out.

I'm trying not to stress too much about school - yet at least. There are other things occupying my mind now, namely I should start sending my internship applications, actually finish my internship at InStyle, start studying Spanish and go over teeline. A lot to do. My goal is to stop watching stupid tv shows (just kidding, I love you all) and really concentrate this time. After all, we only have this term and then we have the internship so it's like a holiday. Well no, but at least we don't have essays to write.

Last week two of my acquaintances from Texas got married. They were high school sweethearts and I guess everyone kind of expected them to marry at some point. I've seen all the photos and their wedding video (because they shared it with everyone) and looking at those... wow, it makes me tear up. It's visible that they love each other very much and I actually started to cry when the guy started to cry when he saw her walking down the aisle. That's the way it should go! I laughed out loud when I texted with Judith and she said she had done the same. I know it's very common that these 'teenage marriages' won't last, and to be honest I do have my own doubts as well, but somehow I have a feeling that these two will go all the way. I think the song below should be a theme song for everyone who's ever getting married. If you don't feel that way when you're putting that white dress on (or a tux, whatever), I think you should do a bit of thinking.  

Jenni and Birta will come visit me on Thursday. I'm so excited! It's a bit sad that I have the internship until Friday, but luckily they don't leave until Tuesday so we have a lot of time to hangout :-) Now bed time to me!


you would think for all the days i've known you that i would have you memorised by now
with every question answered, every single page turned
but you just keep me on the edge somehow
and every day with you is still a mystery
the sweetest stories falling from your lips
and i hold on to every word like it's the first one that i've heard
it's the only time i've ever heard like this
after all this time you'd think i'd be
used to the pull of your gravity

Oct 4, 2015


On Saturday I thought about things during my walk to Hampstead Heath.

I saw dogs. They barked and they jumped. Around and around they went. They were big and small, white and black, brown and mixed, with dots and without them. They were playing, barking, and again playing. Their tails went from side to side, faster and slower. There were at least seven of them and they were happy. Happy to be alive, happy for it being a sunny Saturday, happy for each other. They were just being dogs. So I thought, dogs are animals and humans are animals so we are the same. Then why aren’t we having the time of our lives and enjoying as simple things as tennis balls? Why didn’t we let go of our inhibitions, stress and prejudice more frequently?

Yellowish green was the only visible colour. The ground was painted and tainted with that. It made everything living drown in it and everything else was lost in it. Almost at the top of the hill there was a village made of thistles. Anywhere else they would have been the colour of lavender, but there they weren’t strong enough so they had turned to grey. The village went on and on for a while until, only if you looked closely, you could see two different flowers among them. They were bright red and beautiful. They were close each other and their heads were facing the ground. It was like they were hiding from the colourlessness and the world around them. They would have succeeded if I had just kept walking straight, ignoring everything. I bet that’s what it felt to be in love, especially if the love was somehow forbidden or a secret. Getting frustrated to the similarity and normality of everyone and having no one to confide in beside your partner. You fight against the faceless creatures and you can’t give up because you both have something in common: you burn bright red. People might pay attention to you and notice, or they might not. It doesn’t change the fact that it is just the two of you – burning and ruling. Is that how love feels like? I couldn’t say.

I took a side road and ended up in the middle of a forest. I was there alone. The sun wouldn’t shine through the leaves, but it was, however, beautiful. All the old trees twisted and turned and showed me what a long and difficult life they had lived. They were strong even if they didn’t grow straight. After a while of wondering, I started to get anxious. The darkness was surrounding me and I could hear the other people laughing and talking on the road just metres away from me. The roads that led out of the forest were narrow, squirmy and barely visible. When I had almost managed my way out, the raspberry bushes tried to stop me with their thorns. They wanted me to stay, but I broke free. Back in the light I realised that getting out of the darkness is tough. Being engrossed with it can feel good and you might even experience it as a beautiful escape, but, truthfully, you are completely alone. The way out might seem impossible to find, but it is there. You just have to keep walking towards the light, through the thorns and other obstacles.

I found my way out of the park and towards Hampstead. I had no idea where I was so I kept taking the road that had the nicest name. I wandered and wandered until I came to a roundabout that separated five different roads from each other. It was paved with cobble stones and everywhere was quiet. The roundabout took me to five different countries all at once. The place itself took me to the tiny streets in Italy and the pottery shop I could see in front of me was something I could have found in Paris somewhere. The handmade clay pots fit perfectly to the romantic atmosphere Paris is known for. The road I had come from held the typical English pub scenery and I was moving towards a new road that I couldn’t quite grasp what it reminded me of. However, the quietness around the roundabout took me immediately back to Finland. Nowhere in London had I yet experienced that type of serenity that can be found almost everywhere in Finland, even in Helsinki. I stood there for a while and took it all in. Then I kept walking towards the new road, towards a new place I could conquer.

I noticed I kept looking sideways when I was walking and sometimes I even looked over my shoulder to see the kind of view I had left behind. I realised that I do that quite often when I’m walking. This time I admired the houses on the both sides of the road, the flowers that crawled up their walls, and the lack and amount of work it had required to make them look perfectly undone. I kept dreaming about being able to buy my own house and settling down in a place like that. I dreamt about getting a great career and being successful. Then I got a sudden urge to quit everything and buy myself a one-way ticket to somewhere where the sun is the time teller and the only pressure comes from the waves that take you and your surfboard closer to the shore.

While I was walking uphill where the trees hid the houses and looking back didn’t feel appealing to me, the only interesting way to look was straight ahead. I realised it then that I do the same thing in life as well. I get side-tracked with so many other things that aren’t necessarily beneficial or helpful for my life – TV and books are examples of this. I also keep turning back and making the same mistakes again, falling for the same people over and over, unable to let go. I dwell and I overanalyse. I’m afraid I might not be able to or it will take me ages to reach those dreams if I don’t pay attention to what is ahead of me and work my way towards it. If I keep on getting side-tracked, I am, technically, wasting time. I’m scared that I lack determination and willpower to really succeed in life.

Funnily though, immediately when these worries occupied my mind, I realised that I am not, and no one in this world is, a machine. Even though I look at the scenery, try another route or even stop to listen to the quietness of a roundabout, I always know where I’m heading. I have a set destination and a navigator just in case I get lost. I try to reach it before dark, but I don’t know if I will. I guess I will know if I’ve made it when the sun finally goes down and darkness falls for good. That will, hopefully, still take a long time.   

When I was sitting in a café watching couples with their new-borns and similarly listening to some unknown woman’s cover of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space from the radio, the biggest contrast in my life was laid in front of me. I realised that life might go like I want and expect it to go, but if it doesn’t, it can be alright. Just because it is different doesn’t mean it can’t sound good. After all, being young means that your future is still unwritten, a blank space if you may, and you can write it however you desire.

These are the things I thought about. I am not sure if they make any sense, but at the time they did.

Oct 3, 2015


I didn't mean to post this one yet, but in the lack of other posts I had to. I've been so productive this morning. I've cleaned and relaxed and soon I'm about to head for a walk. My intention is to find a nice, small café where to write. I have a few post ideas and now I need to get out somewhere to make them in to reality.

This is the last post of the series I started two weeks ago. I'm still going to write a summarise post later just so I can put my thoughts about my changing on paper. This post is for this year so obviously there aren't that many outfits, but let's do it anyway.

Text: A lot longer, partly due to the fact that I don't blog that often anymore so there's more that's happened. However, I try at least to talk about my life in an honest way (my other blog is a good example of that) and share more than I used to. I'm still trying to keep the mystery in some ways, but I've noticed that I've let go of it a bit. I guess you can't really be too mysterious and open at the same time.

Example: "I like myself better now and I'm really where I want to be right now. With my extra five kilos, one lazier eye, overly emotional heart and Taylor Swift obsessed brain I wouldn't change anything."

Posts usually about: Outfit posts even though they aren't really to show off the outfit anymore, but more just documenting my life and getting colour and substance in here, sometimes quite boring snapchats of my life (due to the fact that I don't have Karo here to take my picture more often) and a couple of video posts.

Song that described me perfectly that one day: Taylor Swift - All Too Well.

How often? Sometimes I don't blog in two weeks, sometimes there's five posts in a week. It all depends how much time and, most of all, inspiration I have.

Hair style: Long and wavy until the end of March when I chopped it all out and didn't look back. I've owned this middle parting bob cut. It just feels like me - at least for now.

Favorite piece of clothing (according to picures): Suede mules, denim jackets, blue jeans, flares, 70s in general, and florals.

Favorite look: 7 (runner-up: 28).

Least favorite look: 26 (mainly because it's super boring).


something happens when everybody finds out
see the vultures circling dark clouds
love's a fragile little flame, it could burn out
it could burn out