Dec 30, 2015


This year is almost over and it feels a bit surreal. I'm not complaning though because, in my opinion, 2015 hasn't been too interesting. I'm actually very much looking forward to 2016 because there are so many good and exciting things that will happen. By the way, due to technical difficulties, I won't be able to publish my '2015 replay' until the end of January. I will keep up the tradition, but this time it will come out a bit later.
I'm going back to London already on Saturday. The time has gone by so fast. Granted, I'm usually in Helsinki for a month whereas this time I was only for two weeks. I'll be back though soon enough when I start my internship at Cosmopolitan in the beginning of February.
For this New Year's I actually have a plan for once. Some of my friends are going to Jenni's house party and I must say that it feels good to have a set place where I can welcome the next year. I'm not expecting anything major so I won't be disappointed. I have selected my dress so I'm good to go!
The beginning of the week has been spent hanging out with friends and watching How I Met Your Mother with my cousin. That show is hilarious. I'm in season five now and I still have four more to go until I know WHO the mother is (and whether Robin and Ted will end up together. Personally, I like her and Barney together). So I've been chilling which I think is good because I realised that I won't have a break until maybe in August. And this is the first break since last April. Sooooo... chilling accepted.
I wore this outfit when I went to Christmas church with my grandma. My family isn't too religious so going to church has never been on the menu. However, since I came back from Texas I've wanted to go to church at least once a year and Christmas seems appropriate. I really enjoy the hymns and the serenity in there. It also gives me time to say thanks and go through my thoughts. For this outfit I've complined something old (my grandma's skirt from the 60s I think), something new (necklace, Julia's Christmas present to me) and something borrowed (my sister's pleather jacket). The only thing I'm missing is something blue, but maybe we can count my blue eyes. Yes? No? Maybe.
I'm still heading to a drink with Jenni and Birta so I need to start getting ready. I think next time I'll write will happen in London. Until then!

in the middle of the night when thw wolves come out
headed straight for your heart like a bullet in the dark
one by one i gotta take them down
but they run and hide, ain't going down without a fight

Dec 27, 2015


For the past three days I've been fighting with technology. Like you know from the latest post I got a new computer. That essentially meant that I had to download everything again, starting from the virus protection programs to all of my music. Naturally with my luck, in order to connect my iPod with the new iTunes I had to delete the music from that iPod. And that is a bitch. Needless to say I'm exhausted of staring at the screen and waiting for the 'ping' to let me know that another cd has been downloaded.
I also got my new phone to work once we bought the new sim card today. It doesn't really make sense to me why everything needs to change and get smaller and smaller all the time. It essentially just makes everything a lot harder. Anyway, after the sim was bought I've been spending time with my Huawei. It is so slippery that I'm afraid I will drop it. I need to get a set of covers or something to try and prevent that. Other than that it seems like we're going to be just fine. It's simple enough to use and a lot (emphasis here) better and advanced than the predecessor.
One thing that I have found alarming is that the phone came with a function to take 'a perfect selfie'. I'm not saying that it's only in this phone, but it was new to me. With this function I am able to alter my looks enormously. I can make my face more narrow, my eyes bigger and brighter (I really don't understand why), skin smoother, and all in all make my selfies look, supposedly, better. After playing with it for a while I realised how disturbing it really was. Functions like this feed people's insecurities, vanity, and the need to look 'picture-perfect'. Are we really this vain or is it someone - or something - else that makes us use these functions?
I've also been feeling like cleaning and getting rid of some things. I don't know if it was a natural reaction to Christmas and the new stuff I got, but I just got an urge to go through my cupboards and throw away old key chains, pocket radios and, frankly, crap that I haven't needed recently - or ever. I'm a bit of a hoarder and I like stuff lying around to make it look like people are living, but even I realised that a foam gun from the year 2005 is probably not essential for my wellbeing. Now my room looks more organised and serene but still has a Nora edge to it.
I'm going to meet with some friends tonight and tomorrow I'm going to have a sleepover with my cousin. By the way, these pictures are taken on Christmas Day when I was wearing my grandma's old skirt and my Louboutins. Right now I feel like taking a power nap. Not doing anything important is really tiring.

ps. I'm so glad I can finally listen to One Direction's latest cd! Guess what has been on repeat for the past three days...

no they don't teach you this in school
now my heart is breaking and i don't know what to do
thought we were going strong, thought we were holding on
are we?

Dec 26, 2015


I promised you to show you my Christmas presents like I do every year. I've divided these into categories, which you can find below (switching to my Monica mode here). Just to remind you that not all of these are from my parents; these include presents from my friends and other relatives. In addition, I've included some cds for example that my sister got because I consider them to be mine as well :d I've excluded a few that didn't fit into any category (like my new Tommy Hilfiger pyjama - thanks grandma!). Okay, but not to keep this too long here they are:
laptop, hard drive, phone

one direction, demi lovato, hunter hayes, adele, selena gomez 

50 shades of grey, ed sheeran concert dvd, the theory of everyhing, every episode of moomins (love), bernard&bianca, winnie the pooh
 candace bushnell - trading up, erkki toivanen - iltakävelyllä, erkki toivanen - kahden puolen kanaalin, don rosa - kadonneen kirjaston vartijat, dan and phil - the amazing book is not on fire, jojo moyes - after you, ali novak - my life with the walter boys, mauri kunnas - kesä koiramäessa, louise rennison - minihameita ja miesmagneetteja, katja kettu - kätilö, khloé kardashian - strong looks better naked

 taylor swift 'incredible things' perfume, b12 vitamin, necklaces, a hair decoration, earrings, a sleep mask, makeup, lotions and beauty masks

a thermo cup, moomin mug, cook books - mainly vegetarian, whisks, kitchen towels, a water boiler

 all i know at the end of the day you love who you love
there ain't no other way
if there's something i've learned from million mistakes
you're the one that i want at the end of the day

Dec 25, 2015


Yesterday I was supposed to come and wish you all a very merry Christmas, but then time run out (and I really wanted to watch the last Harry Potter before going to bed). Better late than never though so Happy Christmas!
My Christmas has been full of traditions. The morning started with rice porridge and getting ready for the big feast at my grandparents. There we ate and opened some presents (more about those tomorrow) and then we came home to open a few more. The night was wrapped up with Harry Potter and the first listening of One Direction's latest - and last? - album with my sister.
Today, however, we drove to my other grandparents to have our annual Christmas party with my aunts, uncles and cousins. Needless to say that I am still full even though I didn't have any turkey. Us cousins retrieved to the 'smoking room' to play Trivial Pursuit. I was this close of actually winning and I must say I surprised myself as well.
Tomorrow is, again traditionally, dedicated to reading and blogging, and I probably won't change from my jammies. And why would I, having spent the day in my Louboutins, I think I deserve a break from dressing up.
Yesterday's outfit was - accidentally - celebrating the final episode of Downton Abbey that came out in Britain today. I think my dress and particularly the hair were quintessentially Lady Edith's style. I'm going to miss that show so much. Anyway, I think I nailed the 20s look quite well, or what do you think?
I'm going to immerse myself in a book now and come back tomorrow with a list of my Christmas presents - another tradition, I have noticed. Good night and again Merry Christmas!

 and i know we can get higher
there's levels to your love and i keep on climbing up

Dec 20, 2015


Happy Sunday everyone! I'm having the most wonderful lazy day today so a little blogging is in order now. I promised to fill you with my final days in London so here it goes.
After my final deadline last Friday I basically slept and hanged out with friends. On that Fiday I had drinks with my uni friends and then we carried on to Shoreditch to have a few more and do some serious dancing. On Saturday we went to a house party with Emma and her friends. The night didn't end as predicted (too much alcohol for some (not me)), but before that it was alright. On Sunday I met with Mia and I had pancakes around 9:30 pm - something I hadn't done before. Monday, however, was spent at home eating and playing games with my uni girls and I hadn't laughed as much in ages. Tuesday was dedicated for Christmas shopping and a proper Christmas cleaning of the house. I swear, I hadn't seen Nati as excited ever. Except maybe on Wednesday when her boyfriend of many years finally was able to visit her all the way from Costa Rica. That night I spent next door's at Emma's just because... you know. And Thursday was spent at the library because I needed to get a few things done before my final dance lesson and the unevitable packing. The rest is history as Friday was pretty much spent at the airport, on an airplane and at the airport again.

Busy busy week but hilarious. I have a feeling that these two weeks in Finland are going to be as busy even though my goal is to actually relax, read, watch HIMYM and just load some batteries before my internships start. Like I said, that's the plan but let's see how I will stick to it. There are already quite a few social happenings marked on my calendar before Christmas Eve...

Have a lovely Sunday!

ps. I'm about to watch Taylor's 1989 World Tour concert DVD only presented today. I am THIS excited!

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Nati's Chistmas present
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so hold me
wrap me in love, fill up my cup
and only your love can fill up my cup

Dec 19, 2015


Hello hello!

I have retrived to Finland for the holidays and have finally found some time for blogging, mainly thanks to my sister who takes pictures of my outfits. For once I actually a few photos to show you, but I'm going to start with the most recent ones from yesterday evening. After a dreadful plane ride home (I being late for my schedule by two hours) I enjoyed my mum's cooking before leaving to a pre-Xmas party. I had a good time even though now I've been blessed - or cursed - with a headache.

The purpose of this post was to introduce to you this dress of mine that had been stored in my closet guess for how many years. 11. 11 long years. Guess when I wore it the last time? When I was 10 and attended the Independence Day celebration at the city hall. How weird is that?! Naturally it looked quite different on me then, namely, it was a long dress, and its sex appeal was zero. Now, however, the whole burning burgundy colour, the velvet, and the clinginess made me feel quite sensuel. This is one of the reasons why I tend not to throw anything away. Who would have thought that I would fit something after 11 years, but that happens to be the case here.

I'll tell something about my last days in London in the next post. I also have - finally! - images of my new-ish flat. I know some of you have been waiting for them. Until next time!

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maybe you should know that my mama don't like you
she likes everyone
and i never like to admit that i was right

Dec 9, 2015


The title has been taken from a Hunter Hayes song and it couldn't be more apt at the moment. Because I'm stressed, I don't sleep very well. And when I don't sleep very well, I don't function perfectly. Instead of coffee though, I eat chocolate. My essay is coming along alright (down to 1700 words out of 3000) even though I went to a tutorial and she managed to freak me out. 

In the lack of newer pictures, I decided to post some old ones, namely from times when getting up early with some little sleep hasn't been a problem. Right now I would sell my soul if I could do one of those things below - or go to bed. 

that one time in Texas when we had to leave to play tennis at 5 am. those times were the best. #2012
partying. #2012

traveling (this one was for London in) #2013

sometimes is hard to do the right thing
when the pressure is coming down like lightning 
it's like they want me to perfect 
when they don't know that i'm hurting 
this life's not easy, i'm not made out of steel 
don't forget i'm human, don't forget that i'm real

Dec 7, 2015


... when it comes to shoes I mean. 

As long as I can remember, I've been a shoe gal. There's just something magical putting on shoes that transform your whole outfit, or bring you comfort and a sense of security for the whole day. I love a pair of six inch heels and I've gotten a fair amount of those in my closet. Lately, however, I've been investing my money to more sensible shoes, like leather ankle boots and pair of Hunters, just because my budget doesn't allow me to buy 'one season only' shoes too often anymore. 

The other day I was at Topshop just to peruse things I know I can't afford (healthy, eh?) when I came across to these shoes. I stroked the velvet and admired the golden details. What drew my attention the most was the burgundy color that seemed so bright to my now depressingly black selection of boots and heels. In addition, I made a mental note that I - so far - didn't own a pair of chelsea boots. In conclusion then, this seemed to be the pair lacking from my shoe shelf. 

I winced though when I took a look at the price tag. To be fair, it wasn't too bad and had I not been on a budget, I would have taken them to the register in a heart beat. However, I had just complained about not being able to buy a New Year's Eve dress so it seemed a bit ridiculous then to be buying shoes. 

So I walked away with my crying heart. A couple days after I somehow - swear to God don't know how - visited and found the shoes again - except this time they were reduced to £25!!!!!! IT WAS A SIGN.

Long story short, here they are. My new babies, my loved ones for this season. My only new piece of fashion for this season to be honest. I think I deserve them. After all, I'm a shoe gal - and they're just so damn pretty. And did I mean they are velvet?

Velvet. Love it. 


i know you know that i made those mistakes maybe once or twice
and by once or twice i mean maybe a couple of hundred times 
so let me oh let me redeem oh redeem oh myself tonight
i just need one more shot, second chances
is it too late to say sorry?

Dec 6, 2015


Happy birthday, Finland!

I spent my Independence Day here in London. Instead of watching people shaking the president's hand, I watched Love Actually. Instead of baking gingerbread cookies, I bought ready mades. However, I did light up candles and pop up a bottle of glogi. All in all it was a good day :-)

My last deadline is on Friday and I'm almost done with all the reading for it. My plan is to finish it tomorrow and start planning the outline so I can write it - hopefully - from start to finish on Tuesday. I can't wait for this term to be over... 

Sorry for the absence and my lack of words. It is late though and I still want to watch an episode of HIMYM - oh yes, I've gone there. 


hello, it's me 
i was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet
to go over everything 
they say that time's supposed to heal you
but i ain't done much healing