Feb 21, 2016


Whoever said that lack of inspiration is not real and the way to cure it is to start working, was probably not a writer himself. As a writer of some sort I can speak from the experience that sometimes the blank document stays blank because I just don’t have anything to report about or I find it exceptionally difficult to put on words together. Which is exactly what is happening right now.

Besides, wasn’t it Adele who said that to come back from her four year break took that long because she was finally happy and struggled to write songs. I’m dreading the day when Taylor Swift settles down and becomes happy, free and not confused and lonely at the same time (22 reference) and stops writing songs. The fact is that when all is good, nobody is really interested. Drama and trouble is what triggers people’s interest. If Daily Mail wrote about Kim K doing her groceries, who would click on that article? Okay, the sad part is that they actually do write articles about that and, according to the comment section, people actually read it. Sure, it is to make fun of her (seriously people stop. Hatred is not the way to go), but still. I could go on and on about my internship and gym enthusiasm, but that’s not really interesting, is it? Besides, I have sworn to higher powers that I will never ever become one of those girls who can’t shut up about the gym and #fitness. I think I would be cheating on the little couch potato that will always stay under the surface.

So I think for now the best option is to retrieve gracefully and accept the situation. After all, I cannot be the only writer with a block, can I? Maybe this will be the darkness before the dawn, the storm before the calm. Hey, that rhymed! Maybe all hope is not lost.


I am coming back.

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i met a dude last week, honey he's so vain
yeah he'll be loving himself more than Kim and Ye
I'm like boy stop, run that back
God damn you're fine but can you play that sax?

Feb 14, 2016


Valentine’s Day is a tricky holiday. On the other hand it gives us a great reason to remember our loved ones and let them know how precious they are to us. Then on the other hand the ostentatious selection of pink and red cards, flowers, chocolate and giant teddy bears can leave some of us anxious and/or sad for not having anyone special-than-the-rest to celebrate it with. I think this can more be a case in the States, but I can’t say for sure.

In Finland, however, this very much an American holiday has obtained a similar status like the other commercial holidays originating from the U.S.A. People know it exists, but don’t really mind about it. If anything, Valentine’s Day is more concentrated on remembering our friends and doing something nice with or to them. Which is why today I started my day at a friend’s house – with a tiny headache, but that’s irrelevant – to essentially have brunch in our pyjamas. Once that was done, we moved on to the couch with our duvets to watch the O.C. and basically to pretend to be otters or some kind of walruses. And I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

The common phrases ‘Sisters over misters’ and ‘Bros before hoes’, as lovely as they are, do have a significant meaning. We all know that friends are the ones to pick you up when you fall, laugh with you until you cry, and dance with you until you simply can’t stay on your feet anymore (so basically picking you up when you fall). The heart breaking but well-known fact is that the boyfriend you have right now, especially if you are in your early twenties, is most likely not going to become your husband. And even if he is, the odds aren’t always in your favour since the divorce rate is higher than ever. I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade here – especially being the advocate of true love myself – but you get the point. Sisters stay when the misters sail.

However, no matter how dear and important the friends you have right now are, there is always a possibility that life comes in the way. Having only lived for 21 short years, I’ve already left some people to my past. Drifting, friction and distance have all done their duty and some people just haven’t made it to the other side so to say. And that’s fine because that’s life and we just have to deal with that. That’s why, even on this day, it is necessary to value and keep on developing the only relationship that truly matters: the relationship between myself and I.

As an over-thinker and over-analyser, I spend a lot of time in my head going through possible scenarios, stressing over little things and just dreaming in general. In a way one might say that I am in a constant conversation with myself (hopefully not in a psycho way). Logically, it would make sense to keep the relationship between my brain and the rest of my body as smooth and friendly as possible, right? Sometimes, however, life again comes in the way, throwing in some mandatory events, social situations, stress and responsibilities in addition to the emotional stuff like heartache, self-doubt, and insecurity. When all this blurs the vision, it can be difficult to keep the key relationship good and healthy.

I am not a doctor of wellbeing, but I would say that to keep yourself happy and energised, you need to take some time to yourself and pause for a minute. Maybe do some pampering, watch a tv-show, eat some ice cream, and get a good night sleep. Better yet, take a day off and do all of those things. That’s what I’ve done the whole of today and I have felt great. Doing something you love lets your body know that it is loved. And if your body knows that, it will affect your brain. It’s all about balance, love and cherishing – just like any relationship really.

Simple philosophy à la Nora.

Feb 7, 2016


I’ve always considered myself as an optimist, but, to be honest, I more than often fall under the pessimist category. I’d like to think that I don’t complain too much, but I’m really just kidding myself. One of my life projects for a year now has been to be more positive and see life through optimist’s eyes. Today though I feel like I really have nothing to worry or complain about. Well, maybe the fact that I still haven’t found the perfect leather jacket (over a year now and still going strong. Every day is a struggle, but I know I’m being tested sartorially and I will be stronger because of this – see, the optimistic thinking in action). To remember this day forever, I decided to write down everything that is going well in my life. On that list you can find that…

·       ...being back home home for a while allows me to save some money and even grants me certain underrated benefits such as (sort of) full fridge, proper washing facilities, a sauna, cheaper commuting prices, and a little thing that I like to call central heating.

·       …also, free hugs from mum.

·       …and a possibility to sing from the bottom of my lungs. My family doesn’t care – and if they do, I can ignore them and sing louder.

·       …my new goal is to learn to sing Ed Sheeran’s You need me, I don’t need you like a pro. It’s already going a lot better than a week ago, but “Suffolk sadly seems to sort of suffocate me” still sort of suffocates me.

·       …after a few gym sessions (I finally bought myself a membership) I feel so much better. I’ve slept more deeply, I don’t feel like eating sweets (that much), and I think I look better already (my brain is so easily fooled). Because I survived a week, I bought myself a super skin tight dress from River Island. That will be such a great motivator because that simply hides nothing. Nothing I tell you.

·       …new pair of black skinny jeans always make me leaner. Assuming I’ve gotten them on and still manage to breathe.

·        …my internship at Cosmo Finland is going so well and I can’t emphasise this enough. They’ve let me write articles both online and their print magazine on top of the traditional intern stuff. I’ve learnt so much and I’m so grateful to be given this opportunity. A bit surprisingly, they are all so nice, helpful and open, which could be considered odd for working in fashion and working in fashion in Finland. After all, according to the stereotypes, Finns aren’t the most talkative people and people in fashion are monsters.

·       ...the mere fact that my name will be printed in a widely distributed magazine is incredible. That obviously gives me a huge responsibility, but also a chance to affect people. It’s a kind of a feeling you can’t really describe.

·        …naturally this period now allows me to meet up with my Finnish friends on a regular basis. The downside to this is, like so often in life, that my London friends are…well, in London. Living in two places (plus having a sort of home in Texas) is a bitch.

·       …I’m healthy and everyone around me is healthy and all that jazz.

·       …I just painted my nails and they look fab.

The list is quite long and reading it makes me really happy. I think sometimes it’s good to reflect what is going well, what is bothering you, and after that, is there something you can do to change the situation. I’ve found that usually life has its way to find a solution if you just let it roll. Let it be and so on. That’s why I’m not too worried about the leather jacket – I will find the right one when I’m meant to.