Mar 31, 2016


I've been thinking that I might need to start a book blog (a blook?) so all my posts wouldn't start with a "Guess what, I've been reading" sentence. However, I don't think that I have the time or energy to do that - after all, I'm already running two blogs - so I guess we just have to accept and deal with those type of sentences.

So, I've been reading, which has inevitably led to my absence. I've read three books during the past week, hehe. As a matter of fact, when I finished the first book between Friday and Saturday night, I got really depressed. The ending was just so devastating and it made me think about my life as well. I cried the whole night (I woke up after two hours of sleep just to carry on crying) and the whole weekend I was just in a really sad mood. It is amazing how some stories just have that kind of an effect. But what can I say, words are my thing.

What comes to the outfit, I hardly ever wear just black outfits. I usually have at least one element of colour, but two weeks ago I was covered in darkness. I did enjoy the outfit, but it doesn't really feel like me. I need that pop of colour, a twist if you like. Maybe that could be related to my character as well. I don't tend to be depressed for long because it is in my nature to be bubbly and cheerful. However, everyone gets those down days when all is black.


once i was 20 years old my story got told
before the morning sun when life was lonely

Mar 27, 2016


There is an image saved to my phone that says: “I sing along to Blank Space far too aggressively for someone who has a non-existent list of ex-lovers.” I think it is quite accurate because I don’t have that many ex-boyfriends, but still that song is one of my favourites. However, I did have a short relationship when I was 17. And last week he got married (and not with me, obviously).

Being 17 was fun. At the time I was living in Texas, enjoying the sun and playing tennis every day. My biggest worry was indeed whether this guy liked me or not, and then he did and all was great. On our first date he took us to a square in Denton, where fairylights were glimmering and the sweet taste of mango smoothies filled our mouths. On prom night we drove around in his pick-up truck (Texas y’all), parked it on a field and climbed in the back to look at stars. It was literally like from a movie.

But like every movie, this story has a plot twist as well. I was leaving back home and there was nothing that could have stopped it. The time was running out no matter how I tried to ignore it. I have to admit that for most parts I was only excited because I would be able to meet my family and friends after a year. I’m guessing it was harder for him that it was for me. We said our goodbyes and I left.

I must confess that I didn’t handle the break up the best way. Ignoring seemed so simple, but after a few months I realised how childishly I had behaved. So the following year when I visited my host-family, I apologised. Then I also learnt that he was in a relationship with our mutual friend. Little did I know that she would someday become his wife. There’s a great part in Sam Hunt’s Break up in a Small Town song that says “but I never thought that she would get down with somebody I know” because I truly never thought it would happen.

 So fast-forward a few years to now. Thanks to Facebook and other social media accounts, I had been able to see how things back in Texas were. I knew that he had graduated and joined the army. They kept seeing each other and life moved on. Then one day one of my friends texted me that they were engaged to be married.

I don’t think anything can prepare you for how you end up feeling about your ex getting married. I most definitely didn’t – or don’t – have any desire for us to reconnect and I am glad he is living the life he had dreamt of, but I still could feel a pang in my chest. Maybe it is because now the even slightest of chance of us ever getting back together was robbed. Maybe it is the fact that I can’t really understand anyone getting married so young (them being even younger than I am). Or maybe it is the in fact that I have now officially lost in this lovely game of moving on.

It is sad to admit to have fallen into that level. I am not jealous because I would not want to get married yet. But I guess I did take a mental overview of my life and how it is going. I’m still in school, don’t have anyone special in my life and right now everything just seems to be rolling in an even pace. Meanwhile people are committing themselves to each other and starting a life together. I feel like my life is in a completely different galaxy. They will be making babies soon and here I am trying to get this blog post out before indulging myself with some chocolate eggs. It is weird and confusing and yet fascinating to see how people get on with their lives and what choices each of us make.    

However, I am happy for him, honestly. I mean, it was going to happen anyway one day so better to get it out of the system. I love how very often a song emerges out of the blue, like it’s a sign. Last week I suddenly found Demi Lovato’s Stone Cold song. I guess I just want to say “If happy is her, I’m happy for you.

Mar 25, 2016


Hyvää pääsiäistä, glada påsk, happy Easter and so on! My day so far has been lovely as I have basically read and eaten chocolate eggs. I did take a walk with my fam, which wasn't the greatest because the weather is what it is. It is actually a perfect one for just staying in and not feel bad about it at all. So one might even say that it is an ideal weather for reading.

As you probably already know, I love reading. However, I wasn't one of those miracle childs who were able to read when they were three years old. I was actually one of the few people in my class who couldn't read when I started school. I learnt it quickly though and was reading ahead in secret when the two boys were still trying to figure it out. Ever since then I've loved reading.

I remember the first book that I read. Or rather remember that it was about a hedgehodge, but that's about it. I was so proud for actually finishing a book on my own. I do think the best stories you've read will leave a mark on you, as you will always remember where you've read it and how did it make you feel. This is kind of the point of the post, to introduce you to my favourite books and book series.

My taste in books is quite vast, which might not become evident in this post. Most of the books mentioned below are either fantasy or romantic novels set in the Victorian era (or both), but I can assure you that these are not the only books I read. I enjoy biographies, mysteries, and realism novels. The only thing I don't really like is scifi, but only because I think the aliens and all those are just boring. However, the books below are the ones that have, incidentally or not, captured my heart and most of them happen to be romantic. Then again, I do think it fits as I am quite a romantic myself.

I made posts about my favourite movies and tv-shows a while back, but they are still quite accurate. Why change the best? If someone is interested checking them out, just click the links!

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THE INFERNAL DEVICES trilogy By Cassandra Clare

book, quote, and the infernal devices image
This is the book series that I have been reading lately and it has completely and irreversibly won my heart over. This is the second time I'm reading them and it is as heart wrenching and thumping experience as it was the first time. This book is a fantasy book set in Victorian London. The main character is a 16-year-old Tessa who incidentally meets best friends Will and Jem. And the inevitable love triangle happens, but it's not an ordinary one. There are unexpected twists and turns and an epilogue that feels like someone is stabbing you straight in the heart.

The first time I read this was around two years ago, thanks to my cousin's recommendation. I was blown away of how I didn't dislike any of the characters, how I didn't have an immediate favourite in the love triangle and how exciting it was from the first page. Even though it is a love story, there is plenty of action and other happenings. In fact, as much as I love the parts between Tessa and one of the boys, the reason why the book captivates me is because of the relationship between Will and Jem. They are obviously best friends, but their connection is just flawless. It is beautiful to read although it makes you feel like you are a terrible friend to your own best friends :-D

I have a vivid memory of finishing the book around 4 a.m. at my cousin's house. I sat in the arm chair and CRIED. I cried the next morning when I was driving to school and I could basically start crying right now just of thinkin about it. To be honest, I don't essentially even know why this has left as deep mark as it has, but it is most definitely unfixable. Anyway, I can't recommend this enough if you enjoy fantasy, love, and clever and impeccable quotes that will stay with you forever.

HARRY POTTER series By J.K. Rowling

harry potter, quote, and sirius black image
A classic, I know, but it must be mentioned still. The books were a major part of my childhood and I've enjoyed them and the movies so much. I don't think this needs introductions, but it is basically a fantasy book where friendship is the most important relationship there is.

The first time I heard of Harry Potter was at my cousins's birthday party when they received the first movie as a birthday present. Fast forward to Christmas, I got the first four books that were already out and that was it. The story drew me in and I read them super quickly - so quickly in fact that my mom thought I only skimmed them through. I can assure you that that wasn't the case. The fifth book was finished at a restaurant at our holiday in Tenerife, and the last book was bought and read immediately when the translation came out. Nowadays I read most my books in English, but as I had started the series in Finnish, I didn't want to change the language in between. I really should read the books again and it has been one of my projects, but so far I haven't been able to do it.

THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series By Cassandra Clare

love, quote, and jace image
The Mortal Instruments is another series from Cassandra Clare to which I was actually introduced first. It is set in the same fantasy world, but in the modern times so to the beginning of 21st century. To Clare's style, there are plenty of characters - in this one though some great and some just plain annoying -, plot twists and action. The movie version of this is shit though so if you've only seen that one, please consider actually reading it before making the final judgement.

This was, again, recommended to me by my cousin, and while I was visiting Texas last time I noticed my host-sister had a copy on her desk. I asked if I could read it and ended up finishing it in like three days. Although the story isn't as great as in The Infernal Devices, it did steal my heart. I remember buying the sixth and last book two summers ago and finished it on a beach in Sweden when Aliisa, my sister and I went to Stockholm to see One Direction's concert. The ending wasn't as life-changing as I had hoped, but the overall experience was marvellous.

I must say that the humour in this book is on point.


jane austen, pride and prejudice, and quote image
Oh Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. One of my all time favourite books, hands down. The story itself is a major classic, but just to quickly run through: an arrogant man meets a smart and modern-thinking woman, they hate each other and then they fall in love. The end.

As simple as the storyline is, it has still captured hearts of millions, even after hundreds of years of its publishing. I believe I saw the movie (Keira Knightley version) first, fell completely in love with it and decided to read the book. So far I've read it in English and Finnish and I think my mother has the Swedish version somewhere so I might challenge myself later in life. I think that what draws me in is the challenging and complicated characters, the era itself and the kind of the overcoming of the first impression. To quote The Big Bang Theory: "She has prejudice, he has pride - it just works!"


love, quote, and butterfly image
The Wuthering Heights is a such an interesting story. I honestly hate almost all of the characters and the whole story makes me angry, but still I have read this book three times - and counting. There is just something incredibly captivating in it and even though the book has almost 700 pages, I've always finished it in a matter of days. I just can't put it down. The storytelling is fluent and the story just holds you tight. I guess I am always waiting for my anger levels to lower, but they never do :-D

The book tells a story of two - unhappy - generations. All the heartache and misery essentially could have been avoided if pride, social classes and the need for confusion had been casted aside. It is not an original love story (as Heathcliff and Catherine never really end up together) so I can honestly say that I don't love the book because of it. I love it for the character development (some might say there aren't any but I disagree) and the excellent imagery of, again, the Victorian era England.

This book is definitely not for everyone as it is rather slow and, occasionally, fumes your blood. I know Julia didn't understand the beauty of it, but it is perfectly understandable.

LORD OF THE FLIES By William Golding

book, jack, and roger image
When I was doing my literature diploma two years ago, Lord of the Flies was one of the books I had chosen to read, mostly because it was a classic that needed to be read at some point in life. I didn't expect too much - except for it not to be worth my time. How wrong was I. The book, although not very long, was so interesting and I noticed myself analysing the power relations between the characters while I was reading. As a matter of fact, I just re-read my diploma and my essay of this book. I had collected some quotes from the book to the essay and still after two years I was blown away how current they are - especially considering the state our world is in right now. It is definitely a book I recommend everyone to read.

FIFTY SHADES OF GREY trilogy By E.L. James

love, book, and christian grey image
Oh yes, the controversial Fifty Shades of Grey. I remember seeing so much hype around it, but didn't care until Ansku handed it to me. Funnily enough, I didn't think it was amazing until I read the final book and completed the series (funnily enough, now I think the last book is the worst). It was definitely a book that was not meant to be read in the back row of a math class - which I did by the way - or a plane on our way to a family trip - I did that too. For some reason the story captivated me and I found myself unable to let it go.

I never really understood why it received as much hatred and badmouthing as it did. Sure, the protagonist is a bit annoying and her love interest is a sadist, but isn't that just the point? To be learning about something else that isn't in your comfort zone? When I read the reviews of the series, it really bugged me how people were judging Christian and his way of life. Granted, you don't have to understand or like it, but in my opinion you can't say a book is bad if they talk abut something you don't agree with. Why do so many people love Shakespeare then? Everyone dies in the end and all is sad. It would have made a difference if they had criticised the writing or the main characters, other than just saying s&m is wrong.

Of course they did criticise the writing, or the lack of skills in that, to be precise. I personally didn't notice it the first two times I read the books - I guess I was paying more attention to the story itself. However, the third time I read them (yes, I've read them that many times) I did see what people were talking about. It became even more obvious after reading the follow-up book Grey later. The writing, I must say, was awful. I don't know if it was because I study writing now or because I've just grown or because I was finally able to read it with a critical point of view, but it was very noticiable. However, they still remain in my heart because I love them. Simple.


black and white, life, and quote image
I swear, Georgia was one of my best friends when I was growing up. Actually, she was like a big sister to me as I, for some reason, looked up to her and tried to do everything she was doing. I started writing a diary, with a poor end result, because of her and thought being a moody teenager was cool. Nowadays I think she must have been one irritating teen, but the books still hold a special place in my heart. I've read the first books at least three or four times and I think I've finished the whole series at least twice. These were definitely my favourite books once I was growing up.

Our meeting was quite a love story itself. When I was around 10 or so, I spent a lot of time in the library searching for books. I was in desperate need of a new series and randomly picked up this one. It was the fourth volume of the series. I went home, read it, laughed so much my stomach hurt, went back and borrowed the rest of them. Over and over again. I think this proves that an everlasting love comes out of the blue, happens without a notice.

Because I am a hoarder, especially when it comes to books, I wanted to own the books so I could return them whenever I wanted. I'm so glad I did, since the books, being so old, cannot be found anywhere. I would know this, as I was missing one volume up until last Christmas. It was no doubt one of the happiest days of my life when I tore the gift wrapping open and found the missing one. Now my collection is perfect.


The First Last Kiss is a book that took me by the surprise of how dreadfully emotional it was. It was originally recommended to me by Tiia and I had had it for a while until I finally grabbed it in my holiday in Kos with Aliisa. The beginning was very confusing and difficult to follow and I already started thinking what was so mesmerising with this story. However, once it evolved I noticed to be unable to put it down. The ending was so awfully heartbreaking that I cried like four hours straight. After that I started talking about the deeper meaning of life and true love with Aliisa, but I don't think she was very happy about that. :-D I do apologise!

god knows what is hiding behind those weak and drunken hearts
i guess the loneliness came knocking
no one needs to be alone, oh save me
people help the people
and if you're homesick, give me your hand and i'll hold it

Mar 24, 2016


You know those days when you feel like you look absolutely the worst of yourself, but then everyone ends up complementing your look and you're there just like "Umm...thanks?" or "Are you joking? Am I being filmed or something?" This day was like that. I wore something super easy because I couldn't come up with anything else and then I received all these great comments of how my outfit was on point. Someone even said they loved my "90s Spice Girl outfit". That is yet to be determined whether that in fact was a compliment or not.

Easter is this weekend and it is nice to have a few days off. Like in a typical Nora fashion I've already booked the whole weekend for friends and relatives, although I made sure to keep Friday just to myself and my family. I'm going to be perfectly content with the chocolate eggs the Easter Bunny brings me, with my book (okay, 'content' here being crying my eyes out) and not moving from the couch. It's going to be magical.

So far it's been a busy week as I have gone to the gym four times now and seen Ida and Hertta, aka the best tennis team, yesterday. I do love those girls. As for the weekend I'm finally seeing Jaakko to have our movie night and then I'm going to travel all the way to Kirkkonummi to spend some time with my second cousins.

Yesterday the newest issue of Cosmopolitan was published and I have three spreads in it. Go and buy it! ;-)


baby i got me, baby i got me 
and that's all i need, yeah that's all i need
baby i got me, only friend i need playing on my team is someone like me
baby no way watch me while i do my thing
oh baby no way are you fucking with the team

Mar 21, 2016


Because every woman needs pretty underwear.

Because every woman is flawless.


what a feeling to be right here beside you now holding you in my arms
when the air ran out and we both started running wild
the sky fell down
but you got stars, they're in your eyes
and i've got something missing tonight
what a feeling to be a king beside you
somehow i wish i could be there now

Mar 20, 2016


Around two weeks ago I gave in and started reading my favourite book series after a few years. For months it had been tempting me, calling my name in the dark when I had just turned off the bedside lamp. All those months I was able to shut myself from it, rationalizing that I had absolutely no time to make that kind of a commitment. Having read the books before, I knew they would consume me for weeks because the journey wouldn’t stop when I closed the back cover of the last book. Oh no, I’d be thinking about it, crying and laughing because of it for days after because that’s what had happened the last time. However, two weeks ago I couldn’t resist anymore: I picked the first book from the shelf and I was gone to a better place.

The book is based in a Victorian era London, so circa the end of 19th century. Going quickly through all my favourite books and movies, there is an evident common denominator: they are all set in the historical times. Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice (book and movie), Hercule Poirot and other mystery stories, Downton Abbey… they are all either during Victorian era or with their flapper dresses in the beginning of 20th century. Drawing a conclusion here would be that I am living in a wrong era.

I’ve thought about this a quite a long time now and I do think it stands. Sure some might argue that those eras are horrifying because of, for example, how degrading they are for women. Naturally women didn’t have a right to vote nor had they really any saying in any ‘important’ matters. For an opinionated young woman as I am it could have been a slight dilemma. Medics could say that the life expectancy was around 35 years and then you died either in a horrible plague or just for some stupid cold because, you know, that’s what people did. Also the social classes were a lot more visible than they are today and a real pain in the butt. It could be that I wouldn’t be a noblewoman dressing up in expensive fabrics and ball gowns, but in fact a peasant whose father would have to worry his whole life who to marry his daughters to due to the little money he had. And of course people didn’t always marry for love but for convenience and, well, that obviously sucks.

Now that we have, however, heard all the boring and unnecessary counterarguments let us begin with the actual reasons why I definitely should live in that era. First the more shallow reason: fashion. Granted it would not be set in stone that I would actually be able to afford nice and beautiful dresses, but let’s not spoil the fun. One of the reasons why I love the costume dramas is, coherently, the costumes. It would be so lovely to walk in the city and feel the hems of your skirts swinging back and forth, touching the ankles. My posture would be a lot better than it is thanks to the corset and I would always feel pretty because the dresses back then were gorgeous. In addition, I can vividly picture the scene where I would be reaching Netherfield Park mansion with my muddy dress and Mr. Darcy would be singing Rihanna’s ‘Wheeeeeere haaaave youuuuu beeeeeeen aaaaaall my liiiiife”.

Which conveniently brings me to my main point. Like many of you now, or have come to a realisation by now, I am quite a romantic. I don’t need chocolates and flowers everyday, but what I really want is true love. That all-consuming, swiping me off my feet, leaving me breathless true love. I don’t care if people think books and movies have brainwashed me and such thing doesn’t really exist, but I can’t believe that. Everything is based on something. I don’t think people would be able to write about true love if they had not felt it or learnt about it. For example, I don’t think I can in all honesty write about falling in love and all that jazz because I have not yet experienced that myself. So, I argue, that people who write about love, especially true love, have actually experienced it.

There are actually collections published of love letters written by historical figures where they have poured their heart out, willingly telling the receiver that he/she is all they need and life would be unbearable without him/her. I feel like back then people actually felt something else than stress, haste and tiredness. Now people are surrounded by pressure from the outside to fit to a certain mold, not giving us a chance to stop and think deeper. I speak from the experience. Sometimes my days are so busy and when I come home, I put on a no-brain-needed show on, stare at it for an hour or two and go to bed. That’s it. Nothing deeper, just plain ‘I’m so tired’ thoughts. And lately, when I’ve been meeting new people (aka men), I’m already in that tired state, almost ready to settle because it feels like that’s all there is. I hope this makes sense.

To move away from this comfort-zone, I read. I escape to a world where real, deep feelings are put in front of me to remember that there is no need to settle because love like that exists. It is desirable and I believe it can happen to everyone. So if you’ll excuse me, I’ll return to my book now before Prince Charming comes and finds me. Call me a hopeless romantic – I’ll take it as a compliment.

‘I can offer you my life, but it is a short one. I can offer you my heart though I have no idea how many more beats it can sustain’ (James Carstairs in Cassandra Clare’s The Clockwork Prince).


These images are from last weekend when Sonja, Rihuna and I held our annual The Lord of the Rings marathon. We tried counting how many years we'd gathered in front of the telly to spend hours of quality time with our favourite elves and hobbits (minus Frodo) and I think we came to a conclusion that it was our fourth time. This is a such a great tradition, I honestly love it! #nerd

This time the marathon was a bit different though as it was the perfect, complete, ultimate one. Finally we were able to watch all of the three Hobbits before the LOTR trilogy because this was the first time all of the movies had come out. Basically we ended up starting around 1 p.m. on a Saturday and finishing 6:30 p.m. on a Sunday. It was an intense two days, considering that Sonja was extremely sick the whole time, but I must say that after it was finished I felt a bit numb. We had made it. Surely this counts as some sort of an act of heroism? If not, we really wasted two days for nothing.

The last picture has been taken right after the final movie. It really felt like we ran - or in this case, sat -  a marathon. 12-13.4.2016 will be marked in the calendar as a weekend we finally watched all the Middle Earth films. And what a beautiful weekend it was (minus the faces made by Frodo).

my excited companions

you and me gotta whole lotta history
we could be the greatest team that the world has ever seen
you and me gotta whole lotta history
so don't let it go, we can make some more, we can live forever

Mar 19, 2016


On Thursday, by accident, I ended up perusing sales racks in Gina Tricot and, again by accident, ended up buying a few things. The stripe off shoulder shirt was one of them. It just looked so delicious with its bright colours so I couldn't help myself. Besides, it only cost five euros so...I've already forgiven myself.

Now that we are aptly in the subject of fashion I might shed some light to my internship in the Finnish Cosmopolitan. I can't believe I've already been there for a month and a half - time has flown by. I still have a month - actually less than that! - to go and I'm feeling torn about it. In a way I'm very glad and excited to go back to London because I miss my friends, but on the other hand life is pretty damn easy living at home and just going to work that I actually enjoy. I mean, I would enjoy it a lot more if I was actually paid, but oh well, whatya gonna do.

Anyway, the internship has been, so far at least, pretty awesome to say the least. I didn't have that many expectations since all the other internships I've done have been more or less easy and not really related to writing. Educational and beneficial, yes, but not exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life. Granted, everyone needs to start somewhere so there's no point complaining. So when I walked through the doors of Sanoma Magazines six weeks ago, I wasn't expecting too much. However, things developed quickly and already on the first day I was writing my first fashion story that would be published (and is now) in the April issue. Needless to say that at that moment I felt like I had struck a gold mine.

And the same feeling has pretty much continued. I'm not sure if I can list all the things I've done and experienced, but I'm going to try anyway and I hope it doesn't sound too flashy. I've met celebrities, attended and helped at shoots (one of them inclued dogs and that was quite cool), gone to PR offices, gone to press events and parties for the magazine, and done all sorts of other things, but most importantly I've been able to write both their print and online magazine. It's been surreal to say the least. I have three different stories, nine pages altogether, coming for the May issue and I couldn't be more excited about that!

In all honesty though, this internship has been the most beneficial for me even if it wouldn't include the writing part. I've been afraid to pitch ideas or sometimes even come up with ones because I feel like none of them are that good or clever. Here, however, the team is small and so helpful and open so I haven't been scared to do that at all. In addition, it's been good to hear that they respect the fact that I am actually studying and know something about fashion rather than just "clothes are nice and pretty". It's good to know that the work you are doing is appreciated. It makes me want to do my job even better.

So basically this internship rocks and I'm so glad I've been able to do it. I love my colleagues and the whole environment there. If someone doesn't know how to do something, there is always someone to help you out. And I must mention that seeing my name for the first time in the printed magazine was a fantastic feeling. It's definitely a start of, hopefully, something great. :-)


your eyes are so intemidating
my heart is pounding but it's just a conversation
no girl i'm not wasted, you don't know me
i don't know you but i want to

Mar 18, 2016


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! I made it after all to write a small post tonight. I am actually quite tired having woken up at 6 a.m. today, but I'm still trying to stay up - after all, it's not even eight yet.

Today was a very cold day. I'm quite sure that most Finns were quite shocked, annoyed and miserable this morning when they saw that snow had covered the ground once again. I, however, enoyed the crispy morning. And how could I not? The sun was rising, painting the sky pink and purple, the air was pure, and the smell of cinnamon buns was lingering from the nearby café. At that moment, I was very happy.

Today I went to have lunch with my work colleagues and we went to have sushi burritos in this new place on Freda. The burrito was so yammy, but it was MASSIVE. I wrote a few things online and was quite content with them. After that I had dinner with my family in a restaurant so I guess it's been an eating day. I am very full right now, I must say.

Before I start telling you all the subjects I mentioned in the previous post, I'm going to show you a few clips from the past few weeks. Happy Friday!

Ansku and I took a small holiday to Tallinn when we went to celebrate Emmi and Tiia's birthday. We had a lovely trip and it was nice to see the girls after a long time. We made friends with our uber driver, I got my nails done and we ate too many pancakes. One thing shadowing this voyage was the cold that I had, but I survived.
Aliisa made cinnamon buns the other day and ever since then I wanted to bake some myself. So I did.
Jenni and I had a shooting/gossiping evening on Wednesday. We took some pictures of myself and my outfit as well, but those will be presented later.
This is another perfect example why I tend not to throw anything away - fashion-wise. Bucket bags are super fashionable right now as is snake skin as well. Guess what elements this bag that I have owned like 10 years and never really used combines?
The night Aliisa and I went out dancing. To read the summary, click here.

but there's only so many streets, so many lights
i swear it's like i can't even leave my house
i should've known all along you gotta move or move on
when you break up in a small town

Mar 17, 2016


When Adele came back from her four year break, she simply started with a simple greeting. Granted, I am no Adele, but I guess this blog break has felt like four years - at least to me. I think this is the longest I've been absent ever so...

Hello, it's me.

In my defense, I did shoot a video about two weeks ago, but I wasn't able to publish it due to technical difficulties that have yet been fixed. I was actually pretty annoyed that I couldn't upload it because the quality was close to perfection, I actually made sense and that way the break wouldn't have been as long as it was. I am saying 'was'  because I am assuming I am finally ready to come back. To be fair, I already have 18 posts ready to be published so just wait, I am returning with a full force.

So I've been trying to figure out how to start telling about what's been going on, but the best that I have come up with is basically refrence the video I made. Since all the subjects are quite vast, like the internship, school in general, my exercising routine, the future and so on, I will tackle them each seperately in the upcoming posts. The plan is ready, now it just needs to be executed!

I'm going to start with showing my outfit from a few weeks back (or was it last week...?) when I was wearing one of my favorite statement tops. I love how sculpturous it is. It's super nice now that the sun is shining here in Finland because it makes blogger's life a lot easier. It also makes me want to get up in the morning quite painlessly. I must say now that I've started reading my favorite book series again and I'm having mini heart attacks constantly - it is that good! So I will try to post something tomorrow, but I might be too immersed in the best story ever, but let's hope for the best!

It feels good and right to be back. AE, I've missed you.

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Mar 13, 2016


Last Sunday a certain celebrity posted a nude selfie of herself on her Instagram. That someone was – perhaps not so surprisingly – Kim Kardashian. Like so often in life, she managed to shock everyone and many weren’t afraid to speak their minds. Some of her fellow celebrity women, such as Chloe Moretz, weren’t too happy about her set example of women empowerment, whereas Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus thought that women should once and for all do what they desire and let others be. This was the mind set of Kim herself when she later that week posted a blog post about her being sick of people judging her for no reason and how she just wanted to live her life without others constantly saying something about it. To quote her: “You be you and let me be me.”

Even though sharing a nude selfie might not be the ideal way of doing so, I do think KK has a point. I am, too, tired of constantly reading about how someone is either too fat/skinny, has been too fat/skinny and has now done something about it, or how she is fat/skinny and supposedly content with herself, but can she really be when she isn’t “perfect”. Women should accept their bodies, whether curvy or lean, and embrace their sexuality. If this is done by posting a nude selfie…well, I am not here to judge anyone because everyone does what feels good for them.

Needless to say, Kim Kardashian and I don’t have a lot in common. She is obviously a multimillionaire and a VIP person, whereas I’m struggling with student loans and can’t get to a club without queuing. She is like 15 years older than I am and she has children, whereas I, well, don’t. Also, she probably spends trice as much money a month on beauty treatments as I do in rent, but we do have one thing in common: our butt size. For some reason I do think Kim has made me accept my own curviness and I do feel grateful because of that. Now, I don’t want to sound too cheesy or make people scream in their heads “say whaaaaat” so let me explain.

I come from a family whose women have very wide hips. This genetic feature descends from both sizes of my family tree. As a matter of fact, two years ago my grandmother’s sister, whom I hadn’t seen in a decade, told me that I too have the butt and thighs typical to their side of the family. Had someone commented of the size of my lower body a year prior, I would have hurt my feelings. At that time though I had already started to consider it as a blessing rather than a fault or a burden.

Naturally, around the time I hit puberty, my hips started to get wider. At the time, being fashionable was more difficult because the trends were completely different. Low cut jeans were in, and even if Mischa Barton in the O.C. wore them with her relatively wide hips, they didn’t quite look the same on an awkwardly round 12-year-old. I remember being bigger than most girls on my class and I was very self-conscious.

I lost weight when I was 14 so I gained a bit more self-confidence. However, the size of my behind was still an issue for me, and no matter how much I tried it wouldn’t get smaller. Then I entered high school. That was a completely new set for me and I could be more free in some ways. I didn’t really care about my behind the first year because I was too busy making friends and adjusting the high school life in general.

My second year in high school was an eye-opener one for me in many ways. I moved to live in Texas then for a year, which definitely counts as one of the best years of my life. Playing tennis five times a week was nothing but beneficial for me and now looking at the images I look probably more toned than I have ever been. However, when I was living the life though, I felt like a giant troll. Everyone in my team was slim and athletic and no one really had the same kind of a body type that I did. That obviously led to feeling inadequate and insecure because – as superficial as it sounds – the tennis skirts just wouldn’t look as good as they did on the rest of them. Again I was facing my behind (figuratively).

I just want to say thank you for all the designers who decided around 2012 that high-waisted everything was a great idea because that literally changed my life. In typical Nora fashion though, I didn’t try them on immediately although I should have, but once I did… well, that was it. My jeans would now highlight my butt and make it look presentable, in comparison to everything I had owned thus far. My style became a lot more experimental because I could rely on my behind looking good for once. See, this proves that fashion isn’t just the clothes we wear – it’s a way to show our identity to others and accentuate our best features.

However, even if I was okay with my butt from the outside, I still hadn’t accepted my faith of always being the girl with a big bottom, or that it would, in fact, be a positive thing. This is where Kim K steps in. Around that time, so when I was 18, I started to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians because I felt like the name was mentioned everywhere and I had no clue who these people actually were. I got hooked, as many did, and I ended up watching the whole series. For me the show is mainly for entertainment, but because of that I learnt to love my butt. The Kardashian sisters are obviously known for their curves and especially Kim has been under a lot of speculation whether she has butt implants or not. I honestly couldn’t care a less if she did, but I guess for some people it seems like the biggest thing in the world. However, every time I finished an episode I was fascinated of how content they were with their bodies. “But they aren’t size 4 and they still wear tight pencil skirts?” I remember thinking. How f*cking awesome is that! I guess repetition really does its trick because today nothing stops me from putting on a figure-hugging dress – all thanks to Kardashians.

I must mention that my friends did have some input on the matter as well because around that time, out of nowhere, many started complimenting my butt for absolutely no reason. Combining that with the KUWTK it resulted the fact that for the first time in my life I was 110% content with my behind.

The reason I’m writing this is not to glorify my ass nor the Kardashians. It is to celebrate the fact that a girl with a big problem (literally) has finally overcome it and with the best solution ever: accepting it. We can somewhat alter how we look, but we can’t help our genes. However, one thing we can change is how we think first of all of ourselves and second, of everyone else. If you are not a fan of, let’s say, the Kim, don’t spread the hatred by writing nasty things about her. She is just a person, with flaws and everything, just like you and I are. In addition, you can never know what sort of an impact she has on other people so we shouldn’t declare anyone being unnecessary or replaceable. If she wasn’t doing what she is doing, I might still be struggling with the part of my body that I have now grown to love.

So let’s just all focus on what we are doing individually and try to leave the judgement out, okay? The girl and her behind have spoken.

Mar 6, 2016


‘I just don’t understand men,’ is something that I have recently found myself saying more than usual. See, up until a year ago I honestly thought I understood them. If they did something that would just not make any sense, I would come up with an excuse that could somehow explain the situation. Now, however, I have given up and just accepted that I. Just. Don’t. Understand. Men.

Naturally, I’m going to shed some light on the matter. Last night A and I went out to a club. We hadn’t done that in a while and after a few drinks we were feeling quite (being an understatement here) cheerful and giggly. While we were queuing, we got into talking with a group of guys who were standing behind us. It was a mix of Finnish, British and German people, and soon we were talking about relationships and how Making a Murderer was a bit messed up, to put it bluntly. All was good until we got inside.

After a mandatory running straight to the toilet (an hour and a half wait, I’m sure you understand), A and I hit the dance floor like we had planned. We had understood that we would meet the guys there, since one of the British ones had said he would show us his ‘killer moves’ (yep.). Soon enough though, we noticed that these guys were indeed on the dance floor, but surrounded by four slightly drunk girls who were dancing, umm, wildly on the tables. I think one of them actually fell down so that should give you an image of how controlled their dancing was. Somehow though that led to something else that I don’t think is worth mentioning.

Needless to say, we were flabbergasted. It just doesn’t really – and I can’t emphasise this enough – make sense to me why, WHY, would they do that. Obviously everyone has their own taste and there’s no arguing about that, but I, again, just don’t understand. If I speak to an attractive guy, laugh and seem genuinely interested in him, why would I run away with someone who can’t even stand straight, let alone stay on the table without falling down?

I would really much like to know who or where those guys are who say in women’s magazines how ‘girls are the prettiest when they are natural’, ‘being dumb is a turn off’ and ‘one night stands truly aren’t great’. Seriously, are they somewhere or are men just lying because women want to pretend that getting laid isn’t the only thing in their mind? I don’t want to, but I’m starting to believe in the latter. Because surely those guys should have been all over us rather than go off with girls who – so sorry for saying this for the third time – fall down from standing on a table if that wasn’t the case.

I am not bitter and I hope that I don’t sound like one, but I am baffled. One thing that really ticks me off though is how men complain women being difficult and so hard to understand. That we just need to be more straightforward and show them we are interested instead of whipping our hair back and forth. Now, that is a load of crap. I’m not apologising for not jumping on you after I met you ten minutes ago. However, you could try spending time with me more and if I stay, that most likely means you are doing something right. If I want to escape, I will. Trust me, I have enough experience on that. So my advice to men is: be more patient, for God sake, and don’t go for the girls who – for the fourth time – can’t stay on their feet.

Anyway, we left the club quite speechless. Well that’s a lie because we kept repeating that we should just give up. There is no point trying to make an effort or speaking to anyone because that clearly gets us nowhere. I guess giving up isn’t an option, but I may have to accept the fact that I will always lose to some girls no matter what and that men are aliens. But on the bright side though, at least I didn’t fall down from a table.