May 31, 2016


I have returned from the beautiful, miraculous, nature-filled Scotland. I had a wonderful week with my cousin strolling, hiking and biking around Glasgow, Inverness and Edinburgh. I will get back to these things later as I have a ton of pictures to show you. However, they will have to wait 10 more days as then the second year of uni will be done and dusted and I shall have my freedom back.

I won't bore you too much with school stuff, but I have to say that this term has felt completely different compared to the other ones. I have played yes-no games on the border of not caring at all and I-am-so-stressed-I-cannot-do-this. I know my family visiting and my trip to the Highlands have had something to do with that, but I don't know if something else is going on as well. Let's just say that so far I am extremely excited yet terrified what next year will bring as it will be my last one here in London College of Fashion... Where did the time go (she cried out in desperation)?

This is all for now for I have to get back to finishing my dissertation (=kandi) proposal. I promise that I will get back to you with more details regarding Scotland, housing, summer plans and general wonderment in this and my other blog in 10 days. See you soon babes and thanks for bearing with me!

P.S. Outfit picture from 6th of February. Who says I'm not on top of these things?...


we keep this love in a photograph
we made these memories for ourselves
where our eyes are never closing
our hearts were never broken and time's forever frozen still

May 24, 2016


These pictures are from a time when my family was visiting, the sun was shining and I had pink in my hair. I miss all of that. And because I can't change the weather or fly my family back here, I decided to go back to pink at least one more time. My hair is one thing that I have the power on.

I hopped on the bus last night at 10 p.m. and travelled all the way to Glasgow, Scotland (in case someone didn't know) to visit my cousin. I can't wait to see all the beautiful nature, Edigborough and the Loch Ness monster, of course. We've planned for a few things and I'm really expecting this trip to be a success. I'll be back with loads of new experiences, adventures and memories - and photos, naturally.

I managed to do most of the things for school that I planned, but unfortunately I was unable to finish (or properly start...) my essay. That was definitely a bummer because when I will get back I will have to tackle that sucker for real this time (and two other texts as well). Today I also figured out what my last text is going to be like - or rather I was encouraged by our tutor. I'm going to write a column for our group project website! I'm so excited because my aim is to be a (super successful, obvs) columnist when 'I'm all grown up'. This will be great practice and I'm looking forward to writing it.

Now wish me luck that I'll actually spot that mythical monster of the lake!


keep finding things that you left on purpose
did you plan the timing's so perfect?
gotta find a way to be okay
and maybe i'll take a chainsaw to a sofa where i held your body close for so long, so long
i'm gonna break the fucking china 'cause it's just one more reminder that you're gone, you're gone

May 23, 2016


My makeup from Saturday night in a video form.

Thoughts, comments, critique?

P.S. I don't know why the quality sucks.

P.P.S. Did you start to hate that music as much as I did?


May 19, 2016


The days have flown by with uni work and any other kind of writing has seem like an impossible task - both time and inspiration-wise. Right now I'm supposed to be reading some academic texts, but decided - or somehow it led to it - to take the morning off. I slept well, spent an hour in bed before actually getting up and after that finished watching this war period story on Netflix. I think my body and brain needed to have a small break. After all, I have been working so hard and intensively for school for days now.

Some people might say "only days?! Try years!" but when I say intensively, I mean I really haven't done anything else. Yesterday, for example, I went to uni for 9:30 and got back after 10 p.m. On Monday I did three video interviews and edited my broadcast piece. It was a very tiring day. Studying fashion journalism isn't that easy after all.

One thing that really gets to me sometimes is when I tell people what I'm studying and I can almost hear their thoughts going like "easy peasy" or something of that sort. One time I told someone and he asked if I was going to be a blogger. It gets very irritating after a while when people have all these misconceptions that anything related to fashion is vain and unnecessary. Granted, I'm not curing cancer, but being a journalist is not the easiest task. It really takes character and, well, balls to go and talk to people. In addition, being a fashion journalist requires some kind of a creative mind because when you are trying to tell a story how to wear an all denim look every spring, one can't just repeat herself year after year. We need new angles, new hooks, and new ideas.

Besides, it is worth mentioning that what we study isn't just pure journalism. Since we are in university, we need to write one or two academic essays per term, depending on the units. These aren't how tos or quick tips of how to walk in heels. These are subjects that make us think deeper and, well, more academically. The subjects can be anything from race and ethnicity to male gaze and body image to how media has changed and how it has affected the industry we are trying to step into. And similarly as I assume things are done in university in Finland, everything needs to be backed up somehow. I swear, some of these theorists are my new best friends (Stuart Hall, always in my heart).

So I don't like that people think I am blogging my way in to my future and carrying it on there. This is so not the case. If it was, don't you think I'd be slightly more active with this one then? :-D I am studying this profession in a university. I will get a degree that shows that I can write about more than just shoes and trousers. And I won't get it without working hard.

Which reminds me, time to get back to reading.


one of the best parodies ever

your one desire, make us retire
don't care how hard you pray, backstreet is here to stay
sex appeal, it's are sixth or seventh comeback
buns of steel, one guy still has a sixpack
let's get real, callin milfs and tyler oakley
backstreet is here to stay
your mom, your mom, your mom, your mom
our demographic!!!!

May 13, 2016


... but the view is (hopefully) great.

I haven't been able to stop for two weeks straight now. My family was here (outfit pictures on the way) and now I'm concentrating on finishing the second year of uni. I have set myself a time limit because I'm going to visit my cousin in Scotland in 10 days. The bus tickets cost £2 altogether so yeah, I didn't feel too bad about that. By the 23rd though I need to have (according to my plan) done 80% of everything I need to do so forgive me for my absense. Let's just say that I have shitloads of crap to do.

Gotta love the student life, eh?


i should've known to walk away then
i should've left it alone but when she called me on the phone
we'd be hanging again under the premises of friends