Aug 30, 2016


Let me tell you something. Flying 16 and a half hours is not the greatest thing on this planet. Whoever said that it's not the destination, but the journey, was a complete idiot. Being stiff, smelly and exhausted is not fun, but all that is forgotten when you see your dear host-family for the first time in three years! So y'all, I'm back in Texas.

It feels so bizarre to be back. Last time I was here was basically right after I'd left, but now it's been three whole years. What's interesting is that nothing has changed, but then again it has. Lives have moved on, as have mine, but still everyone is the same. I was welcomed as warmly as I was when I first arrived to Dallas-FW airport five years ago. My host-dad picked me up and in the car we talked over the politics of America and the current state of the world. At the house I met my host-mom and -sister and we talked over the politics of our town and the current state of everyone.

As you can imagine, I was ready to retire quite soon and fell asleep as it was lightning. In the morning I woke up at 8:30, went downstairs, enjoyed some cerial and was wondering again how normal everything felt. The rest of today has been more or less chilling and is going to continue being so.

Except there was one thing we did and that was to go to Target to buy me some shampoo etc. Besides the essentials, I got myself the latest issues of the Big Four (Vogue, Harper's, Elle, Marie Claire) because they are so much cheaper here. Finally I am able to tell you, but one of my articles is now published in the September issue of Cosmopolitan Finland. It is my first one as a proper freelance journalist and it feels amazing. It is bizarre now to be here in Texas because this is essentially the place where it all started. Here I discovered that I loved fashion and writing. I blogged often, read and wrote a lot, be it in school or free time. And when I went back to Finland, I started really questioning what I wanted to do and, well, now I'm doing it. And in a year I will - hopefully - graduate and then I will be really doing it. How weird is that? Sometimes dreams do come true and it feels bloody fabulous when it happens.


si te vas yo también me voy
si me das yo también te doy
mi amor, bailamos hasta las diez
hasta que duelan los pies

Aug 23, 2016


Besides spontaneously splurging on books, I have been spending my money on makeup. I feel like I have actually been cheating on fashion with makeup (SATC refrence), since all my money has basically gone to cosmetics.

I've always been into lipsticks because glosses remind me of a time I was 11 and I don't really want to look back on those makeup experiments. As a matter of fact, the other day I counted that I owned nearly 10 basic red lipsticks. To be fair, they were all slightly different shades, but even I could admit that it is quite enough of the 'same' colour. My newest lust in the lipstick front is the ultra matte lipstick from Californian brand ColourPop. The lipstick comes in a liquid form and it looks like a gloss, but after it dries, it becomes super matte (hence the name) - just the way I like it. I have been extremely pleased with these ones I got three weeks ago because they are really pigmented and they actually stay on the lips for hours. Washing them off is another story (soap is mandatory), but other than that they are quite perfect. Besides, the $6 price is definitely not bad.

Right now I'm in a hunt for the perfect nude colour and I've been perusing ColourPop's website in case I'd find a suitable one there. It is looking promising, but I'll keep you posted...


donut and trap

tulle and lax

more better, pacific and jellies

i wanna tear down boundaries
i wanna greet my enemies
i wanna see what i haven't seen 'cause i know there's more
i take the world by storm

Aug 22, 2016


I was meant to blog over the weekend, but somehow it just flew by. To quickly summarise, on Friday Emma, Jackson and I went to DNCE's gig in Angel and I was finally able to see one of the ex-Jonas Brothers members. Fair enough, I would have been even more excited if it had been Nick instead of Joe, but then my 12-year-old self came as close as she possible could to see Jonas Brothers perform - a dream she was never able tó fullfill when the band actually still existed. And let me just say, Joe Jonas... Hot.

On Saturday I spent the morning working on a project and later in the evening in the pub. We had agreed with my colleagues to go out dancing that night so after the shift we downed a tequila shot and hit the dance floor. I had fun, but I don't know, I'm just so done with the club scene. I don't feel comfortable in a crowded bar where everyone bumps into you, steps on your toes, where everyone is smashed and where it is impossible to carry out a conversation of any sort. I'd much rather have a nice dinner with my friends, have a cocktail or two on the side and then call it a night. My 22nd birthday is right around the corner and, although I'm still young, I can feel the years taking their toll on me. I ain't have the energy of an 18-year-old.

On Sunday I woke up close to one and felt like the whole day was already wasted. I did manage to do some work and then travelled all the way back to Archway to meet Nati and Emma for a chat and a snack. As I was sitting on the bus and then walking on the familiar streets, I realised that Archway is the one place in London where I have felt like home. I made a decision right then and there that if I stay in London after graduating and once I am even somehow financially stable ( never) I will move back there.

Monday started actually quite wonderfully when Ansku and I had a Skype date. I hadn't spoken to her in a while, but once again I was reminded that the reason why we have stayed and will stay best friends is that no matter how much time goes by, we will always pick up where we left the last time like nothing's changed. Also, being able to Skype in my pyjamas, just-slept-nine-hours hair and with my morning voice is such a blessing. Or maybe I'm getting too comfortable with my friends?... Anyway, it was lovely.

I only have a week and two more shifts to go until I leave to Texas! I'm so excited, but I'm getting nervous as well... I'll try come and update before the voyage.


i love the stripped version

if you're looking for someone to write your break up songs about
baby, i'm perfect

Aug 20, 2016


I've been doing some cheeky little book shopping lately. For example, en route to Nice I had made a vow not to splurge on books, since I have way too many already in my shelf just waiting for my time. Well, let's just say things once again didn't go as they do in the movies because I suddenly found myself holding not one or two but five books in my hand(s) thanks to the 'buy one get one half price' tag. I am weak, I know.

This time I opted for the literary classics, the 'must reads', so Brönte, Capote and co. are now on the top of my to read list. I actually finished that Truman Capote's In Cold Blood while in Nice. Having not had a single clue what it was about before starting, I was slightly traumatised. For those who are as clueless as I was, it is a documentary novel about a homicide that happened in a rural town in Kansas in 1959. After doing some more research about the case (because at first I was in shock and then I was just insanely curious), I found out that Capote was infact a journalist who, as a matter of fact, invented the genre documentary novel. His other novel, perhaps even more famous, Breakfast at Tiffany's is, although fiction, a tableau of the social scene in New York during his time. I thought that was fascinating and again made me even more convinced how powerful, influencial and, well, damn cool journalists can be. If that isn't #goals, I don't know what is.


and it's alright calling out to somebody to hold tonight
when you're lost, you'll find away
i'll be your light 
you'll never feel like you're alone
i'll make this feel like home

Aug 14, 2016


This rather grey morning in London gives me the perfect excuse to immediately return to Nice, though unfortunately only in pictures. The first stop is Paloma Beach, a celebrity destination where, for example, scenes for the newest Fifty Shades of Grey were filmed.

The beach is apparently so popular that we needed to book our sunbeds a week before we wanted to go there. Although we left relatively early, finding  a parking spot took ages. I think we drove in circles for an hour an a half before finally securing a spot. Luckily we were able then to call the beach for them to pick us up, since they weren't able to offer us parking like they had promised. After a ten minute wait, a sort of a Tuk Tuk car curved in front of us and a guy named Alex (Axel?) picked us up. That was an experience itself and I really enjoyed it.

At the beach we were given literal sunbeds and immediately we felt even more luxurious. The scenery was breathtaking as well, as a rocky mountain was reaching for the sky and the turquoise water was its pedastal. There was a pier where you could jump to the ocean (I would have but my friends weren't as madcaps haha), or in our case, take pictures on. I was wearing a white, deep v Asos jumpsuit, which I bought thinking it wasn't as revealing but kept solely for this trip in mind. I'm glad I did because it was a perfect beach garment, mainly because 'tan skin looks damn good in white' (Selena Gomez, Me & My Girls).


let's set each other's lonely nights
be each other's paradise
need a picture for my frame
someone to share my ring

Aug 13, 2016



I have now returned from the beautiful, hot and luxurious Nice. The culture shock has really hit me when the private beaches with burning rays of sunshine have changed to the cold reality of school work and work in general. It's okay though because the fun lasted long enough and I honestly don't think my budget would have survived any longer, haha. The trip to Nice was so successful in all the ways, minus the flu I managed to catch from Birta the last day, but oh well. It's only meant more sleep and chilling this weekend - how could I complain?

This post is just a beginning of all the holiday pictures I have and to kind of let you know that I am alive and kicking. Before anything though, this is one of the few souveniers I bought for myself. Behold, the perfect pair of sunglasses.


what's gonna be left of the world if you're not in it?
every minute and every hour i miss you, i miss you, i miss you more
every stumble and each missfire i miss you, i miss you, i miss you more