Sep 28, 2016


I'm starting my 22s with a bang.

Introducing the brownie.


i'll walk through fire
i'll begin again
i'll burn through my skin

Sep 25, 2016


Today took an unexpected turn when the sky suddenly cleared and sun came out of hiding. I guess sometimes it helps to complain a little. Although we didn't make it to Alpine Slides, we took a magnificent hike following a stream all the way up to a waterfall. And yes, I felt like Pocahontas standing (almost) on the edge.

The older I get, the more I appreciate nature and all its creations. There's nothing as humbling as standing on a mountain, taking in the smell of the trees, hearing the roar of the river, and seeing the many colours of the leaves, burning brightly in their autumn coats. What a great moment to be alive.  


come roll in all the riches all around you
and for once never wonder what they're worth

Sep 24, 2016


It's currently raining in Utah for the third day in a row.

Let's just let that sink in.

It's also really cold in here. It's funny to think that three days ago it was +33 degrees and now it's merely +10. Utah in general has been so different compared to Texas. The climate, as you can see, changes over night and the mountains that isolate you whereas in Texas it's flatter than flat. The people are also different. I'd say they are trendier and also more liberal (although I've been spending most (all) of my time with Mormons so one could argue that). All in all though it's been a great experience and I am so lucky that I got to do this. Oh, uni work? I've actually done it!

Today is my last official day here as I'm leaving on Monday morning and Sundays don't really count because then we have church and the whole day is kind of dedicated to rest. That's why I'm really sad that we didn't get to do Alpine Slides today like we had planned becuase it's cold, rainy, and foggy. That just means that I have to come back one day, hehe.

As I said, I'm heading back to Texas on Monday and then to London on Wednesday. I can't believe I've spent almost five weeks here. I'm sure it will feel weird going back to the UK and start uni again. Right now the thought seems exhausting, but... well, hopefully it will go alright.

I'm feeling really tired now so I just might take a nap. After all, it's raining outside - what a perfect excuse.

ps. This is my church outfit from two weeks ago.


something 'bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman

Sep 22, 2016


And this is why, ladies and gentlemen, my best friend is better than your best friend.


Thank you, Julia. For everything.

jos sä tahdot niin, tulen kallioiden läpi
jos sä tahdot niin, whatever makes you happy
mutta ilman rakkautta hukun öihin sekaviin
ja ilman rakkautta, no niin
ilman rakkautta olemme puolitiessä helvettiin

Sep 20, 2016


Because today I'm feeling 22.

we're happy, free, confused and lonely in the best way
it's miserable and magical, oh yeah
tonight's the night when we forget about the heartbreaks, it's time

Sep 18, 2016


I have been lusting over proper makeup brushes for a good while now. When I started paying more attention to cosmetics about a year ago, I dug up the four brushes I found from my drawer. Used only a few times during their lifetime (varying from five to almost ten years) they served well when I was still practicing, but it was quite obvious that they would need to be replaced.

The hunt for brushes took about six months. I knew I wanted good quality ones because there was no point buying crappy ones to replace the crappy ones. The issue was that often quality brushes - so, natural hair ones - are ridiculously expensive. I was not prepared or willing to pay £20 a brush, even if I wasn't a student. So when I found this Sonia Kashuk set in Target I was sold. The set included 12 brushes and I got it for $40. I thought that was quite reasonable, considering that they were all (except one) natural hair and, dare I say, so darn pretty. I love the wooden handles and the little details.

I've had the set for two weeks now and I couldn't be more pleased. I don't know if they are the best brushes ever, but they work just fine with me. I have yet to wash them so I don't know how they will change after that, but I'm hoping that they will stay the same. I hope that these will last years with me. Fingers crossed.


lost my senses, i'm defenseless
her perfume's holding me ransom
sweet and sour, i devour
lying here i count the hours

Sep 14, 2016


Mia texted me yesterday just before I was going to have dinner with Judith. She complained that
I hadn't posted enough Texas-y pictures. Fair enough, I hadn't, but then again the whole Texas look was never really my thing. When I was living here, I always stood out with my dresses and fur vests in school. One guy actually once asked me why I was wearing that vest. Sure, it was like 30 degrees outside so I guess it was valid, but still. So yesterday, with Mia's complaint in mind, I tried to be as Texan as possible. As you can see, I failed utterly. The only thing remotely Texan is the restaurant, Texas Roadhouse, behind me. Mission not accomplished.

It is my last night in Texas as tomorrow I will head to Utah. I'm so excited to be able to hang out with my other host-sister and carry on my project. I have to say, I'm loving my subject! Everyone whom I've talked to have been absolutely wonderful and helpful. I'm learning so much and I'm so glad it's gone so smoothly. And I still have two more weeks to interview people. Yay for things going the way I want them to!

p.s. I'm slowely getting more into 80s stuff - fashion-wise. Check out that massive belt! Soon it will be the shoulder pads, haha.


all of the doubts and the outbursts keep making love to each other

Sep 9, 2016


Before I move on to the pictures taken in Texas (I just remembered I still have a ton of pictures from Nice.......) here is a small photodiary from the time Aliisa visited me in London.

the holiday started with a brunch made by me
an amazing sunset in Hampstead
freakshakes at Molly Bakes in Dalston. Go.

finally managed to take some outfit pictures. Sadly, in most cases my face looks like this.
Pocahontas tree
Little Venice was a little dream
'This feels like falling in love.' - Ed Sheeran
we went to see The Breakfast Club in an outdoor cinema. Such a great experience.
the Nordic Bakery is the place to go when you're feeling homesick in London
we used Aliisa's expendable camera to capture the trip. Unfortunately, we often forgot to use it in those memorable situations.

just because I started missing Finland for a second

sua etsin mä nyt, maailmaan eksynyt
ohikulkijoilta sua oon kysynyt
missä oot? tiedä en
siksi kuljen etsien

Sep 3, 2016


One of this year's favourite purchases: the slip dress.

Trendy, sultry and elegant - the holy trinity.


she asked me if i do this every day
i said 'often'

Sep 1, 2016


People, this is not a drill, it is officially September now! It's the end of summer and the beginning of something new and, hopefully, prosperous. I for one am excited yet nervous what the following school year will bring with. I know it will be stressful, but also fun, bitter-sweet and busy, in a good way.

Anyway, since I still have one more month until uni and a little bit time on my hands at the moment, I decided to gather together 10+1 images that sum up this summer perfectly.

The summer started with me and Nati going our separate ways. I was house-hunting a good part of June and felt really stressed over the fact that I might end up homeless. Luckily I found the place I'm living right now and so far have been content there. This is from the day I finally moved in and Emma was kindly helping me (after I had first lived with her for a week...She's an angel).
I've been reading quite a bit this summer, partly because my headphones finally decided to take a hike and leave me stranded all alone. The tube trips sped by because I was immersed in a good story. Here's a selection of books that I've read: Thousand Splendid Suns, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, In Cold Blood, Eva Luna, The Girl on the Train, Love, Rosie and The Wayward Bus.
Fashion-wise I've been spending time mostly in my horendous work uniform or otherwise in comfortable clothes. Although Emma and I agreed to spend this summer in heels, it sadly didn't happen - unless you count my Mango sale shoes that have about a two inch heel. I know, who am I fooling, that's no heel at all. My main outfit for summery days have been my momma shorts and an oversized top, and for rainy days leggings and, again, an oversized top. Innovative, eh?
I've told you this before, but I'm telling it again. I am poor because of cosmetics. Although I would never want to be a beauty journalist and I do love clothes and shoes etc. but lately they haven't been on my shopping list. And for some reason spending money on makeup is so much easier for me. In a clothing shop my usual reaction is "£60 on shoes?! No way." whereas £30 on makeup is perfectly acceptable. Weird, isn't it. Anyway, I've bought a few things here in America and now I'm pretty much done with my cosmetics collection. It only took a year and a half.
Also, my newest lush has been to treat myself and put on fake nails. The main reason for that is that for some reason my nails tend not to grow anymore or if they do, they break immediately. In addition, I don't know if my nail polishes suck or what the reason is, but nail polish just won't stay on my nails. These are the reasons (or excuses...) why I've let myself do this twice this summer. I'm now back to my real nails, but it was fun when it lasted. When I'm rich and fabulous, I might start doing that more frequently.
Besides working and interning, I've spent most of my time with these lovely ladies. They have made my summer really fun and without them I would have probably have a burn out of sort.
Talking about burn outs, the trip to Nice came just in the right moment. Having been working intensely for two months (not forgetting the interning and uni before that), I was in a need of a break. The sun, the smell of sun lotion, the mythic oil, the friends, the laughter, the food were all things that my body and, especially, mind required. Coming back to busy London and to work was quite easy after the relaxed holiday.
Jaakko visited me in July and we celebrated our third annual ginger party on the 17th. It was fun to spend some time with him and explore London...
...which is exactly what I did when Aliisa visited me in the end of August. We walked in Hampstead, ate at Five Guys (mmmmm....), saw The Breakfast Club in an outdoor cinema, went dancing and had drinks by the canal in Little Venice. The weather was amazingly hot and the sun was shining the whole time so all in all it was quite perfect.
Food has been an important factor this summer. I have been to new places as well as the old good ones, but mostly I've been destroying sweetpotato fries at my pub and getting slices of pizzas at Leicester Square. Also croissants, I've been eating croissants. You can only guess what kind of an effect it has had on my body...
The same pattern continued when my host-family sent me a package filled with American goodies. One of the peanut butter M&M's was gone straight away - it had been too long. Now I am here in Texas, currently snacking the aforementioned candy, and truly enjoying myself. Life can be so sweet at times.

and our eyes are crossing paths across the room
there's only one thing left for us to do
you can touch me with slow hands