Dec 18, 2016


Writing, and especially updating my blog (so essentially talking about my life) has not been easy lately. Sure there were the timetable issues and all that, but having been off' of uni for the past weeks would have been a good time for me to turn to my blog in theory. But I haven't and I don't know why even though I have photos and other updates I could share. It took me quite a long time to start this post as well and I ended up staring at this page for minutes before beginning to type. For awhile I didn't even know what I was going to say, but I guess the truth would be the best.

I've decided to take a break from blogging indefinitely. I don't know when I'll come back, but I most definitely will. It's just a hiatus - a word used so greatly for One Direction's break. It works for them so why wouldn't it work for my situation. This is without a doubt a decision I will regret later in life when I want to look back on my final year in uni, but right now it feels like the best option.

So so long Absolutely Enchanted. I will return - just wait and see.


i'm notorious for you thinking you're full of beautiful instead of hollow
sugar on your lips, it's hard to kill
jagged like a pill, so hard to swallow

Dec 1, 2016


Thanks to Black Friday, I finally got myself a pair of white boots I had been lusting over since August.


maybe we can be, be each other's company