Apr 7, 2017

The sun is out, the birds are chirping right outside my window, even the first bee of the spring flew in to greet me. I'm trapped in my room, frantically trying to finish my uni degree, but at the same time having so much trouble to focus. My mind keeps wondering to pointless things, my eyes keep closing, and sometimes I notice myself staring at nothing for god knows how long. And it's just not a matter of today, it's been on for two weeks now.

I don't know where this restlessness stems from. I think it's because having handed in my dissertation a month ago, tackling a new project has felt impossible. Also just the idea that I will officially be done with my student life in five weeks when I finally hand in my final major project. After that it's a wide wide world to me that is full of possibilities but also full of responsibilities. And that if anything is scary as hell.

This was just a quick update and a desperate attempt to hide from transcribing interviews. My ass hurts from sitting down and I'm craving something sweet. Oh dear. Anyway, these pictures were taken with Mia a few weeks ago and are followed by Harry Styles' first single as a solo artist. And it's so damn good. Believe you me.


just stop your crying it's the sign of the times

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