Apr 21, 2017


My plan was to post something on Easter, but weirdly enough it flew by and now we're already on Friday. How did that happen? I guess like the title suggests, these days are kind of a blur to me. I'm so occupied with the last weeks of uni - or at least I'm trying hard to be - and I don't know, the hours just seem to disappear somewhere. However, now I have a tiny bit of time so let us go through the key points of my life at the moment.

University: Boring start, I know, but I just have to tell you that guys, there's literally three weeks until I finish my university career. Think about that. Actually, I should probably think about that because holy shit that's close. #awakening

Easter: What happened? I really don't know. That's a lie, I do know what I was doing and what the rest of the world was doing. We were watching 13 Reasons Why. You know, the Netflix show everyone is raving about. I have to admit, it was rather good in terms of the subject and the actors. I did enjoy it loads although it wasn't the best. My flatmate and I literally binge-watched the whole thing so that was a great Easter Saturday. On Sunday I went to church with her because she had to work (at the church) and she didn't want to spend Easter Sunday alone. Also, I made an Easter pie that was so yammy but so difficult to make. Did I do work? I don't remember. I was high on chocolate eggs.

Gym: So my flatmate and I have still been going to the gym quite frequently (me often like 3-4 times a week). However, this week we started taking personal training to try it out at least for a month. We get a slight discount (since we're poor and there's two of us) so one hour costs £20 each. We're doing it once a week only (because it's not like we have money), and the first session was really fun and efficient. Considering that I have actually worked out before in my life, it really felt like I hadn't. Other than that, I can't say that I'm actually seeing any results anyway although my flatmate keeps telling me that I've lost weight. I don't believe her though because my double chin insists on accompanying me.

Beauty: As you guys know, I've been cheating fashion with beauty lately. I've completely lost control over my money when it comes to makeup (skincare? who cares) and have shipped a package or two all the way from America (customs suck, by the way). I could say I am obsessed, but wait until tomorrow to see what beauties I've had carried home. They're totally worth the money.

Fashion: However, I've kind of gone back to my one true love. The makeup fling was fun, but I can't help it, I'm still a shoe girl at heart. In a spur of a moment, I ended up ordering super cute, trendy, colourful, comfortable, pretty, and all the positive adjectives you know dresses from Asos and they arrived yesterday. My plan was to return half of them... That plan no longer stands. Over this weekend I'm going to create a collage of the trends I'm soooo navigating towards now so watch this space.

Friends: All good in friendsy town. Had a bit of a drama, but that's been cleared up now and all my friendships are now stronger than ever I think, which makes me happy. Also, I started a Friends marathon. You might be wondering 'Why Nora? Don't you have a degree to finish?' to which I say: shut up.

Life: And then random stuff that can't be categorised under the above (you get what I mean). The first thing that came to my mind that I wanted to tell you is that do you have any of those annoying forever-projects that you know you should do, but just simply can't find the time/energy to do so? I have a ton of them staring at me judgingly, but still fixing my socks just seems like such a boring and tedious job to do. Necessary, yes. Uninteresting, also yes. I haven't been reading anything lately and to be honest, the only thing I've been doing is to listen Harry Styles' new music. I'm having serious trouble to wait for the album to come out on May 12th. Also, I'm just going to say something and leave it that, but Thursday 20.4.2017 was one of the best days of my life so far and I have Nati to thank for that. Oh, and my host-sister is getting married. How crazy is that??? Literally a few months ago we were talking about how we're never going to get married, but there she is in Utah ready to do so. Life is truly so insane.

I guess that's it in a nutshell. I'll return this weekend - hopefully - if I can find the time from studying. Now I'm about to start watching Notting Hill. Bye babes!


choose your words 'cause there's no antidote
for this course or what's it waiting for
must desert you just before you go

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